Keratin Glue: What Is It And How To Use It For Your Hairpieces?

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Talking about hair extensions’ adhesives, there are different types to choose from, such as glue, tape, keratin, etc. Depending on each individual and her own experience, people can opt for the best wig adhesives. As a human hair extension vendor in the market, here Layla Hair has some information about keratin glue to help you make the right choice. Scan through our words below to see it clearly.

Keratin Glue Beads For Hair Extension Bonding

This type of glue is everything you need to attach the human hair extension seamlessly. The ideal bonding adhesive is used to apply fusion hair extension onto your natural locks. Moreover, wig wearers can use it for all types of glue-in hair systems. What is keratin grain made of? Often, it is made of keratin protein. Manufacturers will prepare the adhesive from keratin (hor hoof, hair,  feathers, etc.) with steam at high pressure for hours.  

Keratin glue granules offer a super-strong bond and long-lasting. In the market, the item is available in different colors, such as white/clear, black, and amber. Each bead is designed for small clumps of hair. You should use the hair extensions iron tool or heat pliers to apply keratin glue to the system. 

Keratin Glue: What Is It And How To Use It For Your Hairpieces?
keratin beads

Is keratin glue safe to use on the head?

As we all know, keratin is found in bio hair; hence, it is safe to use. As a hair extension fitting method, it brings wearers a seamless and natural hair appearance. But let professionals perform the hair extensions fitted. 

The proper application and removal also protect your existing hair from damage. Therefore, make sure that the hair extension is performed correctly. 

Note: We highly recommend going to a hair salon so that hairdressers will do it for you. They know exactly what has to do with your hair. If you do it yourself, you should practice many times on the mannequin head before performing on yourself. 

Why To Choose Keratin Glue Sticks For Hair Extensions

– About the quality, it is on the top. Instead of buying cheap adhesives, this keratin bead is worth to buy as it could stick the hair system slavishly and stay firmly for a long time. No need to worry that the bonding will disintegrate when you shampoo your hair or go swimming. It sticks very well.

– The glue is transparent. It means that you can use it to glue any colors of hair extension without being detected. 

Keratin Glue: What Is It And How To Use It For Your Hairpieces?
keratin hair extensions

Keratin glue is easy to apply. Use heat pliers or gun to melt keratin grains and put the hair clump on it. In addition, you can use a melting pot instead of other heat tools. 

– Safe to wear: As I stated, this item is good for both your natural locks and hair extensions. Thanks to its high quality, it blends and works well on your head without damaging or causing bad effects. 

– Use a remover like acetone to remove keratin quickly. It leaves no residue or keratin traces.


How To Apply Keratin Glue Sticks To Hair Extension

You need a small hair bundle, keratin hair glue, keratin glue gun, and scissors.

– You lay the hair bundle on the flat surface and gather a small clump. Use scissors to cut the top off the hair to create a flat top. 

If you want to re-tip the pre-bond hair extension, you trim off most of the old bond. Don’t trim all.

– Plug the keratin glue gun into an electrical outlet to heat it, you should allow the item preheat for 3 minutes. Then, you place the stick into the gun. Melt the keratin glue to coat top 1cm of strands, ensure it coats all way through every hair. Press and clamp firmly over melted tip whilst the tip is still hot. 

how to wear hair extensions with keratin

You can use the hair extension iron to flatten the extension and disperse the keratin bond evenly.

– Roll into a neat stick tip shape. This helps ensure minimal shedding from the bond. Let the tip to cool and then trim any uneven hair at the top off. 

– Repeat to process to apply more keratin glue for hair extensions.

How to remove keratin bond glue

To take out the keratin hair extension, you have to loosen the bonding first. With keratin glue hair extensions, you have to use a solvent (like acetone) to the glue, that breaks the bonding down and makes it release from your existing hair. And you should ask someone’s help to do the process. 

Brush your hair and expose the extension bondings. Then apply a small amount of acetone, about 1/8 tablespoon, to the dried keratin glue

Use rigid pliers to crack the surface of keratin glue. You put the pliers around the extension, squeeze them hard to break up the glue.

Keratin Glue: What Is It And How To Use It For Your Hairpieces?
keratin glue at Laylahair

Where to buy keratin glue sticks

Before concluding the blog post, we would like to recommend our company as a good place to buy glue adhesive and hair extension. We

commit to providing first-rate keratin glue. Starting as a small human hair vendor, Layla has become a trustworthy place to buy hair and accessories. Come to our company to buy Italian keratin grains for your hair systems. 

In addition, we sell all kinds of human hair extensions at affordable prices. The hair is designed and made from raw hair by experienced craftsmen. We guarantee that our hair quality will not let you down. It is a great weapon to conceal your hair defects and baldness. Besides, the hair unit will be the best bet if you want to add more hair length and volume. The hair and accessories from our company are completely safe to wear and you cannot find anywhere to have friendlier prices than ours. 

Thanks for your time in reading this post! Should you have any further questions about keratin glue or human hair extensions, contact us directly via WhatsApp or leave your comments below. Or visit our website to get more useful and interesting writings. We will try best to give you the most helpful supports.

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