How To Remove Knots From Hair And The Occult

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How to remove knots from hair is always the popular concern of most people, especially women. If your hair is tangled to the point of hopelessness, try using a hair conditioner or hair moisturizer before you have to cut your short hair.

After putting the products on your hair for an hour or overnight, your hair will be more natural to untangle. You may still be bored when combing your hair, but this will be less painful and effective than brushing your hair without using a hair conditioner.

How To Remove Knots From Hair And The Occult
hair knots

So, the post will introduce the best how to get a knot out of your hair in simple ways.

How to remove knots from hair

How to remove knots from hair with conditioners

Choosing the right hair conditioner

First, you have to choose the right hair conditioner. Conventional conditioners are also worth a try if you haven’t used them yet, but if your hair is messy to the point of being too bad, you might resort to another option. Intensive hair conditioner is beneficial for restoring moisture to hair and making hair easier to remove, while oils that how to remove knots in hair can add smoothness to your hair.

Some people use mayonnaise, but this ingredient may have an unpleasant odor and is not as effective as other options.

How To Remove Knots From Hair And The Occult
use the right hair conditioner

Moisten hair

Spray your hair with moisture, or fasten your hair under a shower or small open tap in the sink. Most hair care products must be applied to damp hair, but if you leave the water wet, your hair will break more easily.

Rub the product on your hair

Use a sufficient amount of product in the palm of your hand, or double if you have long hair over your shoulder. You should rub the product over all parts of the hair, including the ends of the hair. Rub each section of hair instead of rubbing it all over at the same time to avoid further tangles.

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Wait for the product to work on hair

Conditioners will usually finish moisturizing your hair for a few minutes. For best results, coconut oil and similar oils should remain in the hair for at least 30 minutes, but no more than 2 hours. The waiting time of the intensive conditioner will vary according to the instructions on the package. But usually, this oil needs to be left on the hair for at least an hour and can be left overnight in case of serious tangled hair.

To keep your hair neat and out of trouble, put a shower cap or plastic bag on your head and put a headband on it. You can also snap a hat that fits snugly outside the plastic bag quickly.

How To Remove Knots From Hair And The Occult
use fingers to remove hair knots

Using fingers to remove the most easily tangles

When the products have enough time to work, try to separate each piece of tangled hair gently. Sometimes small knots or slight tangles of hair can be split into smaller sections of hair towards the hairline, near the scalp. Don’t expect your hair to be tangled right away in this step. If you feel tight, stop, and try untangling the tangled hair in other areas.

Remove knots from hair by combing

When speaking of how to remove knots from hair, you should refer to the way to brush your hair.

Use a comb to straighten your hair

You need to use a large and firm tooth comb to comb the tangled hair. The toothbrush comb and the hairbrush are often stuck, forcing you to remove tangled hair or stop brushing.

How To Remove Knots From Hair And The Occult
use a wide-toothed comb

Brush your hair first

Always start brushing from near the hairline when handling tangled hair. Put the comb a few centimeters away from the hair and comb it down. Brush again until the hair is wholly untangled, then move the brush up a bit. Repeat the above movement to the end of the hair length. If you have long, thick hair or severe tangles, brushing can take up to an hour or more.

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Hold your hair a little higher to avoid pain

If you have a sensitive scalp, hold the hair up while combing. Hold a piece of hair the size of a pen between your fingers and slightly twist it so that your scalp doesn’t stretch. Brush the hair under the hand, moving upward when the lower part of the hair has been removed.

Rub extra conditioner or oil if necessary

Apply a few drops of conditioner or oil to stubborn knots. The conditioner will help lubricate the hair and reduce the possibility of strands of hair getting tangled together.

How To Remove Knots From Hair And The Occult
use scissors to trim the hair if necessary

Use thin scissors to trim the hard part of the tangled hair

You may need to cut your hair if the tangled hair doesn’t come off even if you try your best. One handle pulls, the other holds the hair tightly. Use the back of the scissors to cut along the underside of the tangled hair, then gently pull the hair out to remove loose strands. If you haven’t brushed your hair for a few weeks or months, perhaps cutting the tangled hair is your best option as it may take hours to remove the hair, but it probably won’t work.

Use a comb or a hairbrush to complete the hair removal

Use a comb to brush until the tangled and tangled sections of hair are straightened. Switching to using a comb or a hairbrush to remove small knots may be left over.

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Wash your hair

Rinse hair care products when finished debugging. If you have curly hair and severely tangled pieces of hair that have been removed enough to turn your hair into sections, use separate clips to separate the hair and partially discharge

Our conclusion

Hope that after the post you will know how to remove knots from hair. Maintaining smooth hair is never a waste of time. Just by simple care, you will have stunningly beautiful hair look. 

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