How To Plop Hair? The Smart Way To Embrace Your Curls!

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You were blessed with curly hair, you’ve tried everything to pop up your curls. Not to mention, you probably spend tons of time finding the right hair care systems to maintain healthy hair. In this post, we would like to share with all you guys a technique that curly girls are raving these days: plopping hair. It is known as one of the age-old and natural techniques to give the curls extra oomph. Plopping is a go-to method for many hairstylists and curly-haired girls. It results in defined, frizz-free, and hydrated hair. If you are ready to elevate your curls, it’s time to find out how to plop hair and tips to keep your hair in the desired shape. Here’s everything relating to the technique you need to know. 

What is hair plopping?

The hair plopping method is not new, curly girls on Youtube and Tiktok have been using this styling technique for years. Curly-haired girls use a T-shirt or microfiber towel to dry their hair on the top of the head. It helps keep your curls in a spiral shape after drying them.

And the best part of this styling method? It requires no heat styling tools, so it is safe and does not disturb your natural curly pattern. Hair plopping works to handle your natural locks with care and keeps your hair strands hydrated and moisturized. As a result, you can get defined, frizz-free, and smooth hair after trying this styling method.

How To Plop Hair? The Smart Way To Embrace Your Curls!
what is hair plopping

What type of curls is best for plopping?

If some curly hair styling methods are reserved for specific hair types, plopping is different. Hair plopping is flexible and great for all curly gals. Whether your curly hair is Type 2, 3, or 4, try using this plopping curly hair. It will ensure hair volume and a lift at your crown while giving dry soft and frizz-free hair strands. 

Does plopping work on straight hair? Those with straight hair can try this technique for the fun. Because this technique offers natural bend for users without using a curling iron or rollers. It may be a protective hairstyle for your bio hair. 

How to plop your curls

Ready to use hair plopping technique. Want to create some curly magic with this natural styling method, follow our step-by-step guide below to get beautiful curls. Here’s how to plop hair:

Step 1: Ensure your hair clean

A first but important step, you have to make sure that your natural hair is clean and nice. You use your favorite shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and replenish your strands with needed moisture. We recommend using sulfate-free products that will not dry your hair.

Once you’ve shampooed, you apply a dime-sized amount of leave-in conditioner to your head. Pick up an item that can provide your mane with moisture, leaving you with soft and luminous curls.

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Step 2: Plop your hair

When your hair is still damp, it’s time to start plopping your hair. 

– You lay a microfiber towel down on a flat surface, such as on a bed or chair. Or you can use a T-shirt instead. These items are absorbent fabrics that allow your hair to dry quickly without causing excess friction against hair strands. 

– Next, you flip your hair over and plop your hair into the towel. Make sure that your natural locks are at the center of the towel. 

– Continue to wrap the sides of the towel around your head or nape of the neck like a turban and then tie them together to make a tight knot. 

Now, your curls are located on top of the head. 

How To Plop Hair? The Smart Way To Embrace Your Curls!
how to plop curly hair

Step 3: Wait for the water to absorb

You allow the excess water in your hair to soak into the towel. This helps avoid hair friction, breakage, and damage. 

Depending on how thick your hair is, hair plopping may take between 30 minutes to a few hours. To shorten the time, you can use a blowdryer with a diffuser to dry your curls. If you do it before heading to bed, leave it overnight. You should find the amount of time that works best and suits you. Your hair is dry, you unwrap your microfiber towel and enjoy your beautiful curly hair. 

If you can, take pictures of hair plopping before and after to compare how your curls look. The plopping curly hair method will work best when you combine using good-quality hair care products and styling formulas. Please prepare carefully to keep your curls and prevent them from friction and damage. 

If your hair is loose waves or fine hair, you can try this technique. The plopping wavy hair will enhance and create volume at the hair roots, not being weighed down. 

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Are there any drawbacks to plopping hair?

There can be some downsides to this hair technique. You should be careful when using it. For example, if you leave plopping for too long, it may cause frizz because of friction. Besides, girls with long and thick curly hair can find that their hair roots flatten after plopping too long. For some people, plopping for too long may leave hair dry. When you plop your hair, don’t pull it strongly as it causes hair shedding. 

Sometimes, this styling method can allow products from the hair ends to touch the scalp. The ingredients in these products can cause skin irritation if you have a sensitive scalp. Therefore, you should invest in good plopping hair care systems to avoid unexpected damage and achieve more root volume. 

How To Plop Hair? The Smart Way To Embrace Your Curls!
plopping hair might cause frizz and breakage

In general, the amount of time to plop for is very important. You cannot get good results if it is not long enough or too long. If you decide to handle your natural locks with plopping, you are mindful of how long you should plop for. If you don’t succeed the first time, don’t worry, adjust the amount of time and it will offer your desired look. 

In the bottom line,

There you go. 

Hope you can answer the question of what is plopping your hair and how to plop hair after scanning through our writing. Also, we hope you can see why this styling technique become a trend for curly-haired girls. 

Please share the article with those who genuinely concern about. Thank you!

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