How To Start A Hair Business — The Must-Take Steps

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You see that more and more people now concern hair products. They choose hair extensions and wigs to get nice tresses and conceal hair defects. Human hair is highly sought after for making multiple hair products, including hair extensions, custom wigs, hairpieces, and so on. Because hair products are widely used, learning how to start a hair business with no money may be a profitable business. If you want to become a hair retailer of human hair, there are several things you should do. Check it NOW in the following post. 

Research about hair products

The first and important step on how to start your own virgin hair business is finding out about the items which you want to sell. Learn about human hair and various kinds of human hair available on the market now. Search on the Internet or read hair care books to know what a hair bundle is, how many types of wigs, and more. For example, a hair bundle is also called weft that is used on the hair install or sew in a wig. Customers often require double machine wefts as they are tight and not easy shedding. To make a wig, people need 3 or 4 bundles for a full head. They can choose any hair textures they like, such as Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair, Brazilian hair, etc. You can load the most popular hair which sells well. 

How To Start A Hair Business - The Must-Take Steps
have a deep understanding of hair products

You have to learn and differentiate the difference between human hair strands and synthetic fibers. As we all know human hair products are better and higher cost than artificial hair. Also, you should follow or browse hair forums to find out the items you plan to sell and understand customers’ psychology. Once you know what they are, you can better serve your clients. 

Find hair supplier

The quality of the hair you sell depends on the hair supplier; hence, you should find a reliable place to buy the hair. Don’t only focus on hair vendors that supply cheap hair extensions because many sell low-quality hair. Find wholesale human hair wigs distributors that commit to give you the best products and transparent policies. To find the best one, you start searching on Google and make a list of big and familiar hair vendors.

Browse their websites and contact them to learn more about their company, hair products, return/refund policies, and so on. Then you narrow the list of the best hair vendors you can trust. Place a hair sample to test the hair quality before giving your decision. Additionally, you can ask someone on the hair forums about the trustworthy units. 

How To Start A Hair Business - The Must-Take Steps
find a reliable hair supplier

Determine the business method

In the 4.0 era, e-commercial develops fast. Therefore, it is effortless for a person to do a hair business online. Load the hair units on the website and operate your online store. This allows you to show more products to customers, so customers have multiple choice to select their preferred hair. This method also helps consumers save time shopping.

While others combine e-commercial shops and physical stores. It means that customers can go directly to the brick-and-mortar store or place an order online to buy hair extensions. However, when you plan to open a hair store, it should be a secure storage space. Human hair extensions and wigs should be hung up or laid flat so that you will not ruin it. Please treat the item you plan to sell as your child.


Set up human hair business plan

There are thousands of human hair vendors across the world that sell a variety of hair products. Hence, you need to give customers reasons to buy your hair. First, make sure that you sell real human hair with high quality. Don’t cheat customers! 

How To Start A Hair Business - The Must-Take Steps
e-commerce shop vs physical store

How to start my own hair bundle business? You have your own business strategy, such as offering some discounts to customers. Not only give discount programs in big events and festivals, but you should also make up the cost for repeat customers. For instance, your clients are salon professionals or hairdressers, they usually buy more products at a time than individual customers. You should offer a discount, depending on what they purchase and what is standard in your local. Your policy and serve attitude may be a magnet for them back again. 

To develop your wholesale hair business starter pack, selling hair accessories is not a bad idea as it helps to increase your profit. When buying hair bundles, clients may need to buy curved needles, wig cap, adhesive, and so on. Take advantage of the gold chance to make extra money fast. If you browse to websites of big wholesale hair suppliers, you will see that they also sell weaving supplies.

Promote your business via social media accounts

How To Start A Hair Business - The Must-Take Steps
promote your brand and products online

We work with many people and they freak out when they cannot sale goods in the first weeks. Keep calm! Your business is not going to be successful overnight, it could take two weeks, could even two months or more. To make community get known your hair store, you have to publicize your website through social media. Remember that networking is one of the keys to a business’s success. It helps you get the right exposure to the right crowd without going out or hard work. How to start a hair business on Instagram? Set up and frequently post on popular social media accounts. Start a nice hairstyle or a blog that provides hair care tips to attract followers. Plus, join and post ads on hair forums frequented by your target customers. Remember that networking is one of the keys to a business’s success. It helps you get the right exposure to the right crowd without going out or hard work.

To sum up

Starting a hair business is so exciting but challenging! Follow our guidelines on how to start a hair business when you are ready. If you have any questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp or email. Layla Hair is also a reliable hair vendor that only sells human hair products. We provide different types of hair, including bundles, wigs, and other extensions for customers to choose from. We commit to selling hair for both hair retailers and individuals at reasonable prices. Always welcome customers all around the world!

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