A Detailed Guide On How To Stop Hair Breakage

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Hair breakage can come with many problems. Unfortunately, people usually don’t realize the important role of hair and how bad is this condition. No matter who you are, I bet that you will get in trouble with hair breakage at some points in your life. You will have a lot of questions. What is hair breakage? How to know if I got hair breakage? Why I get hair breakage? How to stop hair breakage? Read this post and check it out.

What Is Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage happens as a result of the broken hair shaft when your hair is suffering from damages and dryness; thus leading to split ends and shortened hair strands. Spreading out, hair breakage is also a result of excessive usage of heat styling or chemical processes without any haircare afterward. 

Why I Get Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage can come in different ways, as long as the scrapping scales, which play an important role in keeping your hair healthy, are damaged. Then before learning how to stop hair breakage, you need to be aware of some common causes of it. 


Almost all the problems of your body are related to your diet. ‘You are what you eat’, as an old saying. Your hair growth is especially under the effect of certain nutrients, such as zinc, iron, and folic acid. You can also see adequate protein and antioxidants as a strong defender against hair damages.

A Detailed Guide On How To Stop Hair Breakage
unhealthy diet leads to hair breakage


This may not be the first time you see stress as a cause of a health problem, right? And more than that, stress is true death. You see your hair is extremely damaged and, at the same time, you are stressed by a large number of tasks to do. These two things are related to each other. Managing stress keeps not only your hair but also your whole body healthy.

Chemical Processes

As the hair has a great impact on people’s appearance, almost all of them pay a lot of attention to their hair. And chemical processes appeared – as a way to ‘care’ for the hair. Coloring, curling, straightening, etc – they all can break your hair cuticle down; thus leading to hair damage, especially in case you do those too often. 

A Detailed Guide On How To Stop Hair Breakage
chemical and heat processings pose severe damage to hair

Heat Damage

Besides chemical processes, you need to apply high heat to have perfect curly or straight hair. However, this will put you into a hard situation where your hair becomes extremely dry and requires much care. 


People sometimes get obsessed with clean hair, especially ones with oily skin. Oily hair brings about an uncomfortable feeling on your head; thus resulting in a temptation to wash your hair more than usual. Even daily hair wash is recommended in some cases, washing your hair multiple times per day is extremely risky, and trust me, the problem does not just end up to be hair loss. Shampoo, despite its nutrient content for your hair, is still a chemical product, then applying it on your hair too often can destroy your hair cuticle. It is how over-washed hair is damaged. 


How To Know If I Am Having Hair Breakage?

It is very easy to check if you have a hair breakage due to its noticeable signs. In case you are new to hair breakage, let us show you some common signs of hair breakage.

Split Ends

Healthy hair never has split ends. This is the most common sign that you can see from hair with extreme damaged. All people who have split ends are getting problems with hair breakage, although they may not know about it. 

A Detailed Guide On How To Stop Hair Breakage
split ends

Hair Loss

You find out some little hair strands falling out in the bathroom after taking a shower? Be careful, this may be not only a sign of hair breakage but also a symptom of many serious diseases, cancer for instance. On the other hand, someone loses their hair for a very normal reason. 

Changes In Hair Texture

Healthy hair has certain smoothness and if you notice changes in your hair texture, this must be high time to check if you are getting problems with hair breakage. 

How To Stop Hair Breakage?

Hair breakage brings about many problems, but we have many ways to stop it. Let’s see how to stop hair breakage.

Managing Your Diet

If your diet can negatively affect your hair; thus causing hair breakage, so managing your diet is very important. A well-balanced diet always works in keeping your hair healthy, and more than that, your hair growth is also strengthened.

A Detailed Guide On How To Stop Hair Breakage
manage your diet

Avoiding Over-styling

Many people have hairstyling as a compulsory factor in their job, so quitting all the process is not a good idea. However, try your best to cut down on unnecessary processing, coloring, and styling. Leave your hair a time to take a break and pay special attention to hair care. Sometimes, embracing your natural hair texture brings about a surprising beauty. 

Applying Caring Products

Yeah, this is usually a common way that people, especially women, choose to stop their hair breakage. Even if you are not dealing with it, applying caring products is recommended to keep your hair healthy and reduce risks of some hair problems. 

A Detailed Guide On How To Stop Hair Breakage
use proper hair care products

You can even do to the hair salon to have the best hair care if your financial ability can handle this. 

The Bottom Lines,

Now you know many things about your hair, right? You know what is hair breakage, the reason why you get hair breakage, its common signs, and especially how to stop hair breakage. Those answers may not include enough information for you, so if you are in another situation, please tell Laylahair by contacting us via our hotline and we will try our best to give you the answers. 

Have a nice day and enjoy your healthy hair. 

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