How To Wash Curly Hair Extensions? Tips To Maintain Your Beloved Items

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Washing hair extensions is a complicated process, especially with curly extensions. It requires much effort to clean curly hair extensions than the straight ones. They are easily tangled and damaged if treated in the wrong way.

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How to wash curly hair extensions correctly will play an essential role in making your hair looking better and stronger. But most people seem to treat the extensions wrongly, and they don’t know about that.

Do not need to worry about that. Scroll down and read carefully in this post how to take proper care of your curly hair extensions!

Popular styles of curly hair extensions

Body wave

The body wave is a fashionable and attractive hairstyle. It has plenty of class, attitude, and gloss.  A body wave is a loose wave hairstyle which has larger rolls than other permed hairstyles. Rolls are usually inserted in various patterns to create a soft natural looking wave.

How To Wash Curly Hair Extensions? Tips To Maintain Your Beloved Items

Deep wave

Deep wave hair texture flows are smooth waves, but they are much deeper than the body wave. Therefore, it results in tighter curls. It is a great texture that looks opulent and boosts your hair to make it look thicker.

How To Wash Curly Hair Extensions? Tips To Maintain Your Beloved Items

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Curly Weave

Because its curl is minimal and tight so it will look quite thick. To be honest, this type of hair is relatively fluffy and does not flatter your face shape. Moreover, it’s also hard and requires lots of effort to keep its style so you may need some curling tools to keep it.

How To Wash Curly Hair Extensions? Tips To Maintain Your Beloved Items

Jerry curl

Jerry curl is a permed hairstyle and it was really popular among African Americans during the 1980s. Invented by the hairdresser Jheri Redding, the Jerry curl gave the wearer a glossy, loosely curled look. It was considered as a “wash and wear” style that was easier to care for than the other popular chemical treatment of the day, the relaxer.

How often should ones wash their curly hair extensions?

Most hair experts advise that you should not wash your hair extensions every day to avoid tangling and damaging the hair. Instead, you should only be cleaning it about 2 to 3 times a week.


How To Wash Curly Hair Extensions? Tips To Maintain Your Beloved Items

You should only be cleaning it about 2 to 3 times a week.

But overall, it depends on how often you wear it or whether it gets dirty or not. It only needs to be washed once every 10 to 15 years.

How to choose suitable hair products for curly hair extensions?

You should choose the alcohol or sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

These days, some hair products are loaded with alcohols and sulfates, which are causing the hair drier. Since hair extensions do not directly receive natural oils from the scalp, they are already dry by nature. Therefore, it’s best to provide as much moisture to the hair as possible.

This will make sure that the extensions look healthy and robust, as opposed to dry and dull. You can also use shampoo and conditioner specially designed for colored treated hair or curly hair extensions.



Tips and tricks on how to wash curly hair extensions

We provide you the hair extensions made of 100% human hair. So you need to take care of it carefully like the way you care for your real hair. And some other demands are also included.

So how to wash curly hair extensions properly? Read on to find out!

Brushing your extensions

Before washing your extensions, take them out from your hair. Give them good brush with a wide tooth comb or move the brush from the bottom to the top. Gently detangle the hair and move any knots.


How To Wash Curly Hair Extensions? Tips To Maintain Your Beloved Items

With the curly hair extensions, you had better use hands to detangle them.

Then, place each weft neatly on top of each other similar to when you first receive them to keep them not tangle during the washing process.

Preparing the sink

Ensure the sink is clean enough to avoid existing dirt transferring to the extensions. Prepare the water, make sure it’s not too hot or too cold. Pump 2-3 dollops of shampoo into the water in the sink. And mix it around the water, so it’s sweet and soapy.

Shampooing each weft

We recommend you wash each weft at one time. That will help to ensure each weft is washed thoroughly without tangling it.

Hold the top of the weft in one hand, submerge it into the water and wash it gently with the mixture of water and shampoo. Do everything in a calm and gentle attitude to avoid tangling the whole set.

Once the extension is washed, put it aside onto the towel. Then do the same way to the rest of the wefts.


After the weft is shampooed, it’s time to condition them. This is an essential step because when it comes to how to wash curly hair extensions, your hair needs providing enough moisture. We recommend using a deep conditioner for this step to penetrate deeply into each weft.

Take an adequate amount of conditioner, then apply it to the weft from top to bottom. Massage thoroughly through the whole weft.

Rising out each weft

Rinse the conditioned wefts with clean water. A common mistake is only to wash the hair halfway. You have to rinse the whole hair thoroughly in cold water until there’s no conditioner left on the wefts. Move hand through the weft to make it soft and smooth.


You are advised to air dry your extensions. Any methods of drying hair using heat are very harmful to the extensions because it will make the hair not shiny and soft as usual. Heat will damage the quality of the hair.

Combing the weft

Do not brush the hair while it’s still wet as it’s more elastic and break easily. You should only brush through each weft with a wide tooth comb from bottom to top.

And that’s all about how to wash curly hair extensions. When it’s dry, the extension is ready to clip in your real hair.

The bottom line

After reading this post, we hope you will gain insights on how to wash curly hair extensions and take the proper care of it. Whether your extension is long-lasting or not all depends on the way you care for it. Hope you will apply these tips successfully on your hair. We are glad and grateful for your support of our sharing.

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