How to use tape hair extensions effectively

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In today’s modern society, beauty is becoming ever more important and important than ever, especially hair extensions are very popular. One of the most popular hair extensions today is tape in hair extensions.

best tape in hair extensions

So how to use tape hair extensions effectively and most properly, I will show you to understand more about it. You should pay attention to the following before using the tape hair extensions:

  • Look for a friend to do the same with you. It will definitely be faster and more convenient when you are not embarrassing and time consuming when you do not know where to put the tape hair properly can see behind you.
  • Before you use, determine the location and where you need to stick your hair to the aesthetics and beauty of your face.


After paying attention to the above, here are steps you can take to get the perfect tape hair extensions.

  1. The first step is to give you a clean hairstyle. That way, the quality of your hair extensions will last longer and get the best results.
  2. Step two is to follow the order. You should start from the bottom of your scalp and walk away. Brush your hair regularly and hold it firmly to the bottom half.
  3. The third is gather a * very * thin section of your hair.Notice how “very” is emphasized. This section of hair is going to be sandwiched between two extensions. It’s important that the adhesive “tape” on the top extension touches that of the bottom extension, so that the two stick together. Use your comb to get a nice even section, which is as wide as one of your extension wefts.
  4. Four is the attach extension. When you attach the extension in place and flush with your scalp, use your finger to feel the stickiness of the cross hairs. If not, use a careful scissors remove some of your hair from the bandage. If it is sticky, press the bottom and bottom together for about 20 seconds to ensure that the water can not recognize the difference and separate the two layers of hair. Remember, do not put the weft too close to the edges of your scalp, so then people will realize that you are using the tape hair extensions.


5.  You repeat is exactly what you do above and avoid the gaps between the tape hair extensions. Be careful not to put the weft too high on your scalp because they can see. This only takes about 2 hours for you to do alone.

6 . The last thing is the cut and style. If your hair is long, you will not have trouble mixing the hair together. But if you own a short hair then need some decoration to hide defects.

With very simple and quick steps, you have got a perfect and beautiful tape hair extensions. I hope that with such sharing, you will take the right steps to use self-adhesive tape hair extensions.

Thanks for your interest!


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