Indian Hair 101 – There’s No Reason To Ignore This Excellent Hair!

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It is normal when many wig wearers fall in love with Indian hair replacement systems.

Raw Indian hair is light and full of bounce that blends natural hair perfectly and totally practical. Plus, it does not take a long time to maintain and care for. If you are a busy girl, Indian human hair wigs are a perfect option for you.  

Layla promises that Indian hair texture provides you the best feeling and experience. Therefore, pick this hair and you can wash or style the hair the way you desire.  

Down below, we want to take you on a journey to discover everything about Indian hair, containing its pros and cons, types, and more. 

What is Indian hair?

Indian hair is collected directly from India that is highly regarded in the hair business. Every year, Indian people donate hair at temples as a part of a religious ritual. Then gathered hair is sold to virgin hair wholesale distributors and manufacturers. The funds collected from selling hair are often utilized for the well-being of the community.

Indian hair texture

Raw virgin Indian bundle is naturally silky, luster, and flexible. It is a favored hair type of all girls. Plus, the hair is very light, bouncy, and easy to style. It works and blends well with your bio hair because it will not lose its natural wavy look. 

Indian Hair 101 - There's No Reason To Ignore This Excellent Hair!
hair texture

Hair pattern and durability

Raw Indian hair tends to be naturally straight and wavy. It is chemically untreated, so it can be colored and styled to make it resemble your natural locks. It is obtained from many textures, like straight, wavy, or curly hair. The diversity of this hair type makes it become a great option for ladies around the world. 

The crucial part of Indian hair is its durability. For example, raw hair bundles can last a year or more if you care for them properly. Wearing an Indian hair extension, it is lightweight which gives you an agreeable feeling simultaneously. 

Anything else? One more reason why Indian hair is widely used across the world. It is extremely versatile, we bet. Treat the hair extensions as you always do with your bio hair. You can wash, trim, or even bleach the hair if you like. As long as you style it closely to your own hair, no one can detect you are wearing a hair replacement system unless you tell them. 

If Vietnamese hair is famous for its smoothness, Cambodian hair is strong, the Indian one is sleek and wavy. These three hair types are highly marked by customers, expertise, and beauty bloggers. 

Indian virgin hair vs Remy hair

These two hair types are real human hairs that are gathered from India. From past to now, Indian people donate dozens of tons of hair every year that hair manufacturers use to make different kinds of hair systems. According to some experts, Indian human hair is the most top-notch hair type in the market due to its features, textures, and shine. Both virgin and Remy hair are strong and luster. 

Indian Hair 101 - There's No Reason To Ignore This Excellent Hair!

However, they are not totally the same. bear in mind that virgin hair does mean Remy hair, but not all Remy hair is considered pure virgin hair. 

Virgin Remy hair is not chemically-treated or processed. It is completely raw. The hair is cut or collected from only one donor. This is the highest quality of hair that can be styled and colored as you do with your bio hair. Hence, virgin hair wigs and hair extensions are flexible and long-lasting. Plus, it blends seamlessly with natural hair without being detected.

What about Indian Remy hair? This is a good type of human hair that is gathered from multiple donors. However, all hair strands are sorted in the same direction. We mean that hair follicles are kept running in the same direction, minimizing hair tangles and knots. This hair type is also washed and colored the way you like. 

Indian hair, Vietnamese hair, and Cambodian hair

These three types of hair are best-seller items in the beauty industry. Real hair strands are gathered from healthy donors who often care for and wear their traditional hair. Why do we mention traditional hair? Because these hairs are raw and strong. 

Similar to Indian hair, Cambodian and Vietnamese hair is directly collected from these two countries. Women here use natural hair care products and recipes to wash and condition their tresses. You want a hair unit with softness and smoothness, opt for Vietnamese hair. If you are looking for coarser and thicker ones, choose the Cambodian one. 

