5 Best Keratin Glue Remover To Dissolve Your Extension Glue

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Your hair extension becomes worse and worse because of many times of styling and dyeing. For some people, it’s hard to remove the dry and damaged hair. Keep calm! There are tons of methods that can help you get rid of the hair without damaging your bio hair, one of them is using a keratin glue remover.

In this blog post, Layla only focuses on the best keratin glue remover so that you can remove the hair from your head easily. We provide you with a list of good items for consideration. Let’s get started!

X10 Pro-Tools D Bond Gel Remover

We start with this gel base keratin glue remover. Many keratin glue hair extension wearers use this item and highly appreciate it. It is designed to remove various types of hair replacement systems, such as U-tips, tape-ins, and clip-in hair extensions. With this product, you no need to call up the hair salon to make an appointment to have the hair removed. Even the bonding of your hair is strong, it still works like magic. Just apply the remover on the bond and use hair pliers to loosen the hair replacement system. Gently comb out the hair to take it out. With some patience, you are able to remove all the bonds in under an hour. We recommend making sure the bond is adequately saturated, then a slight tug and your hair slide out gently. 

Plus, The Hair Shop product has a unique formula, it accurately removes the hair without making a mess. It also leaves no residue on your tresses. 

Note: You have to wear gloves before removing the hair extension with this product. Otherwise, it dries your skin and causes irritation.

5 Best Keratin Glue Remover To Dissolve Your Extension Glue

Salon Pro 30 Sec Hair Bond Remover

One more professional product for getting rid of the hair bond. It is completely suitable for removing your hair extensions at home. It is not too expensive, as well. in general, it is one of the top picks for keratin glue hair extensions remover. This remover is specially designed for keratin hair, but it does not mean that you cannot utilize it for removing tape-ins or clip-ins. The Salon Pro remover works to take out the bond within seconds after application and does not affect your natural locks. Another amazing feature of the stuff is that it leaves no sticky bits and residue on your hair strands or scalp. The item has a pleasant scent and is the best choice for those can’t bear the acetone smell. Depending on the quality of the bond and how long have you worn the extension, it will take different duration to remove the hair. But it still a good way to save you time and money to take out the hair system. 

Donna Bella Keratin Bond Remover

Bear in mind that hair extensions can last long but they cannot stay on your head in forever. When you wear the hair system for about 4-6 weeks, you need to take it off and maintain it properly. But how can you do to remove the hair extension without stripping your natural locks? Keratin glue hair extension remover from the Donna Bella brand is a great option. This product helps you minimize the frustration when removing the hair as it will break down the bond gently and quickly. 

5 Best Keratin Glue Remover To Dissolve Your Extension Glue

Donna Bella’s bond remover is alcohol-based, so it does not make the hair slippery. Then you no need to worry as much about the cleaning and clarifying problems. Just apply a small amount of the remover for the keratin bonding and allow it to set up for several minutes. Make sure that the remover covers all the bonding. Then your hair extensions should slip right off your tresses. After removing the hair, you have to wash it. Utilizing hair extension keratin glue remover guarantees that both our natural locks and the keratin hair systems are treated correctly, causing no hair damage. Don’t hesitate to give it a try for the best results. 


Babe Things Keratin Bond Remover

Your fusion hair extensions are dry and damaged, it’s time to remove them. Take the extension out is easier with this formulated keratin hair glue remover. Just dab an appropriate amount of the remover for each bond and let it sit for a few minutes. The oil-based remover works to break down the keratin bonds and slide the hair out of your existing hair. Keratin hair glue remover ingredients are safe and it can deal with different hair extension adhesives for effective removal. Once you have removed the extensions, we recommend clarifying your natural locks and the hair. 

5 Best Keratin Glue Remover To Dissolve Your Extension Glue

Golden Lush Keratin Glue Fusion Pre-Bonded Remover

Last but not least, the gel-based remover can be able to take out all type of keratin bonds, hard and soft glue hair extensions. The product is one of the most common products trusted and recommended by leading hairstylists. It comes with hair pliers, so the set supports you to remove the silicone ring beads and keratin bonds in hair extensions effortlessly. You can see these professional tools in many hair salons. Hairstylists use them to remove your hair more efficiently and safely, perfectly to keep your bio hair away from damage and shedding. 

Dab the gel-based remover directly above the keratin extension where the bond sticks into your natural hair. Wait and allow time for the remover seep through and loosen the bonding. We are sure that it protects both your hair and extension, as well as saves you precious time. Apply some drops of essential oil if you don’t like the smell of remover.  

Besides these above products, you can make DIY keratin glue remover from peanut butter, baby oil, almond oil, and other natural oils available in your kitchen. 

Here’s a list of 5 best keratin glue remover. We hope that you will find the best pick after scanning through our words. If you have any questions, like “what is keratin glue remover” or others related to human hair extensions, don’t fret to reach us via hotline. We’re willing to help you at any time.

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