Want To Step Up Your Silk Top Lace Wigs? You Need To Read This First!

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Commonly, those whose hair is short desire longer one. People with long hair even expect it to be longer. It is one of the reasons that wigs show up in our life.  They are human or synthetic hair attachable to your scalp for a mix and match with your natural locks or with different shades of color. 

Many types are readily available these days. Have you seen a lot of Facebook or Instagram posts about the styles with realistic hair scalp and stunning tresses? The secret to such a fantastic look is silk top lace wigs.

What is a lace wig with silk top? 

Are you in the market for the most natural lace wigs? Then, this one should be your choice. It makes use of a lace layer and the silk fabric on the cap’s top front. The hair is knottable. The knots are under the silk which is disguisable between layers. After that, the hair is injectable through the material from silk. That way, the knots are not noticeable. The strands will look and feel like growing naturally out of the scalp.

Want To Step Up Your Silk Top Lace Wigs? You Need To Read This First!
silk top lace wig

We must say that no other current ventilation method can win over the invisible knots on the silk top when it comes to a perfect appearance. Bleaching these knots is not necessary. 

Why choose silk top lace wigs?

Out of all the available lace wigs nowadays, they look most natural. The silk base top allows the knots to stay below a second material piece without notice. The illusion, after all, is a realistic hair scalp. 

Also, these wigs are flexible. They work in several directions at your head’s crown. Not all, you can try out different styles similar to what you do with your bio hair. For example, putting on the full lace silk top wigs in a ponytail is possible. Or else, you can wear them off your face. You may also want to ask for your hair stylists for some complicated detailing.

Want To Step Up Your Silk Top Lace Wigs? You Need To Read This First!
silk top lace wigs are undetectable

Moreover, there are different tastes and colors for you to choose from. With them, going bald or keeping on having a terrible hair day is unreasonable. 

The full lace type brings plenty of advantages. One of them is, it appears sensible and natural. Be sure you apply the wig appropriately. Then, you can style it in a similar fashion to your real hair. Plus, the product’s weight is light. That is why you do not have to take it off. It is okay to keep the wig on even on a number of days. 

Are you worried about the related headache? It only happens if you connect the wig to your head the wrong way. This wig type needs gluing all around the head’s area. If adhesives are not your thing, you can consider the glueless choices.

Like the best full lace ones, lace front wigs give a stunning and realistic look. Their lace base covers your head’s front half. Other people will not be able to tell whether you are putting on a wig. Not all, this type makes your scalp breathable. It can hence bring the utmost comfort to you. Do you have thick hair? If yes, you may love these silk top lace wigs.

Human hair or synthetic?

In addition, you should think about the two kinds of wigs first when deciding to go with these products. Will you opt for the synthetic ones? Or will you buy human hair wigs? Both of them have numerous colors and designs. The artificial option is cheap. High chances are that it does not look genuine and it is more challenging to maintain. 

Want To Step Up Your Silk Top Lace Wigs? You Need To Read This First!
human hair silk top wig

Meanwhile, the latter appears more sensible and natural. It is also longer lasting. This wig is more comfortable to wear. It is because of the better air permeability. The synthetic items will make the hair scalp sweat with ease, particularly if it is warm/ hot in your living place. With appropriate care and attention, your human hair coverings are possible far more durable. They will not lose the trademark softness and luster. 

On the other hand, it is more expensive. It also means you can expect more advantages with high-quality ones.

Have you been using a wig for the first time? Though silk top lace wigs have a higher price and are not the one and only option for a natural appearance, it is the best for those like you. Complicating work is not necessary after you put them on the hair. 

The outstanding benefits

  1. No noticeable knots 
  2. Give the illusion of the hair growing from your scalp
  3. Less shedding
  4. Last for a long time and more durable
  5. Be flexible
  6. Be comfortable to use

How much does it cost?

Want To Step Up Your Silk Top Lace Wigs? You Need To Read This First!
it costs more for a silk top wig than a normal lace wig

Of course, it is more pricey than ordinary lace wigs. They ask for more efforts to make. On another note, the high cost means to bring superior quality, more longevity as well as durability.

Where to buy the best at the most reasonable price?

Do you have a better idea of silk top lace wigs and their perks? You also need to consider where you should trust to purchase the best one to your needs and wants. Not all wigs are similar. If you are interested in pretty, natural, and quality human hair ones, Layla Hair is definitely the best option on the market these days.

Our wigs work wonders on your real hair. They do an excellent job of disguising the knots and creating the most natural appearance. Also, they come in a wide range of colors. So you can find your favorite quickly. Their price will not disappoint you. On top of that, we have the most popular and best-selling items all over the world. They are in stock for your choice. 

Do not hesitate to discover our collection to find the absolute best on the current market. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us. We have nothing but the sole dedication to your utmost satisfaction with our products. 

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