How To Store Hair Extensions? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart!

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From heavy, curled to clip in hair, how to store hair extensions? You see, no matter what type of the extension, the hair requires care that will maintain their attractive appearance and make them last longer. Otherwise, they will likely become messy and have lower longevity.

Be sure you do not ignore brushing or washing your extensions. That way helps prevent knots, tangling, or matting. They will ruin your look! You also need to pay attention to storing. It’s one of the essentials for hair extension maintenance. 

Amazing benefits of safely storing hair extensions

With good storage, your extension will be more wearable. If you keep it right when not in use, it will look fantastic and ready once got out!

How To Store Hair Extensions? It's Easy If You Do It Smart!
it’s better to store hair extensions carefully when not in use

Also, that habit keeps you away from dealing with the tangled mess of the hair. Otherwise, you have to waste plenty of precious time washing, detangling, and styling it prior to installation. Why do you have to do so when it is avoidable? Simply put, learn how to store hair extensions.

Things to keep in mind 

It’s indeed easy to store real hair extensions. Don’t forget the following basic requirements:

– Wash and allow the extensions to air dry. If you use blow dryers, be sure not to let it tangle the hair.

– Use a hair iron to straighten them before combing. 

How To Store Hair Extensions? It's Easy If You Do It Smart!
keep hair extensions completely dry before storing

– Close the clips.

– Be sure the extensions are thoroughly dry before you store them. It helps avoid bacteria.

– Put the hair wefts somewhere cool and dry. There would not be a lot of moisture.

– Don’t expose the extensions to direct sunshine when they are not in use.

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How to store hair extensions: The effortless and effective ways

Below we have specified some storage methods you can apply quickly. They include keeping your hair extensions in boxes and relying on extension hangers. Or else, use storage bags. You can also choose to DIY a storing box. Besides, we provide information about how to pack extensions when traveling. We also inform you about how to fix badly stored extensions.

Keep them in a box

It is one of the simplest methods to store hair extensions. It is an excellent option if you don’t use them for a longer time and don’t plan to use it daily. You can get the box coming with the hair. Regular shoeboxes are also possible.

How To Store Hair Extensions? It's Easy If You Do It Smart!
put hair extensions in a box

How-to guide:

– Brush the hair. Do it with gentle care. Finish when it becomes smooth.

– Arrange your wefts neatly in a pile and on top of each other. 

– Give them one more brush.

– Twist and put the hair into the box.

– Close and place the box in a drawer, closet, or so.

Get the most out of hair extension hangers

Using hangers is another amazing way. They are created for wefts. That said, you can also rely on regular hangers if you want to be purse-friendly.

This idea is ideal if you buy clip-in wefts for daily application. It will ensure you keep the extensions safe and can take them out when needed.

How To Store Hair Extensions? It's Easy If You Do It Smart!
keep extensions on hangers

How-to guide:

– Brush the hair.

– Put the hanger in a closet.

Give hair storage bags a try

Are you fond of hair storage? Then buy bags that are solely for storing extensions. Choosing the bag depends on the extensions’ quality and how much you can invest in it. The bags have hangers. You can use them to shield the hair. 

How To Store Hair Extensions? It's Easy If You Do It Smart!
use storage bags

How-to guide:

– Clip the extensions to the hanger.

– Put the bag on top of it.

– Finally, zip up the bag.

– Put it in your closet.

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Create hair storage by yourself

Do you have any spare boxes? How to store hair extensions with them? There are some creative ideas for you. You don’t have to handle any complicated tools! It is an easily made box which can be long-lasting.

How-to guide:

– Look for a drawer.

– Put a towel at its bottom.

How To Store Hair Extensions? It's Easy If You Do It Smart!
use a wig stand

– Place your wefts into U or J shapes depending on the size of your drawer and the hair length.

– Smooth out the extensions.

– Lay your extensions with care. 

Note: Do not place the hair in tight-sealed containers. It needs to breathe as well!

The right way to pack the extensions for travel

When going on a business trip, etc., you may love to bring your favorite extensions with you for a dazzling look. Still, the question is, how can you pack them appropriately for no potential damage?

How-to guide:

Do you have enough space in the suitcase? If so, bring the entire box with you. In case you do not have enough room, purchase a small traveling bag for your extensions. It will safely and securely store them. Avoid swimming in salty sea or so with the extension. It can hurt the hair once and for all!

How to bring poorly kept hair extensions back to life

In case you don’t store them properly, chances are, they will look terrible with tangles and reduced lifespans. Do not worry, though! There are ways that help you out.

How-to guide:

– Use warm water to fill the sink.

– Add some conditioner.

2 Life Lessons On How To Wash Human Hair Weave At Home
wash the extensions before reusing

– Put the wefts with tangles inside. Then leave them overnight.

– Wash the extensions. Allow them to dry naturally.

– Give them some spray for detangling. Next, begin brushing.

– Handle them with care, but thoroughly.

– Lastly, regain the shine of the hair by applying some natural oil.

Note: The hair looks good now. Still, don’t keep avoiding appropriate storage. You know, reviving it takes you over one hour. Such a long process is not always effective. That is why prevention is surely the most excellent choice.

The bottom line

It’s critical to develop a beneficial storage routine with your extensions. They will then last much longer. That also means you will not have to spend more money buying new ones way too soon. Also, look into how to store hair extensions. If you take it seriously, you can manage to keep them in a safe place quickly. Make sure you refer to the best ways above!

Hope that the post above would somehow help you in keeping the extensions safe and clean. For further information about human hair extensions and hair care tips, take a look at our website! Laylahair is also reachable via hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber), so don’t hesitate to drop us a message!

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