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If there is one star that has tried almost every cut, color, and hairstyle imaginable it is probably Katy Perry. In her job, she began her rise to fame almost a decade ago with the release of her second album, One of the Boys. Back then, did you remember? she had her signature shiny black hair. And one more time, we have seen her transform her hair from black to pink to rainbow to platinum blonde and just about any other color you can think of. In honor of the big pop star’s 32nd birthday on October 25, Layla Hair  decided to pay homage to all of the California Gurl’s different hairstyles throughout the years such as Katy Perry rainbow hair, Katy Perry pixie haircut, etc. Now, we will share with you some beautiful pics about Katy Perry new haircut.

Katy Perry new haircut blonde hair
Katy Perry new haircut blonde hair

As you know, Katy Perry is the beautiful pop star who has released hit pop songs such as “Unconditionally ”, “Roar” and “ Darkhorse”. Katy always looks stunning at awards shows and on the red carpet. She has tried every hairstyle from raven curls, rainbow hair, pixie hair color, through to bubblegum pink to bouncy blonde. Moreover, Katy Perry has no fear when it comes to changing up her new hairstyle. Layla Hair wants to say that it’s safe to say her signature is switching it up. Her latest hairstyle, though, should look very familiar. Layla admits that Katy Perry new hairstyle has inspired young people, stylish … over the world.

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Katy Perry new haircut

First of all, in 2018 Met Gala, Katy Perry stunned us crazy fans by showing up as an actual angel sent from above, Perry stunned again at the season finale of American Idol. She sported a long bob for her look with Catie Turner totally different from the super short platinum which she had before. This time, Katy Perry’s new haircut is right on trend with this year’s absolute hottest color. This is ultraviolet color.

Various iterations of purple like lavender, ultraviolet, you name it have been deemed some of this spring and summer’s biggest color trends. And as you know, Color of the Year 2018, ultraviolet has gradually swept the fashion and beauty scene by storm. Hence, it’s only fitting that the color has found its way onto Katy Perry’s head.

katy perry new haircut
Katy perry new haircut

Layla knows that, while your eye might be quick wander and look at her bright pink-violet lipstick. Or the pink glow that dominates her cheekbones with dangling «KP» earrings that she is rocking. It became that purple hair hue that beautiful the most. It’s a colorful look perfectly suited for the stage while Perry is on tour.

In the picture, Katy Perry is looking chic and trendy here in a short hairstyle. This short hair did perfectly for her beautiful oval face shape. As it shows off her strong cheekbones and large facial features. Her eyes are especially complimented by this short hair. As a result is a chic, modern and sophisticated look for Katy Perry new hairstyle. In American Idol, Perry debuted a hairstyle that’s the complete opposite of a pixie cut in a red carpet event.

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Katy Perry rainbow hair

Secondly, rainbow hair, Amazing! Katy Perry has new rainbow hair in H&M’s holiday commercial. Katy Perry is a hair chameleon whose locks have been every color of the rainbow. Because of course, she does. Perry crazy about hair hues that are not found in nature. But Katy rainbow hair is not the style chameleon’s sole strand style in this two-minute advertisement. While rainbow new hairstyle might feel more appropriate for the summer season, leave it to Perry to inject a whole bunch of bright and pastel colors into the winter holiday season, which is usually all about red and green. Perry doesn’t follow by any style rules and she was playing a fairy. Therefore, the rainbow hair matched her sparkly outfit.

Katy Perry rainbow hair
Katy Perry rainbow hair

Katy Perry prismatic world tour! Love the butterflies on her dress and sunflower. She’s singing Double Rainbow!! Katy Perry new hairstyle is perfect. The sweetheart, Katy Perry is famous for her natural beauty. She looks so innocent and gorgeous both on screen and off screen. Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson also was known as Katy Perry, is one of the most famous American female singers of all time.

Besides, Katty has a god gifted voice but with that its talent to impress others. She is quite glamorous without make but with makeup. Especially, she is one of the dream girls for all most males. Moreover, she looks extremely good on screen and off screen also. And, Katy Perry was not just a one-hit wonder, and her following songs proved to be as energetic as her debut song. This energy is a reflection of her personality which is fun loving and lively. Katy Perry is an extremely beautiful singer who looks great both on and off stage.

Katy Perry pixie haircut

Last but not least, Layla Hair fell in love with Katy with a slightly longer grown-out pixie cut on. The soft fringe she showed off at the Chanel Haute Couture show is especially pretty. Katy Perry’s hair is working with a layered pixie cut. This jagged cut do is ideal for women like who have strong facial features and bone structure. And who likes to flaunt a stylish and edgy. Katy has an angular jawline which benefits from short styles. This one that brings the excellency focus upwards.

Katy Perry pixie haircut shows off event shorter
Katy Perry pixie haircut

Especially, her thick hair type works well with this do too as the layers add texture and body all over, and her hair type adds volume. For girls who like a stylish do with minimal styling time and fashion-forward results, this pixie cut is the best choice. Her short hair is looking as brilliant as ever.

In addition, Katy Perry new hairstyle is sporting a chunky pixie cut. New hairstyle brings the focus upwards to her eyes. Her straight hair type works well with perfect layers add texture and body all over. And it makes her high forehead some coverage while framing her eyes. For ladies, if you like a modern wash-and-go hairstyle, this longer version of a pixie cut is the best option. Especially if they have a bold sense of style like Katy.

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Katy Perry has light skin and blue eyes. She is best suited to blonde color that warms up her skin and brings out her striking eyes. The light of platinum blonde color shade that we see here is the best opinion for Katy as it compliments her coloring. It gives her hairdo a chic and stylish finish. Katy Perry new hairstyle has been colored all over which gives her hairstyle a bold look. Lowlights could bring more natural appearance.

Katy Perry rainbow hair is beauty

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To sum up

Our big pop star- Katy Perry is regularly followed by paparazzi, amateur photographers and fans in the word. Hence, it is no surprise that has been photographed with Katy Perry new hairstyle on several occasions. She has a beautiful face and confidence in her appearance, with a lot of hairstyles. From this article, it is not exaggerated if the world calls her an angel or the queen. Thanks so much for reading our article and hope that you will fall in love with Katy Perry!

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