The Do This, Get That Guide On Human Hair Wig Care

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Wigs are so popular in use recently. Most wigs’ users pick human hair wigs for themselves since it looks like natural hair. But as natural hair, wigs need care as well. Hence, if you fall in love with and don’t know how to how to take care of human hair wig, read through this paper. This will mention the most basic and simple methods for caring for your wigs.

How to care for lace wigs?

Full Lace Human Hair Wig 

Full human lace hair wigs are one of the most expensive wigs, but it offers the easiest ways to take care of them.

How to store?

As the full lace wig has a round structure surrounded by lace, the form maintaining is crucial. That means you have to keep the structure in good condition. A nice trick for that uses a wig head with bobby pins to store the wig. By this, you can shape the full lace wig in perfect form, which you can use it anytime without reshaping it. It really takes time.

Don’t put your full lace wigs back into the package or throw it on the ground since it’s hard to return into the first look with a neat appearance. Let’s invest in a wig stand or wig head to preserve your wigs.

What products should use?

It is clearly to be seen that, your full lace wigs will become heavier if you overuse hair products. After a long time the products building up on your wig, it will become lifeless and unattractive. It’s better to use less hair mousse or sprays. Washing hair wig gently and clean is enough to keep it look good.

How to wash human hair wigs?

The Do This, Get That Guide On Human Hair Wig Care
take care of your full lace wigs

The first step is to take out your wigs from your head. In the shampoo sections. First, wet your human hair wigs with warm water. Then mix a small amount of mild shampoo with water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture thoroughly over your wigs. Do not harshly rub your wigs, just comb it smoothly. After that, rinse well your human hair wigs with cool water, make sure no extended product is left on your wigs.

When using conditioner, you also have some things to notice. Making use of a spray bottle as when you wash your wig. Put a few drops of conditioner into the bottle and shake it well with warm water. After that, spray it evenly over your wigs. Leave it in for 3-5 minutes plus detangle with your fingers or wide-tooth comb gently. Then, rinse the conditioner out of your lace wigs.

After finishing washing your wigs, dry your hair with a towel first then air dry. 

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs Care

How to detangle the wig?

Let’s use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your lace front wigs to preventing from shedding. Be careful when dealing with the tracks because of they easy to snag. Besides, if you use a fine-tooth comb to deal with your wigs, it can cause knots or mess. Therefore, a proper hair tool is so important in some cases like this.


How to take care of human hair wig with short or long length?

In some cases, the length of the wigs can affect the way we do human hair wig care.

Short human hair wig care

It is lucky for you if you own a short bob wig. Since it is easy to do human hair wig care and maintenance. There are 2 tips deal with a short wig.

The first is to style your wigs when it is wet. There is no doubt that damp hair is easier to style like cut or curl. Plus short length will cause almost no tangle or mess and it dries much faster than other kinds of wig. Hence, don’t worry to wet your hair when styling. 

The Do This, Get That Guide On Human Hair Wig Care
style your wig when it’s wet

The second tip is to style trim ends which will provide you with natural-looking. Anyone want a realistic look when wearing hair extensions. Hence a beautiful trim will meet that demand. So why don’t you get it now?

Long human hair wig 

If you are interested in a long wig like a 22 inch or longer one, correct storage has to be taken into consideration. Whether the storing process happens in a short or long period, you should take the right steps.

Protecting wigs from heat, UV rays, and dust is the most important thing. Next, invest in wig stand for storing is better than putting in back to the package because it will be in shape. But it doesn’t mean that you immediately maintain immediately it without washing. Rinse out any leftovers from hair product beforehand will keep your wigs last longer.

How to do straight and curly human hair wig care?

Straight human hair wig care

All hair can be damaged by excess heat, which dries out the cuticles and ruins the ends. And so do straight human hair wigs. So make sure that you store your wigs in a cool place, keep them away from the sun, heating register or place with high temperature. That also means that hairdryer is less likely to be used, just natural air dry air your wig when it is wet. 

The Do This, Get That Guide On Human Hair Wig Care
how to care for curly wig

Curly human hair wig care

If you are fond of the curly human hair wigs, simply keep it the way it looks. Many may be interested in both straight and curly hairstyles and try to mix it. It means you might straight a part of curly wigs for a desirable look. But you should not do it, by two separate things though. The reason why you should do this because it will be better to carry out human hair wig care. Moreover, this human hair no longer belongs to one, so it cannot be nourished and easy to be damaged. When you change the style of the wigs from curly to straight, it will expose to tons of heat and hair products. These things are in not-to-do list with human hair wigs. Hence, keep your wig naturally that ways will be included in proper human hair wig care instructions. 

How to take care of dyed human hair wig?

The Do This, Get That Guide On Human Hair Wig Care
colored human hair wig

Many human hair wigs now are dyed in various fancy colors instead of just basic ones like black or brow. You can color your wigs but you should notice that this has the same structure as your natural hair. That means when you apply the color dye to wigs locks, they will become weaker. That means the wig will lack hydration and moisture, look less lively and shiny. So, to better the situation, let’s use natural oils like coconut oil or almond oil to keep your wigs firm and strong.

Another human hair wig care tip is to stay away from chlorine. Maybe in the summer, you may want to show off your sexy look with your hair in the pool, but be careful. The chlorine in the pool water can fade the color aways from your human hair wigs. Hence, cover your hair with a swim cap when go swimming will save your wigs.

How do you care for your human hair wig?

Hopefully, the human hair wig care tips and instructions above will help you properly look after your wigs. Whatever type of wigs you got, you cannot ignore the guides for protecting your hair. Those we have mentioned may not all but it is basic steps and the ultimate method you should bear in mind.

If you find it useful and want to know more, let’s pay a visit to the Layla Hair website. 

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