A Startling Fact About Invisible Tape Uncovered!

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Many women nowadays choose tape in hair extensions to add volume and length to their hair. But classic tape -in may be detected easily by other people. So if you also love tape in hair extension but want an undetectable one, invisible tape hair extensions are made for you. This article will provide you with basic knowledge about the invisible tape, so let’s check it out.

What are invisible tape hair extensions?

Invisible tape hair extensions are the newest types of hairpiece in the hair extensions field. They offer a lightweight and invisible look, which makes the hair look like growing from the scalp. No one can detect you wear extensions because of their hand-made skin wefts.

A Startling Fact About Invisible Tape Uncovered!
invisible tape extensions

What are the benefits of invisible tape hair extensions?

The right choice for thin hair

Hair extension was born for thin hair problem and of course, invisible tape hair extensions can do the same thing. They stay so flat onto your scalp that makes your tape in less visible and undetectable. Your extension will appear in the way as if coming from your scalp.

In other words, no shiny tape is attached to extensions rather than the invisi one, which does not only add volume to your hair but also creates a natural look. No one will know you are wearing extensions when you put on an invisible tape one.

A Startling Fact About Invisible Tape Uncovered!
invisi tape-ins add seamless volume to thin hair

In case you have medium or thick hair, you still can wear invisible hair extensions.

Easy and quick to apply

Maybe you have heard a lot about how complicated is the process to install hair extensions. I will take you hours to do that. But invisible tape hair extensions are not.

Rather than spend hours in the hair salon to put on hair extensions, you can do it at home within only 60 to 90 minutes for a full application of invisible tape hair extensions.

Safe to Style

Another strong point of invisible tape hair extensions is that you can style them as you do with your real hair. Just in case your extensions are made from human hair. They can be curled or straightened or done to any other styles as you wish without fear about damage. But do not forget to use a heat protection spray beforehand.

A Startling Fact About Invisible Tape Uncovered!
invisible tape hair extensions are easy to style and maintain

Moreover, you can tie up your hair since invisible hair extensions stay close to your head. Or you want to make a bun or ponytail, both are okay when you wear your tape in hair extensions.

Easy to maintain

There is no need seeking help from hair salons once you apply for invisible tape hair extensions. Specifically, you can let them sit on your head in about 4 to 6 weeks before maintenance time. As usual, when your natural hair grows, you may need to have hair extensions maintenance. Of course, invisible tape hair extensions need that but it requires less than other types of hair extension on the market.


How to install invisible tape hair extensions?

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair

Pick up your favorite shampoo and wash your natural hair twice at a time to make sure it completely clean. Use warm water to rinse out instead of cold or hot water since it will trigger some problems afterward. Washing beforehand is to get rid of oil, dirt and styling products. And this step makes you invisible extensions glue better. After washing, use a bath towel or blow dryer to dry your hair totally.

A Startling Fact About Invisible Tape Uncovered!
cleanse your real hair before wearing the extensions

Step 2: Part your hair

Section your hair across your head. Use a comb to make a horizontal line from your nape area about 1 inch.

Next, secure the hair above the line by an elastic hairband or clips. Make sure all hair strands are out of the way

After that, select and separate the thin portion from the part under the line. It will be where you stick invisi tape hair extensions

Remember to measure the sections of your hair beforehand to figure out how many hairpieces you will need after all

Step 3: Install the hair extensions

Firstly, use a flat iron to warm up the tape. Adjust it to the low heat setting mode.

Next, peel the sticker from the tapes of the first two pieces.

Stick one tape at the bottom and one of the tops like you make a sandwich. Because use invisible tape hair extensions so it will be less visible.

A Startling Fact About Invisible Tape Uncovered!
install the invisible tapes

Begin sticking the very first hair extension under the thin segment you have parted. Do not stick it right at the root, just keep at a proper space otherwise your scalp will discomfort you when moving your hair. Then tape another hairpiece to the top to secure.

After that, press them together, the bottom and top tape, for a few seconds to ensure it can not shed out.

Repeat along your parted line until you add a full set of your hair extensions. then finish.

What are the differences between classic tape in extensions and invisible extensions?

Traditional tape hair has a shiny plastic tape attached to it. In other words, there will be a likelihood of being detected. 

Invisible tape hair extensions will give you the most perfect hairline, no tape will shine so once you wear it, you and others may not know you are wearing hair extensions.

Where to buy invisible tape hair extensions?

If you are looking for invisible tape hair extensions with high quality, visit the Layla Hair website where you can choose among various options.

A Startling Fact About Invisible Tape Uncovered!
invisible tape extensions at Laylahair

With good feedback and reviews from customers all over the world, Layla Hair is proud of being one of the biggest hair extensions sellers on the market. All of our products are made by 100% Vietnamese and Cambodia human hair. So once you purchase an invisible tape hair extensions at our store, you will never regret it.

More importantly, our products offer the most inexpensive price that you can find nowhere on the market. Whenever you seek help or advice, you can contact us. Our 24/7 professional hair customer services will answer all your questions in the shortest time.

Our conclusion

Hopefully, after this post, you will have a deeper insight into invisible tape hair extensions. Hence, you can have more options on your choice list.

If you have any other questions about the invisible tape hair extensions or other types of hair extensions, drop us a message.

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