8 Frequently Asked Questions About Human Hair Tape Extensions

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Human hair tape extensions are a haunted item thanks to its amazingness in adding seamless volume to hair. But whether it is suitable for yourself is still a question to ask. The following blog post will provide answers to the common questions that people often encounter when choosing tape-in hair extensions. 

How to shower with human hair tape extensions?

The first concerning of people when owing human hair tape extensions is the way to wash the hair. Because if you do not know the right way, your hair extensions will tangle. So, you have to follow these guides.

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Comb your hair before shampooing

This is a significant step for connecting haired girls. You should brush your hair silently before shampooing, and this will help your hair avoid getting tangled when flushing or applying shampoo.

Wash your hair in the direction of hair fall

This is a tip that almost every girl has to adhere to when washing her hair. Wash your hair under the shower, rinse the water from the top of your head to help your hair be cleaned naturally. Furthermore, when washing your hair with the way, you can avoid the movement of joints, causing hair tangles.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Human Hair Tape Extensions
 wash your hair extensions

Softly rub with your fingertips

Many people have a habit of washing their hair very hard with their fingernails. However, this is not only counterproductive to dandruff hair but also an enemy of connecting hair. It will make your hair tangled, plus the weak hair roots are more likely to fall. So, instead of washing your nails with your nails, gently massage your scalp with your fingertips. The manipulations must be slow, slowly so that the scalp and hair fibers are cleaned but still not tangled.

Squeeze lightly with a towel, and don’t curl your hair

One more habit of many people is that when bathing, often use a towel to wash your hair very hard to dry hair quickly. This will make your connecting hair mess. So, use a dry towel, soak your human hair tape extensions gently.

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How long will tape in human hair extensions last?

This is the question of many short-haired girls and wants to own a connecting hair. The life of the connecting hair depends on many different factors. There are elements that you can influence and improve. Also, if you know the right way to take care of your human hair tape in extension, your hair extensions can keep 5-6 months. 

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Human Hair Tape Extensions
human hair tape extensions can last up to 6 months

How to care for tape in human hair extensions?

The popular questions of most of the people who are owning human hair extension are the way to take care of it. 

The key to human hair tape in extensions care is always to keep your scalp clean, your hair smooth and never tangled. Once connected, from washing hair, styling and even simple things like brushing your hair take longer than usual. You should clean it slowly and be careful not to tangle or slip the joint. Every day, you have to take care of the “hair extensions” that connect the antiseptic and gloss to keep it healthy because the scalp no longer supplies the curls.

Hair extensions are not an “impossible task”, but if you are a person who does not have the time and patience to take care of real hair, it is best not to think about connecting hair.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Human Hair Tape Extensions
how to remove tape in extensions

How to remove tape in extensions?

The way to remove tape in extensions is not easy because you have to do follow many steps. Moreover, it is difficult to remove the splice because of the glue sticks back to your hair; it must be repeated many times to wash your hair. Furthermore, if your real hair is not too healthy, the removing progress will affect your actual hair so much. So, your hair will become weak after removing tape in hair extension. 


How to put in tape in hair extensions?

Apply hair to the glue which is usually used as a resin or honey, then return to the real hair and a wig attached.

Furthermore, overcome the limitations of the lead connector, the technology of tape in hair extensions for natural efficiency without massive head or headache, and comfortable when going to sleep. There is no bulging connection, and it is challenging to detect connecting hair because there is no connection between real hair and connecting hair.

How many tapes do you need?

It is too difficult to answer the question.  The number of tape in your hair extensions depending on your thickness of hair. Therefore, your hairdressers will explain the problem for you when checking your hair before deciding to use human hair tape in extensions.

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Human Hair Tape Extensions
the prices depend on the quality of hair and tape

How much do tape in hair extensions cost?

Tape in hair extensions has many different prices depending on a lot of things. For example, if you choose the high-quality tape in hair extensions, it will have a higher rate than usual tape in hair extension. Moreover, the tape, in extension takes from human hair will expensive than types made from synthetic materials. Therefore, you should refer the cost at reputable hair extensions wholesale like Lalay Hair before deciding to buy.

Where can I buy tape for hair extensions?

There are a lot of places for buying tape for your hair extensions both online and offline. And Laylahair is one of a reputable one to lay your trust in. 

8 Frequently Asked Questions About Human Hair Tape Extensions
human hair tape extensions at Laylahair

Laylahair only uses top-notch human hair for all of our hair units. The main sources of hair are Vietnam and Cambodia, which are famous for their strong and shiny hair texture. The tapes we use are of the best quality and could last for a long time, also.

A more attractive thing is that Layla is glad to offer the wholesale prices for all products, no matter whether you are a wholesaler or an individual buyer. We make our very best effort to bring along the best products at the nicest rates. Take a look at our product lines!

So, if you are interested in getting some packs of human hair tape extensions, kindly contact us directly via our hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) to get the best deal. We are online 24/7, so feel free to reach us at any time.

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