Itip Extensions 101 — All You Need To Know About

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Do you dream of healthy, shiny, especially strong hair? Nobody wants to suffer from hair loss. Nobody wants to notice less hair day by day. You feel sad and you may lose your self-confidence. Calm down, you can solve this problem easily. If you have thin and short hair and you want to add volume or lengthen to your hair immediately, you can try hair extensions. Using hair extensions can make your hair thicker without heat and chemicals which lead to breakage or damage. Besides some common hair extensions types such as weaves, detachable ponytails, and clip-ins, i-tip hair extensions can sound strange to customers. Today, Layla would like to talk about itip extensions — which are developing into one of the most popular beauty trends.

Itip Extensions — What Are They?

Itip extensions (itip micro bead extensions) are individual pieces of hair that use flattened microbeads or metal cylinders to stick to natural hair. Simply, you can apply itip extensions with a hook or a ring that pulls the customer’s hair through a very small loop.

Itip Extensions 101 - All You Need To Know About
i-tip extensions

Pros And Cons Of Itip Extensions?


Help You Save Money

With regular care, you can keep i-tip hair extensions for a long time. It means that you can repeat using them, so you can save a lot of money.

Be Effective For Short and Thin Locks

If you have dull and lifeless natural strands, some i-tip extensions on short hair can help you make difference on your hair with full and beautiful locks. Moreover, the hair looks natural because of individual strands. Your hair will also be thicker in general.

Create Many Colours On Your Hair

Do you think that hair extensions have only one benefit: adding thickness to your hair. No, it is wrong. Because itip extensions combine individual strands, you can make cool highlights by applying different colours. Besides, you can play with colours (change their positions on your hair) to create various hairstyles.

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Avoid Damage

When you have thin hair, you do not want to use chemicals or heat which can lead to breakage. The more damage your hair has, the more hair loss you will notice. We often call itip hair extensions as cold fusion. Moreover, it requires no glue because you apply itip sticks with small beads.


Be Hard For Beginners

Although many people report that you can apply itip hair extensions easily and quickly at home, it is still hard for beginners to install this beauty tool. If this is the first time you have used itip hair extension, losing all the strands and beads is understandable. Itip hair extensions require your ability in sectioning the hair, taking enough strands to put in, getting strands through the beads and closing the beads in the last step. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully watch some tutorials first or ask an experienced person to help you.

Itip Extensions 101 - All You Need To Know About
i-tip extensions before and after

Require Installation Tools

If you want to install itip extensions, you need special tools which are beads and pliers. It is easy to buy them in many hair salons or stores. However, you have to know how to use the tools correctly. If not, you can damage the extensions.

Require Regular Reinstalled

When your hair grows, you will see the tips move down. Do not worry, it is normal. What you need to do is that after one or two months, you refit them. In this case, press on the beads to open them by using pliers and move the itip higher up. Do not forget to leave some space at the roots before pressing again to close the bead.

Need Complicated Maintenance

When you have itip extensions, your hair care routine such as washing and brushing can be more complicated. When washing hair, be careful and wash care gently. In addition, remember to stay away from the beads and start from the ends when you need to brush your hair. Avoid tugging or scratching. Otherwise, you will damage itip hair extensions.

Do Itip Extensions Damage Real Hair?

As mentioned above, you do not need to use heat or glue when applying itip hair extensions. Therefore, once you install them correctly, do not worry about hair damage. Moreover, about the itip hair extensions review, it is comfortable to wear them because the beads are also tiny and lay softly against the scalp.

How To Take Care Of Itip Extensions?

It is essential to be careful when washing and brushing this extensions. How often to wash itip extensions? 2-3 times a week is enough. Additionally, you need to refit them after about one or two months. Remember to ask the seller about maintenance to not only ensure your appearance but also the quality of extensions.

Itip Extensions 101 - All You Need To Know About
i-tip extensions real hair at Laylahair

Where To Buy I-tip Extensions?

Nowadays, with the development of the internet, it is not difficult for you to buy Remy itip hair extensions online or in the store. However, many companies focus on profits only and skip the quality. Therefore, many customers buy low-quality products which not only help you with nothing in improving your density effectively but also cause some side effects on your scalp and hair, especially hair loss. As a result, it is essential to choose a reliable address to buy the best high quality itip human hair extensions.

If you are looking for high-quality hair extensions at an affordable price and with good service, let’s come to Layla. Our products are made of 100% Vietnamese and Cambodian human hair, so we ensure the natural look you achieve when wearing our products. In addition, we have a professional process when treating hair to make sure that the quality you receive can last for a long time with regular care. Moreover, we have many colours, styles, lengths for you to choose from. In case you do not want to buy an available product, you can send us your order and we will make hair extensions for you with your favourite colour, style, length and density.

Do not worry if it is the first time you use hair extensions because we will provide you with detailed guidelines about hair extensions as well as how to care for them. If you are still confused with Layla’ hair extensions, please visit our website and read the positive feedback. We are sure about the quality we give you.

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Final words

We hope that after reading our article today on Layla, you can know more about itip extensions and add them to the list of hair extensions you can try. Although hair extensions can help you get rid of thin and short hair quickly, you still should pay more attention to other methods to improve your hair volume such as a healthy diet, chemical and heat reduction, a good hair care routine with suitable products, etc. Hopefully, you always get healthy and strong hair and a perfect look when applying hair extensions. If you want to buy itip hair extensions, we are willing to receive your call and email. 

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