What’s more, Cambodian, Indian, and Vietnamese hairs for sale are hard to shed and tangle. They are available in different textures, meeting all demands of customers. 

Indian Hair 101 - There's No Reason To Ignore This Excellent Hair!

There are also different hair origins in the market, such as Brazilian, Malaysian hairs, etc. For example, Brazilian hair is the most prevalent hair product in South Africa due to its texture. It is quite soft and thick. The hair is obtained in different styles, as well. However, compared to raw virgin Indian hair, the Brazilian one is not as luster, and it tends to be frizzy.

Why should you choose Indian hair?

You are looking for the perfect hair systems, you may be wondering: There are too many hair types out there, which one is better? Why do many women love wearing Indian hair? What keeps wearers so loyal to Indian hair? Here’re the benefits of this hair type: 

High-quality hair

Obviously, every wearer wants to buy hair extensions that look and feel great. The hair is versatile and durable, allowing them to style the hair the way they desire. Indian hair is a great option as it has enough features you are searching for. You can find that virgin hair is most likely to resemble your existing hair. 

Indian hair is unique

The hair type is lightweight, thick, and airy. It is glossy and bouncy, allowing it to move effortlessly. It is great for multiple applications, such as hair weaves, extensions, and wigs. You can style Indian hair units without losing the natural beauty.

Tangle-free and easy to style

Indian Hair 101 - There's No Reason To Ignore This Excellent Hair!

Whether you choose short or Indian long hair, it is soft and smooth. So long as you wear and style it suitably, it is hard to get tangled. Blow-dry, brush, and treat it as you do with your own hair. As the system is made of real hair strands, you don’t have to worry that it will be melted as artificial fibers. It still holds the beautiful look for a longer time. 

Easy to maintain

Why do ladies love wearing Indian hair wigs? Since they are real hair and easy to take care of. When it comes to caring for this hair type, it’s not laborious. We are sure that it’s the same to care for your natural hair. Use special hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, etc.) for human hair replacement systems to expand the hair’s lifetime. For example, at Layla, we only supply the top-level quality of real hair extensions for customers worldwide. We give hair products with different styles, like straight, body wave, wavy, and curly hairstyles of Indian hair for your forever beauty.

Also, you can easily get Indian hair international at friendly prices. Only with $20, you can buy real hair bundles. Plus, if you are experiencing thinning hair, you just buy 2-3 bundles and you have a fuller and thicker hair look. 

For many years in this field, we have not found any downside of this hair or it is very minor. This hair type is among the best options. 

Indian hair products

Hair bundles

Most hair distributors sell this hair unit. Due to its outstanding texture, the hair is suitable for all women who want to achieve a soft and luster hair appearance. Hair bundles are in dark colors and strong that can stand the heat or chemical processes.  

This hair is often teamed with a lace closure or frontal to create a finished wig. It is a protective style to prevent your natural locks from damage. Also, it protects your call from harmful factors. 

Indian Hair 101 - There's No Reason To Ignore This Excellent Hair!

As we stated, the unit is real human hair; hence, don’t skip the hair caring step. In the market, hair bundles are available from 8 to 30 inches in length. It will meet all customers’ demands. If you want an exact hair length, contact manufacturers for a custom hairpiece.  

Hair extensions

In this world, feel free to choose any hair style and kinds of extensions you desire. Indian hair clip-ins, keratins, halo extensions, etc. which one you like most? For example, with clip-in extensions, you just clip the hair unit to your own hair, getting gorgeous and thick hair instantly.

Human hair weave

True, the weave is made from Indian hair. Depending on the customers’ requirements, the hair manufacturers will supply the hair with different thicknesses and lengths. 


How to care raw Indian hair replacement systems

Everyone always dreams about silky and thick hair. We agree that beautiful hair helps individuals feel more confident going out. And 100% Indian human hair is the best solution to achieve a natural hair look. For example, Indian wet and wavy hair is good if you want to copy idols’ look. 

