Is 180% Density Good For A Wig? It Is Not Always Good!

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The important role of hair wigs today cannot be denied, especially when more and more people experiencing hair problems. They wear the hair to reach their dreamed hair look and feel more confident. However, wig wearers have been spending too much time seeking for an affordable hair system. Please consider different factors, like density, color, etc. when purchasing an item. We have received a lot of questions about density hair wig, and there are some of the most FAQs: What does 180 density wig mean? Is 180% density good for a wig? Why should I go for a 180% density wig? If you are looking for the answers, check this post.

180% density wig meaning

Do not be confused between hair density and hair volume, they are totally different. Hair density is defined as how thick or thin the hair on your hair system is. The three standards and most popular choices are 130%, 150%, and 180%.

130% density wig is a great solution for those are seeking a realistic hair look. If you have thick natural hair, you can apply this wig to get more beautiful tresses. It is called a normal hair density. Often, the hairline of 130% density wig is ventilated with a light density for a natural appearance. 

150% is a nice density for full lace wigs. It is created for those who want to add little fullness and get natural hair appearance. 

Is 180% Density Good For A Wig? It Is Not Always Good!
130%, 150%, and 180% wig density

– Is 180% density wig thicker or how dense is 180% density wig? It appears thicker than two above levels, and also called as the medium density for hair systems. The hair is intended for ladies who would like to get a fuller and more voluminous hair. If you buy this hair wig, please opt for long hair so that it works the best. In other words, a 180% density wig is good for longer lengths. 

Don’t forget that hair length is also crucial in choosing the correct hair density. For example, purchase hair from 18-22″ in length if you want to wear a 180% density wig. A good combination of hair length and density will give you dreamed hair. This density level is good for the hair, offering a comfortable feeling for wig wearers. If you are living in a humid or hot country, you can wear this hair without sweat and itching feeling. 

Why should you choose a 180% density wig?

Offer thick tresses

Being worn to cover your entire head, human hair wigs with 180% density works well to give you a fuller hair. It’s the reason why this hair is broadly utilized around the world. It also covers your diminishing hair perfectly. Wig wearers prefer it as it is a great way to assist you with accomplishing the most natural hair. It appears with a natural hairline mimicking your bio hair, and you can restyle the hair to coordinate your mane. Compared to hair transplantation and other techniques, utilizing a 180% density wig is the fastest way and least expensive to approach thick hair.

Is 180% Density Good For A Wig? It Is Not Always Good!
180% density wig offers super thick hair volume

Safe to utilize

Many hair vendors choose human hair to create hair units, so they don’t cause itching. At Layla, the hair is unprocessed and dealt with cautiously. The base material color is close to your skin, so it is not detected. However, you shouldn’t choose the base material that is super thin and fragile as it cannot hold 180% density. Opt fr a system’s cap that is durable, lightweight and breathable as it will not hurt your bio hair and scalp. 


Available in an array of styles, colors, lengths 

From celebs to housewives, married ladies to teenage girls, every one of them can wear a 180% density wig. Besides giving gorgeous tresses, the hair unit helps wearers change their hairstyles quickly. It comes with different styles, hues, and lengths for customers to choose from. And it blends seamlessly to your natural hair shade, thickness, and textures, as well. 

What’s more, a hair product works to protect your natural lock. Restyle your wig and put it on your head, no need to touch your bio hair. 

Is 180% Density Good For A Wig? It Is Not Always Good!
super thin laces won’t be able to hold 180% density

Where you can buy 180% density wigs?

The realistic look combined with a comfortable feeling is what Layla Hair is all about. Once you have answered the question “Is 180% density good for a wig?”, you will find a trustworthy address to buy this hair. If you want to get good human hair wigs, shop at Layla Hair company now. All products are made meticulously and performed according to custom orders. We harvested 100% human hair from healthy donors in Vietnam and Cambodia. The cuticles are kept intact, eliminating tangling problems.

Most hair distributors supply hair wigs in light medium and medium density, so you might order custom-made wigs to have thick hair. Contact Layla to get high-quality hair at affordable prices. If you have any questions related to the best wig density or anything about the hair system, let us know. Our experienced staff will consult and help you know which hair density suits you best.

Is 180% Density Good For A Wig? It Is Not Always Good!
180% density wigs at Laylahair

How much is a 180% density wig?

Hair wigs now are sold at various costs as every hair vendor has its own costs. If you want a human hair system, accept that its price is higher than the synthetic one. But we think human hair wigs are worth to invest on account of the comfortable feeling and realistic look they bring. Text Layla right now if you want an affordable hair.

The bottom lines,

Human hair wigs and other types of hair extensions were born to serve our beauty purposes. The more the hair looks realític, the more beautiful it is. Is 180% density good for a wig? We hope you have your answer after reading this post. A good hair unit helps you feel more confident when wearing it. Remember to take care of your hair system and natural locks in order to have nice hair. 

For more new hair items and hair care topics, please browse our website. You want to buy real human hair wigs, contact us directly via WhatsApp or email. 

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