«My Hair Extensions Are Dry And Frizzy» — Here’s A Quick Cure!

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You own the hair extension, but you don’t know how to care for the hair to be smooth and not damaged, so you always get the problem «my hair extensions are dry and frizzy«. You know that hair extension is not like our natural hair. It needs special care. If you know how to protect your hair, your connecting hair is naturally smooth and not inferior to real hair. Here are the right ways to take care of your hair for ladies.

Why are my hair extensions dry and frizzy?

Many women are very subjective when they think that the hair extension is, and it doesn’t take much effort for hair care. However, it is a misconception. Therefore, there are a lot of people said that «my hair extensions are dry and frizzy«. So, hair extensions need a lot of care than natural hair because they have got no roots to take nutrients from our scalp. This thing might lead to damage and hair loss. 

Furthermore, one of the main reason leading to your hair extension dry is that non-professional artistry and inappropriate hair will adversely affect your natural hair and scalp.

"My Hair Extensions Are Dry And Frizzy" - Here's A Quick Cure!
dry and frizzy hair extensions

Therefore, without proper hair protection, the hair will be easily tangled, especially at the hairline joint. Your hair becomes dry and lifeless. So hair care is especially urgent. In addition to the support, advice from hairdressers. You should also have your hair care regimen properly.

Moreover, hair extensions need special care, or you will encounter many problems such as hair fungus, hair tangles, and hair loss. Particularly, washing hair extension must also have «skills». Even if it shampooed, many hairdressers do not have the experience of washing their hair, causing hair to tangle or hurt you. 

How to soften human hair extensions?

«My hair extensions are dry and frizzy» is the most common problem of people, especially women. So, how to make your hair extension look soften is always the best concerns. After a period of use, hair extensions will be prone to split-ends, being hard to stick to the skin due to not being nourished by the scalp. Then, sharpen a few specialized surfactants, starting from the ends of the hair upside down to untangle and help the hair get easier.

"My Hair Extensions Are Dry And Frizzy" - Here's A Quick Cure!
how to soften hair extensions

You notice that your hair extensions frizzy after washing. The hair extensions feel like the straw that makes you feel annoyed. It tends to become dry, tangling, and even breaking. What can I do now? 

There is an array of methods you can try to save your dry and matted hair. You can find hair the set of hair care products or home remedies to soften the hair. Here we show you the easiest and simplest dry hair extensions repair with natural oils:

— You can use available natural oils in your kitchens, such as olive oil, argan or coconut oil. Make sure that these oils are pure. Take 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey in a bowl, then heat it in a microwave, not boil.  

— Then you pour the mix in a container, such as a spray bottle. Shake it well and spray it into the wet hair extension. Massage the hair so that the mix seeps through all hair strands. Then let it sit on the hair for about 30 minutes. The time is up, rinse the hair thoroughly with fresh water.

Remember that hair extension is not your real hair, take care of it carefully. Using coconut oil to add more moisture, leave the hair feeling silky and smooth. Honey has healing properties and makes the hair extension appear smoother. 

Additionally, you can create apple cider vinegar hair mask, deep conditioning, or the boiling pot method on how to make hair extensions soft again at home

How to restore hair extensions?

Properly connected hair care is natural and doesn’t take much of your time. It comes from your usual hair care habits like shampooing; to comb; dry my hair and hair repair. So, if you don’t want to scream that» oh my god, my hair extension are dry and frizzy», you should follow the user guides below

The proper shampoo is essential in the way hair care is adequately connected

"My Hair Extensions Are Dry And Frizzy" - Here's A Quick Cure!
use proper shampoo for hair extensions

The first way to take care of your hair is to wash your hair. When you first time connects your hair, you should wash your hair at a hair salon. Because hairdressers will have experience and techniques to take care of connecting hair. If you do not have time to visit the hair salon when washing at home, you have to pay special attention to the hair extensions, always avoid rubbing vigorously on the joint. Furthermore, you need to adjust the spray direction of the faucet to let the water flow down the natural falling direction of the hair from top to bottom. Especially limit nail shampoo to skin with hair extensions.

Dry your hair properly

If you don’t want to fall in the case of «my hair extensions are dry and frizzy«, you should follow the guide carefully because if you dry your hair in the wrong way, your hair extension will dry in the short time. 

"My Hair Extensions Are Dry And Frizzy" - Here's A Quick Cure!
let your hair air dry

You can let your hair dry naturally or use a dryer to dry your hair. But only open in wind mode, not high heat. Bring the dryer up to the direction of the downward trend from top to bottom. This helps your hair get in shape and is free to create impressive hairstyles for you.

Furthermore, use a dry cloth to remove the amount of water from your hair by gently rolling your hand and gently squeezing each part from the hair shaft. You must not rub your hair in a towel. When it is still wet, don’t brush your hair right away. This will weaken the hair, break easily. 

Provide nutrients for hair to help hair care properly connected

After four or six months, the hair extension must be removed. Because your real hair will grow out, it will make the joint of the hair more tangled. Besides, there is a phenomenon when connecting hair from the fourth month onwards, and there are some white spots like hair mushrooms. There are many causes for this phenomenon, but mold is the leading cause.

"My Hair Extensions Are Dry And Frizzy" - Here's A Quick Cure!
provide nutrients to your hair

To overcome this phenomenon, you need to keep your scalp clear. Avoid washing hair at night; regularly let your hair down to let your hair «breathe». Additionally, do not put too much force on your extensions as it ain’t no good. 

Best products for frizzy hair extensions

«My hair extensions are dry and matted, which product should I use to save it?» There are many queries similar to this question. These products we show below may work best on how to restore hair extensions and bring the hair back to its good state. 

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner: This set of hair care product works amazingly in their ways. It works effectively on curly hair extensions. They make hair extensions soft again and allow users to comb it much easier. Plus, the special formula with coconut milk gives smoothness and shine to the tresses. The shampoo helps cleanse while the conditioner moisturizes the hair. It leaves no greasy or oily hair. Next, the vanilla coconut scent is pleasant and can leave long your head. Because these items don’t contain harsh chemicals, you will not damage your scalp. 

Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo: Designed as a dry hair extensions repair, this shampoo works surprisingly amazing. Follow the directions and only take a small quarter size amount massaged into the hair extension. The item has no sodium lauryl sulfate and other harsh chemicals. It is made with sustainably sourced natural plant extracts. Its price is quite expensive but it is worth to invest. It may last at least three times longer than other shampoos. An added bonus of the shampoo is that it smells really good. 

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Retention Shampoo & Conditioner: Use this shampoo to restore hair extensions as it helps to heal and strengthen hair strands. It is 100% sulfate-free and completely safe for colored hair. The conditioner adds moisture to smoothen the hair, as well. It is great all-natural shampoo. Smells are really nice.   

To Sum Up

Hope that after the post, you will understand more about hair extension and the reason why you have to say that «my hair extensions are dry and frizzy«. Furthermore, through the article, you will get useful and necessary tips and guides to prevent and restore your hair extension softer and more natural.

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