Lace Closure Length Guide – What To Consider Before Buying

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Hair is among the first most noticeable parts of a woman’s beauty since it represents our personality and maybe beliefs. Fortunately, we all know how crucial your hair is to you. Working on the field for many years, one of the most frequently asked questions we will receive when a customer buys a closure is: «How can I choose the right hair length for my closure?» The best answer is «Depends on your natural locks and how thick you want it.» There are a few factors affecting your last decision, here’s our closure length guide you may need to get the right hair.

About Human Hair Closure

You should get covered with hair closure’s definition before choosing the length of hair. It is a type of hair extension that is made of great material like lace or silk. Often, wearers choose lace as it is durable, breathable, as well as affordable price. The real hair strands are attached to the material base and secured around the perimeter to help protect your locks. Also, it improves the hair look effectively. Especially, individual hair strands are attached by hand only, offering a realistic look you desire. Human hair lace closures are in a horse-shoe shape and smaller than the frontal. It is sewn and glued onto your natural locks depending on where you want to wear. Because each person has their own head size, so where the closure cover on the head will vary. Plus, the flexibility and durability of the popular hair item make them applicable for all types of hair, whether natural or permed hair. 

Lace Closure Length Guide - What To Consider Before Buying
closure hairpiece

Why Does Closure Length Matter?

The length of closure varies at different levels because some love short hair whereas others prefer long hair. Understand customers’ psychology, hair manufacturers provide multiple options for them to choose from. Hence, it is not a difficult task to get your favorite hair. When you choose the length of hair closure, consider your real hair length first. If the extension and natural locks do not match together, it looks unnatural and bulky. Even it looks so funny. How to determine what length closure to get? Measure your natural hair and compare to the closure length chart, then you can choose the right hair item. If you are unsure about the result, get support from the professional. They can give you a good idea of the length of closure you want to wear. 

Moreover, if you have a small and slim forehead, wearing a small closure instead of frontal. It works amazingly on covering and creating a new hairline. 


Closure length chart

The hair closure is from 8-30″ in length. If the hair is from 8-18″, it needs 2-3 hair bundles to form the hair. It requires 4 hair bundles to generate a 20-30″ closure. But it comes to the question» Should I get all my bundles the same length.» It’s all up to you. if you are a long-haired girl, you can choose the same length bundles to create a closure. It matches your natural locks perfectly. 

Lace Closure Length Guide - What To Consider Before Buying
lace closure hairpieces of different lengths

How to Pick The Right Length of The Closure?

Now you know why lace closure length is necessary to get a nice hair look. Let’s talk about small tips to choose the right one. Please understand your tresses and what you need. 

Depend on your preferences

People tend to ask «what length closure should I get» when buying a hair extension. We think you should ask yourself first. You love traditional or modern hairstyles. You prefer short hair or long hair. The length of closure is depending on your preferences, on how you want it looks like. You want to possess a hair 16″, 18″, or 24″, tell the hair vendor. If your numbers don’t work with any of the standardized hair lengths, just send the detail to Layla, we ensure to customize the length to your need. 

Select the closure length based on your natural hair texture

Lace Closure Length Guide - What To Consider Before Buying
lace closure human hair at Laylahair

The texture may change the length of your hair closure. Straight hair looks longer than wavy and curly hair texture although they are at the same length. If you buy a curly hair closure, you should go up 2-3″. If your hair system is much shorter than your existing hair, it appears unnaturally. Many wearers prefer buying bundles and make DIY closures. It’s ok but we recommend buying pre-made hair extensions because they are ready-to-wear. The hair is styled, so you just apply it onto your head and you have new hair now. Even, you can restyle it without causing any damages. For instance, you can straighten your curly human hair closure to change its appearance. 

At Layla Hair company, we have a detailed closure length guide to support you purchase a hair replacement system. One more time, remember that the length of the extension depends on the hair look you desire and the real length of your bio hair. You want to buy a closure for your shorter hair, choose the right one that has the same length. 

To Sum up

Choosing the closure hair length that fits you is an important task to get the most gorgeous hair. After scanning through our closure length guide, we ensure that you will have the best pick. Buying right hair extensions help you conceal your thinning hairline and reach a good appearance. Remember to buy hair from a reliable hair brand as they can ensure the hair quality and offer you friendly prices. You want to buy hair closure, Layla is not your bad choice. 

We manufacturer our closure and other types of hair extensions from raw human hair. The hair is harvested from Vietnam and Cambodia that are famous for its quality and outstanding features. The cuticles are kept running in the same direction, eliminating hair tangles and shedding. To satisfy customers, we try to create the most realistic hair for all systems.

Reach us via our WhatsApp and email to get our help. We are willing to support and help you feel confident when buying our hair. 

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