How To Repair Severely Chemically Damaged Hair At Home?

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Take a minute to look at your hair, you notice that your hair is brittle and stiff. It is so dry, dull, even split ends and breakage. There are more chances you experience damaged hair. Bleaching, dyeing, or styling your natural locks too more frequently can damage it over time. The dyeing hair will change your natural hair hue and leave it prone to dry and prone to breakage and split ends. Thankfully, there are different ways of helping you repair severely chemically damaged hair. These remedies can help you reach healthier and stronger hair strands.  

Wash your hair wisely

How to repair severely chemically damaged hair? Opt for the right hair care products as a protective and repairing regimen for your tresses. Invest products that are a formulation tailored to your damaged natural locks. If you wash and rinse the hair with the wrong product, it will dehydrate it, leading to the deeper problems. It would be better if you wash it with a co-washing or gentle shampoos without sulfate, alcohol, etc. They will work to keep all the moisture in your strands. 

How To Repair Severely Chemically Damaged Hair At Home?
wash your hair wisely

Looking for different repair severely chemically damaged hair professional products with the proper pH to protect chemically treated hair from damage. These products will help prevent hair dye from leaking out, keeping the color last longer and look better. 

Also, it is ideal to shampoo your hair no more than twice weekly. If you wash natural locks too often, it will wash away natural oil (sebum) that protects strands from drying out. 

Condition your natural locks

Bear in mind that your chemically treated hair requires more maintenance. Don’t forget to condition your locks after shampooing. Just take an appropriate amount of conditioner in your palms and apply along the hair length upwards the hair ends. Don’t apply it to the hair root as it will weigh your hair down and cause oily hair. Let the conditioner sit for a while and rinse the hair thoroughly with cold water. This will make your strands appear smooth and shiny.

In case, natural oils are your friend. Will pure vitamin E oil help repair severely chemically damaged hair? Definitely! Pure vitamin E oil and other essential oils, like olive oil, coconut, argan oil, and more work amazingly on damaged and dry hair. They will not necessarily lead to oily strands. It is dry and lightweight, however. Many people love natural oil as it deeply moisturizes and replenishes lost nutrients in damaged hair. Take a few drops in your palm and run through your damp and dry hair, and focus mostly on the hair ends. 

Apply the hair mask to repair severely chemically damaged hair

How To Repair Severely Chemically Damaged Hair At Home?
Apply the hair mask to repair severely chemically damaged hair

We’re sure that you have heard this remedy to repair chemically damaged hair. The hair mask is a special version of conditioning. It contains ingredients, such as naturally-sourced elements, vitamins, and oils, that act to repair and moisturize hair. Once applied on hair strands, these formulas penetrate deeply into the hair and start repairing your damaged hair. Even the mask works after you rinse it out. 

You have to seek a mask that is right for your color-treated and dry hair. Apply this treatment twice a week to reach the most effective result. Don’t be in a hurry as it takes time to repair severely chemically damaged hair black hair. 


Let your hair stay away from hot tools to avoid thermal damage

Chemicals and heat are enemies of your tresses as they damage proteins made up strands. Hence, lower the temperature on your tool or lay off these hot tools if you don’t want to make your hair condition become worse. Let your hair air dry and limit using heat styling tools as many as possible.

If you are in a hurry, you can use a hairdryer at the lowest temperature setting and move the tool fast to cut down on damage. 

How To Repair Severely Chemically Damaged Hair At Home?
avoid applying too much heat to your hair

Protect your chemically treated hair from sun damage

Whether your hair is afro African-American hair or straight-textured hair, it’s compulsory to take care of your hair after chemically treating it or it’s prone to dry and brittle. If you find your natural locks on these signs, your hair may be damaged. How to repair severely chemically damaged hair African American? Try to protect it from sun damage as UV exposure will lead to breakage and hair loss. Try applying styling products with built-in UV protection that includes natural extracts and traditional sunscreens. Besides, wear a hat and apply a hair mask before heading out to treat and protect your treated hair. 

Try a DIY repair severely chemically damaged hair treatment

You are looking for a repair severely chemically damaged hair remedy, make use of available ingredients in your kitchen, it may help. Go down on the Internet and try a recipe that incorporates egg yolks and olive oil or hair conditioner. Egg yolks contain protein while olive oil works to add moisture and hydration to your existing hair. This treatment helps make your hair feel softer instantly. Also, you can mix yogurt with coconut oil or honey to create a hair mask to deeply condition strands. Once finished, you have to rinse it thoroughly or your tresses may feel stiff and tangled.

How To Repair Severely Chemically Damaged Hair At Home?
get professional treatment for damaged hair

Get a professional treatment  

Sometimes, some treatments that repair severely chemically damaged hair naturally are not enough to save your locks. That’s when you need the help of the professional. Hair professionals in your hair salons are licensed, so they know how to treat your damaged hair. They repair all types of hair damage that are over-processed and weak. And you will see and feel the transformation immediately. However, professional in-salon treatment may be expensive. You must prepare your budget for the treatment.

Now, do you have an idea of how to repair severely chemically damaged hair? Still need help? You can try wearing a hair wig or extension. Feel free to contact us through the WhatsApp button in the corner or email and we will help you find the perfect fit wig! Or browse our product categories to find your dreamed hair.

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