After opting for the right product, you have to know how to care for it. So what should you do to keep your hair system healthy? Follow these tips below:

Wash the hair

This is the first but important step. Keep your hair extensions and scalp clean whenever you wear the hair. How to wash it? You should use free-sulfate & paraben shampoos to wash the hair as they are gentle and safe for the hair and your existing hair, too. 

Also, utilize hair conditioners and hair masks to add moisture and hydration to the hair unit, offering a healthy and luster look. If you have no experience, ask the seller or go to the hair salon and ask for advice. 

Also, you must detangle the hair before shampooing. Brush hair from the hair ends with a wide-toothed comb then move upwards. Or you can run your fingers through the hair to remove all knots. 

Indian Hair 101 - There's No Reason To Ignore This Excellent Hair!
how to care for Indian hairpieces

Bear in mind that never rubbing Indian hair when washing. Because it can cause hair damage, even lead to hair loss. 

Style the hair extensions

You know that real human hair can be styled with thermal tools, such as flat irons, curling irons, etc. Also, you color and bleach it if you want. Still, don’t misuse it. We recommend using hot tools at a low heating level to avoid unwanted damage. 

Remember to comb the hair in only one direction to avoid tangles. And apply heat protection spray to prevent hair dryness and damage.

Moisturize the hair

To expand the lifetime of raw Indian hair systems, you have to moisturize and hydrate the hair. Because it is not our real hair, you have to add more moisture to it. 

Specifically, don’t forget to take care of the hair after going swimming. Chlorine in the pool and saltwater on the beach will dry and ruin our hair. Shampoo the hair with fresh water and condition the hair to protect it.  

Is it hard to find trustworthy raw Indian hair suppliers? 

We think that it is not difficult to find a good hair vendor in the industry 4.0 era. With a smartphone or computer, you can find and buy everything without going directly to the stores. 

You want to purchase raw virgin Indian hair wholesale, just type its name on Google, then it gives you thousands of related results in seconds. The results include the best hair distributors, sellers, etc. you can shop hair from. We understand that consumers tend to find and purchase hair items from big and popular websites and e-markets, like Amazon, eBay, and others. It is a good way as there are tons of products for sale there. 

Still, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed because there are too many hair vendors out there. There are hundreds of new suppliers founded daily. So which one is the best place to find virgin Indian hair vendors? 

Layla Hair – a reliable Indian hair company

Indian Hair 101 - There's No Reason To Ignore This Excellent Hair!
best Indian hair at Laylahair

Remember that not all hair vendors based in India provide customers with real Indian hairpieces. Be careful!

Visit Layla if you’re looking for a hair unit that provides human hair extensions. We commit that we can meet all your high demands. You want curly hair or straight one, black or blonde hair, tell us your desired hair and we will customize it for you. We collect raw hair from India and create multiple hair systems. We guarantee to offer wearers across the world the best feel and experience when picking our products. Our products look so awesome if you wear and style them properly.  

Our company is proud to be among the most trusted virgin hair wholesale distributors and manufacturers. Layla is more than happy to be a part of your beautiful hair journey. If you are experiencing hair problems or want to get gorgeous hair, we are sure that we can help you. Hair wigs, weaves, and other types of extensions, we supply all at affordable prices.  

Additionally, we sell Vietnamese and Cambodian hair products. These hair types are widely used due to their quality and versatility. 

To wrap things up

That’s all basics related to Indian hair, from its texture and where to shop it. Hopefully, after this blog post, you have one more option when buying hair extensions or wigs. Indian hair systems will not let you down, we promise. Also, the hair is not too expensive to own, everyone can get a good hairpiece. 

Are you ready to change your hair as well as your appearance? Are you interested in Indian remy hair weave? Feel free to contact us. It’s our honor to assort you! Whether you are an individual buyer or wholesale units, we supply hair products at friendly prices. 

Hope to hear your voice soon!

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