Is Apricot Oil Good For Hair? Things You Didn’t Know About

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You have had a strong love of apricots, whether dried or fresh form. They are an amazing source of vitamins A, C, E, and K that is good for the natural digestive. But have you ever used apricot oil? Do you know that you can use apricot oil for various uses, especially for hair? 

Is apricot oil good for hair? Rich in mineral content, including copper, magnesium, potassium, etc. this nourishes and strengthens hair within. It has softening and moisturizing properties that keep the hair elasticity and softness. Now, let’s break down the basics you need to know about apricot oil for natural hair. 

Why should you use apricot oil for hair?

Apricot trees, known as Prunus Armeniaca, produce a fruit called «sweet apricot». This is the fruit we love because of its taste and texture. Apricot oil is extracted from dried apricot kernels that have been cold-pressed. This fruity oil is edible, has a light scent and delicate flavor. It is often added in the preparation of desserts and meals. 

This oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, linoleic, oleic fatty acids, beta-carotene as well as vitamins A, D, E, and K. These nutrients can work wonders for both hair and scalp health, paving the way for apricot oil become a common ingredient in many beauty products. 

Is Apricot Oil Good For Hair? Things You Didn't Know About
apricot oil

Contain plant antioxidants and unsaturated acids, this oil acts to increase hair elasticity and emollient properties. It stimulates the production of sebum on the scalp, minimizing dry and delicate skin. 

What apricot oil do for your curls?

Many of us utilize apricot oil to add luster and lock in moisture in the hair shaft. This method helps make their hair feel and look softer. Here are apricot oil benefits you should consider:

Boost natural hair growth

Apricot oil for hair growth has oleic and linoleic acids that are necessary for those experiencing high porosity hair and loses moisture. Specifically, oleic acid makes your strands and scalp softer while linoleic acid works to stimulate hair growth. It reduces breakage and split ends for healthy hair growth. Also, apricot oil acts to prevent moisture from evaporating from your hair shaft. 

Moisturize your hair

The oil acts as a wonderful moisturizer and emollient that make the hair and scalp softer and more manageable. It will absorb small amounts of water surrounding to increase the hydration level inside your strands, reducing dryness and hair loss. 

Treat dry scalp

Apricot kernel oil benefits are various and flexible. It is light and allows users to utilize it as a sealant, leave-in conditioner, or pre-shampoo to treat dry scalp. The oil shapes the scales of your hair cuticles and holds them together to seal moisture effectively. It offers smooth cuticles and shiny hair, too.

Is Apricot Oil Good For Hair? Things You Didn't Know About
apricot oil treats dry scalp

Heal in scalp conditions 

If you are suffering from an irritated scalp or certain skin conditions, such as dandruff, eczema, or psoriasis, give apricot oil a try. High concentrations of vitamin A works to rejuvenate cells and stimulate collagen. In addition to this, vitamin E nourishes your curls and prevents your scalp from UV damage. From then, it reduces the risk of hair damage from pollution and harmful rays. 

Furthermore, apricot oil is light and gentle, it is safe for sensitive skin types. It leaves your hair soft, glossy and keeps the curls well-hydrated and moisturized. 

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How to use apricot oil for hair

For best results, experts recommend trying a hot oil treatment with apricot oil. In this way, you allow all nutrients in the vegetable oil to easily pass deeper into your hair and scalp. It penetrates the hair follicles more efficiently, strengthening hair health. 

To do this method, you should combine some drops of apricot oil with some other oils, such as castor, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary oils. Here’s how to make and use apricot castor oil for hair:

– You mix 6-8 drops of apricot oil with castor oil, blend them together. Then put the mixture in an oven and heat it. Make sure that the oil is warm, not burn you. 

– Put the mix into your hands and rub it into your hair and scalp. Start from hair ends and work your way up to the root of your hair. Focus on the end of your hair if you have split ends. 

– Massage it into the scalp in circular motions and cover your curls with a dry towel or shower cap. 

– Leave the mixture to soak for at least 20 minutes or leave it overnight. Finally, you rinse the oil out as per normal. Repeat this process 3-4 times per week to get the maximum result. But you can see a positive effect even using twice a week. 

If you want to soothe your irritable scalp or treat dandruff, the hot oil treatment is so effective. It has plenty of strong antioxidants which get rid of dirt and buildup of harmful chemical agents on your skin. Try and get positive benefits of apricot oil for skin and hair. 

Is Apricot Oil Good For Hair? Things You Didn't Know About
how to use apricot oil for hair

Hair products with apricot oil

You are looking for a commercial hair product with apricot oil for African American hair. You want a good item utilizing the best effects of apricot oil to lay down frizz and flyaways. Here’re a few products: 

– Apricot Castor Oil

– NOW Solutions Apricot Kernel Oil

– Ouidad Color Sense Color-Preserving Shampoo & Conditioner

– Maple Holistics 100% Pure Apricot Kernel Oil

– Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Smoothing Lotion

And more.

Opt for the best one and restore your hair softness, shine, and prevent dry or damaged hair. 


At the end of the day, you should try using apricot oil for hair. Blend it with other oils, like almond, castor, and rosemary oils as it works wonders when being combined. 

Is apricot oil good for hair? Yup, you can use it in a variety of ways. It allows users to take care of the body, health, and hair. Draw a plan to care for your bio hair and improve your hair issues. 

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