Is Indian Healing Clay For Hair Useful? 5 Top Benefits It Brings

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Beauty needs across the globe are increasing now. And especially, people are always finding and using the best hair care products to maintain their best hair look. In our post today on Layla, we would like to share with you a favorite product of Indian people which is healing clay for hair. Hope you will find a suitable Indian healing clay for hair and achieve the best new hair.

What is Indian healing clay for hair growth?

You might have heard about Indian healing clay for hair, but do you know what is it? Also known as Aztec Indian healing clay or sodium bentonite clay, Indian healing clay is an effective treatment for natural hair. It comes from light and colored rock formed by the weathering of volcanic ash. Now it is sold as a soft powder and its color ranges from light gray to grey-brown.

Since ancient times, people used clay as a natural hair cleanser. Now, clay is widely used as a natural ingredient in shampoos, masks, and scalp cleansers. For example, women now use a clay mask once a week to purge their hair strands of all toxins and other harmful factors that they come in contact with daily. 

Is Indian Healing Clay For Hair Useful? 5 Top Benefits It Brings
Indian healing clay

Not only remove toxins out of tresses, Indian healing clay for hair recipes also get rid of all dead skin cells amazingly. It has the potential to strengthen natural hair follicles and prevent hair loss by cleaning the mane. It helps your hair absorb water effectively, owing to stimulating hair to grow thicker and faster. Many said that the clay works much better if you mix it with apple cider vinegar. The Indian healing clay and apple cider vinegar mask for hair offer a clean scalp and hair. 

Indian healing clay for hair benefits

Why this treatment become popular? Here’re the benefits of this treatment:

Give curls some pop and prevent dryness

Your natural hair is type 4 kinky curly, you find it coarse, dry, and prone to breakage. How to treat your tight curls? Consider using healing clay for curly hair to achieve thick hair with an extra pop. It works to control and moisturize your tresses efficiently. Specifically, a clay hair mask will cleanse the scalp whilst conditioning your curls. 

Revive dry or damaged hair

If your hair is damaged after heat, coloring, or bleaching processes, try using clay for hair. Tons of girls out there have seen the improvement in their before after hair. Indian healing clay on bleached hair will revive your hair strands and give shine to them. It acts wonders in removing toxins, impurities, and deep moisturizing tresses. 

Is Indian Healing Clay For Hair Useful? 5 Top Benefits It Brings
healing clay revives dry hair and give curls some pops

After styling, you can use an Indian healing clay mask as a shampoo and conditioner in one. 

Aid hair grow thicker

As it sounds, sodium bentonite clay contains sodium and other essential minerals for hair, such as calcium and potassium. All of them act to treat hair loss and promote new hair strands growth. They provide nutrients to hair follicles, helping hair stay healthy and shiny. Whether your bio hair is straight, wavy, or curly, you can use this treatment like a hair mask. 


Protect hair from dandruff and infections

As we stated, this excellent ingredient gets rid of all dead skin and dandruff on the head. It combats bacteria, fungus and soaks up extra sebum causing dandruff, making your scalp healthy and clean.

Add luster to your locks

Aside from cleansing the hair and scalp, the clay adds intense luster to your mane. It makes the hair grow faster and softer, as well.  

Is Indian Healing Clay For Hair Useful? 5 Top Benefits It Brings
it also adds luster to hair

How to make an Indian healing clay mask for hair

Go down on the Internet and you see that there are various homemade recipes for Indian healing clay hair masks. However, most of them contain 3 key ingredients, they are clay powder, apple cider vinegar, and water. 

So, how to create a mask of apple cider vinegar and Indian healing clay for hair? What to prepare? Here are all things you need:

– A cup of clay powder

– 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar

– A cup of lukewarm water

– Optional oils (such as castor, coconut, almond oils, etc.)

– Non-metal bowl and stirring utensil 

You measure and pour all ingredients into the bowl, mix them until you form a paste. Add some drops of optional oils to get a good scent that you like. If the healing clay gets rid of toxins, apple cider vinegar activates and balances the scalp pH, strengthening hair and improving shine. If the paste is too thick, you can add a bit more water to get a suitable consistency. Then, you let the mixture sit for several minutes and apply it to your curls. 

Many people said that you should apply the mask to wet hair, distributing evenly from the roots to ends. Leave it to sit in the head for 20 minutes and wash it out with warm water. Using shampoo and conditioner, it depends on you. In addition to cleansing and conditioning curls, this mask can be utilized for ingrown hair. 

Is Indian Healing Clay For Hair Useful? 5 Top Benefits It Brings
how to use Indian healing clay for hair


– Never use metal tools, such as metal spoons or a bowl, when creating your clay hair mask. When you let the clay comes in contact with metal, it will react and result in side effects.

– After using Aztec Indian healing clay, you have to wash it thoroughly with warm water before it turns dry. If you let it dry, you need more time and effort to remove it completely. 

– Pour some hot water into the drain to remove all the hair mask after rinsing. If not, it may clog up your plumbing. 

The takeaway

Can you use Indian healing clay for hair?

Although there is still lacking scientific research about Indian healing clay for hair, its benefits are proved in practical applications. It has been utilized as a natural treatment for centuries. We hope that our blog post can help you have one more treatment for your existing hair. Try it to improve your hair volume and quality effectively. Leave your comments or opinions if you have any inquiries about Indian healing clay for hair. We will try to help you out as fast as possible we can. 

Interested in other hair care tips? Browse and check out our well-built blog to get more exciting information. Thank you for reading!

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