How To Use Dry Shampoo — The Detailed Guide From Hair Gurus

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Imagine you have no time to wash and dry your hair and extension regularly. Your mane appears with oil and grease, making you feel uncomfortable. Just switch to use a good dry shampoo, it will refresh your hair look. It absorbs oil, dirt as well as freshens up your curls in second and third hair day. Often, best dry shampoo is in a spray-in product, so it’ straightforward to use. How to use dry shampoo correctly? Here’s everything you need to use this time-saver product properly for the best results. 

How does dry shampoo work?

As advertised, dry shampoo is an item that cleanses hair without water. It now becomes one of the must-have products for people, especially for women. They are safe as most of them are created by major cosmetic houses. It is found in many forms, such as aerosol or loose powder. You can use them effortlessly, no problems. 

In the market, this item comes in numerous formulas, but most of them are used to clean the hair, fight dandruff and yeast. It contains corn starches, apple cider vinegar, and other natural ingredients. Just spray your shampoo to tresses, massage into the hair roots, and you get cleaner hair appearance. For those who avoid washing hair every day as it may lead to damage, they tend to love this magic. 

Dry shampoo works to soak up the excess oil and grease in the mane, leaving it a clean and fresh look. You wonder how to use, there’s no wrong way to use this item. It is a flexible product in the hair care product. For example, corn starches in the shampoo can absorb oil from your scalp and hair while apple cider vinegar removes all dribs, flake, and yeast. 

Most dry shampoo is gentle for the scalp, including sensitive skin. They work as a shampoo and styling product. Spray this stuff in the morning, and it can save you precious time in styling. You get good hair all day. 

Remember that use dry shampoo does not mean that you don’t use wet shampoo. Your natural locks and hair extensions still need to be shampooed and rinse with fresh water to keep it clean. 

How To Use Dry Shampoo - The Detailed Guide From Hair Gurus
dry shampoo helps clean your hair without water

Is it worse to apply dry shampoo daily? How much to use?

This magical item has many benefits but you don’t overuse it. Hair experts say that too much shampoo is bad for your natural locks as it can leave a buildup of residue. This leads to clogging hair follicles as well as limiting hair growth speed. Over time, you may face to hair loss and other skin issues. 

How often to use dry shampoo? It would better if you give the scalp a break to breathe between washes. Apply the shampoo to the mane once between hair washes. It means that you can use this item once or twice weekly. 

How to properly use dry shampoo

Before learning how to use this shampoo, you have to choose the right product for your hair type. For example, use a traditional shampoo if your hair hue is natural or dark brown. Select the right tone that fits your hair color closely. 

Step 1

How to use dry shampoo spray? You have to spray the shampoo at the hair roots and areas that are greasy. Hold the product about 4-6 inches from your hair and spray it to the hair root. Spray on the area you feel oiliest, such as your hairline and crown.

If you use shampoo powder, you should sprinkle it near your scalp. Don’t apply it directly to your skin as it may look chalky and quite difficult to get rid of. 

How To Use Dry Shampoo - The Detailed Guide From Hair Gurus
spray the dry shampoo at roots and greasy areas

Step 2

You massage the item into hair roots and scalp by your fingertips. This helps the shampoo absorb all excess oil, grease, and dirt without leaving product residue. Make sure that you distribute the shampoo evenly across your head. While massaging, don’t forget to flip your head for extra lift. 

Tip: After applying the shampoo, you use a hairdryer at a cool level to blow at the hair roots. This changes the hair direction and adds more hair volume. 

Step 3

After spraying dry shampoo, don’t brush your hair immediately. Let it sit for a while, about 2-3 minutes, according to the manufacturers’ instructions. Once the time is up, you use a brush or comb to smooth out your mane. Or use your fingers to massage it. Then use a styling tool to restyle your hair.


Small tips on how to use spray dry shampoo correctly

Once you have chosen the right dry shampoo for your locks, you should consider these tips to minimize its appearance: 

— Start from areas where you feel oiliest

— Don’t spray the product directly on your scalp. You hold it at least 6 inches from the scalp.

How To Use Dry Shampoo - The Detailed Guide From Hair Gurus
massage the scalp evenly after spraying the shampoo

— Remember to massage the scalp evenly to distribute the dry shampoo to the hair roots. 

— If you use dry shampoo to cleanse your hair extension, gently brush or comb to avoid shedding problems. 

— No need to spray the hair ends to avoid dryness. You can apply some essential oils to the ends to add more moisture. 

If you were born with curly hair, you can use dry shampoo as some ingredients in this product help maintain your hair stay healthy. To use dry shampoo on curly hair, you can do the same as the above guide. 

To sum up

It is necessary that you cleanse and maintain your tresses properly. Hence, learning how to use dry shampoo is vitally important to get fresh hair appearance. Once you take care of your hair correctly, you will get healthy and happy hair all day. Good luck and be confident to shine your beauty! 

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