Is Bleaching Your Hair Bad? Is It Worth Risking Your Tresses?

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Bleaching is a common technique that lightens hair color by stripping natural hair color from your hair. It works by opening up hair cuticles and changing your hair color. 

If you want to bleach your hair, the next few questions you have probably center: Is bleaching your hair bad? What do I need to do to bleach the hair? Keep reading for some important things you should know before brushing on that bleach.  

Is bleaching your hair bad?

Bleach is a harsh chemical that may make your hair texture feel less soft and change the porosity and elasticity of the hair. How bad is bleaching your hair once? The bleaching process will open the cuticle – the outer layer of the hair, allowing the bleach agents to penetrate fully to the hair strands. However, it causes the loss of moisture from your hair strands rapidly. They can make your curls brittle, dry, and lifeless. It leaves your hair frizzy-looking and more prone to breakage than usual. Bleached hair is more porous and vulnerable than non-treated hair. 

Is Bleaching Your Hair Bad? Is It Worth Risking Your Tresses?
hair bleaching

Is bleaching your hair bad for you? If you bleach your hair regularly, it has a damaging effect on your scalp and health, as well. When you apply bleach to your head, chemicals can be absorbed in your body through skin contact. It can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and other potential pose risks to your health. If you have a sensitive scalp, please test your skin before applying it to your head to avoid irritation.  

However, by taking the correct steps and follow the hairdresser’s instructions, you can keep your tresses healthy and looking their best. Does bleaching damage your tresses forever? It depends on many factors, such as the technology you use, how often you bleach your curls, and how you take care of them. 

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Is it safe for bleaching hair while pregnant?

It’s not strange when pregnant women are often worried about bleaching and coloring. They wonder whether the body absorbs these coloring products and how they affect their developing baby.  

Can a pregnant woman safely bleach the hair? Thankfully, bleaching hair while pregnant is allowable. But we advise you to wait until the first twelve weeks of pregnancy passed. During this period, your developing baby is growing rapidly but its stage is also the most vulnerable. Even though there is no exact evidence to show the negative effect of bleach on the fetus, you should be careful. Wait and it may provide peace of mind. 

You want to lighten your hair color, head to a salon near you and a professional can help you. There are numerous products that are safe for expectant moms, such as ammonia-free bleaching power. Or you can opt for hair bleaching that doesn’t touch the scalp. 

Is Bleaching Your Hair Bad? Is It Worth Risking Your Tresses?
bleaching hair is not good for health

How to protect your mane if you bleach it

Is bleaching your hair that bad? It depends on you. Please invest in good hair care products and spend time caring for your treated hair strands, this will help minimize the damage. As we talked about earlier, the bleaching process will alter the texture and integrity of your hair. Bleach may leave your hair broken and split ends, but it can be avoided if you follow proper hair care tips and treatments.  

You wonder that is bleaching your hair as bad as coloring it. We confidently claim that the bleaching does damage your curls faster than coloring can do. Hence, make sure that you always follow with at-home care for bleached hair. How can you lessen hair damage after bleaching? Let’s see:

Utilize a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment

What is it? As the name suggests, a pre-shampoo conditioning treatment, also called pre-poo, is used for treated hair before shampooing. It supplies moisture to the hair, making it more elastic and less likely to dry and broken. There are numerous brands providing good pre-shampoo conditioning treatments available out there. And they come in different formulations, such as conditioners, hair masks, oils, etc. Plus, these products work to restore elasticity while adding shine and bounce to your tresses. 

Hair experts recommend users apply pre-shampoo hair treatments three days before and three days after the bleaching session. Then use it regularly thereafter to protect the hair. You can apply it on both dry and wet hair, so choose any method that you feel better.

Is Bleaching Your Hair Bad? Is It Worth Risking Your Tresses?
apply conditioning treatment before bleaching hair

Invest in a good hair conditioner

The bleaching is created to strip natural pigments on your hair, but it also removes the natural oil from your hair and scalp. This causes dry and frizzy hair easily. Follow a hair conditioner specially produced for bleached hair after every shampoo to seal in moisture and add shine to your curls. It also reduces knots and frizzy hair effectively. 

Is bleaching your hair bad for your scalp? Yes, if you use bleach regularly, it may burn your scalp, even leading to irritation. But some conditioners with natural and herbal ingredients are completely safe and work to soothe amazingly. 

Try our colored hairpieces:

Spray a layer of heat protectant before styling

This is necessary. The bleaching process causes the loss of moisture from your hair strands rapidly, and this makes the hair more vulnerable. If you style it with thermal tools, your hair condition may turn worse. 

Use heat protectants and serums to shield your curls from damage and moisture evaporation under heat styling tools.

Is Bleaching Your Hair Bad? Is It Worth Risking Your Tresses?
use heat-protectant spray

Visit your hair colorist

If you feel like your hair is damaged from bleach, you can make an appointment with your hair colorist. A trusted professional knows the general rule to care for your hair to avoid unexpected damage. 

Last Thoughts 

For people who wish to rock light hair color without damaging their curls, or for individuals who need to protect their hair after the bleaching process, we believe this post is useful. 

Is bleaching your hair bad? Yes if you don’t care for your tresses properly. Follow at-home hair care tips to keep your hair fresh and lively or head to a salon for professional treatment for bleached hair. 

If you have any experience with bleached hair to share, we will be always glad to hear it. Share this post with familiars if you find this post helpful. Thank you.

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