Define Hot Fusion Hair Extensions In 5 Minutes!

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If you dig into the hair world, you may have heard about the term «hair extensions». There are tons of extensions available on the market that makes you get confused. But all types of hair replacement systems work well in their own way and address specific goals. Whether you buy a hair extension to change your hairstyle or add more hair volume, there is a form out there that suits you best. Hot fusion hair extensions are a fun way you can try. It is long-lasting and does not damage your bio hair. Also, it gives you a perfect look. Scan through our post to know what it is and how to wear it.  

What are hot fusion hair extensions?

Simply speaking, hot fusion method is installed at the keratin-based tips with a heating element. These hair systems are also called keratin glue hair extensions or tip hair extensions. You will use the heating tools to heat keratin adhesive on the small piece of hair, then attach it to your natural locks. Compared to apply the hair with glue, this method is gentle and easy. However, the installation process requires your patience as it may take 3 hours or more. 

Define Hot Fusion Hair Extensions In 5 Minutes!
what are hot fusion hair extensions

What’s more, the bonding glue is keratin, so it does not damage your natural locks upon installation. It is ideal for those dreaming about thick hair. It is better if you take yourself to a hair salon and hairstylist makes the process and guides you. Hot fusion hair extensions cost is higher than other types, such as sew-in, tape-in extensions, and so on. However, these extension methods are the best item if you are looking for a long-term hair system. 

How much does hot fusion hair extensions cost?

The cost of hot fusion hair extensions is depending on some contributing factors, such as hair quality, amount, and length. The keratin bonding provides long-lasting wear, so it can cost between $300 – $500. 

Hot fusion hair extensions pros and cons


– A  great way of getting thicker and longer hair: The bonding keratin provides adequate length as well as volume to our natural hair. Depending on your desire, you can add less or more hair to reach the best look.

– The keratin glue is perfectly safe for your natural locks and scalp as 90% ingredients of your hair are keratin. Keratin is safer than usual glue adhesive. Moreover, the bonding is invisible and long-lasting. Wear this extension, others cannot detect the hair. When the keratin dries, you can’t see the attaching points. 

– Naturalness: Many hair manufacturers and providers launch the hot fusion hair extensions with color the same as natural locks. No need to worry about the color differences of the bonds. The thin and soft bonds give you a comfortable feeling when you touch it. Read hot fusion hair extensions reviews or take a look at the extensions before and after to check yourself how it works. 

– The item is great for coarse and thick hair. Because it is installed strand by strand, it can hold firmly on your strands and add impressive volume and length. The results tend to look very natural. 

Define Hot Fusion Hair Extensions In 5 Minutes!
keratin glue hair extensions


– With an installation time of more than 3 hours, this process may make you feel tiresome. 

– Be careful when you use the heating element as it can burn your scalp. And after applying, you may experience itching or discomfort for a few days.

– The keratin hair extensions are not reusable. 


Hot vs cold fusion extensions

Are you get confused about the “hair extension” term? Do you know the disparity between hot and cold fusion hair extensions? They are slightly different.

Cold fusion, called micro link, is also a new strand method. It is applied to the hair through a micro link tube. Hence, you need weaving elements and pliers to attach the small hair sections. Many users say that cold fusion extension is a gentle method than the hot fusion encounter. They don’t need to use heat to attach the hair, and the result is natural. 

Compared to the installation process, cold fusion application takes less time, about 90 minutes. Require no glue, no tape, micro links are perfect for women who are sensitive skin or want to get healthy and natural hair. 

Define Hot Fusion Hair Extensions In 5 Minutes!
hot fusion vs cold fusion extensions

As a whole, these two types of fusion extensions are great. They result in a natural and smooth finished look. 

How to attach hot fusion extensions

To attach this type of hair extension, you have to apply one by one. The extension is attached near the root of your natural hair by keratin melted. You are afraid that hot fusion bonding hair extensions damage your bio hair. Don’t worry, it does not if the installation is done by a professional. Here are detailed steps on how to install hot fusion hair extensions.

Step 1

Make sure your hair is long enough to attach the hair extensions. The minimum hair length is 5 inches (about 13 cm). If your hair is short, it can not hide the attachment points, lack of aesthetics. The keratin tips are often applied 5 mm from your scalp. 

Step 2

Prepare your hair. After determining where you want to put the extension, tie and clip the rest hair out of the way. Then, take a small section and insert it in the template circle. This tool is used to protect your scalp from heat. 

The extension is attached close to your scalp with the use of a heating tool, such as a hair extension iron. 

Define Hot Fusion Hair Extensions In 5 Minutes!
how to wear hot fusion extensions

Step 3

Once heated, wrap the tip extension around the hair strands with the fingers to seal the hair onto strands. Gently roll until it cools and hardens. Keratin hair extensions are available in many lengths, colors, and textures.

Repeat the process to apply the hair one by one until you get your desired look.

How long do hot fusion hair extensions last? If you do the process and maintain it properly, the hair can last from 2-4 months. In the situation, when your natural locks grow, it may loosen the keratin tips and remove them from the hair. It’s time to reapply or get a new hair system. 

In the bottom line

That’s all about hot fusion hair extensions we share with you. It’s time to switch up your hair and appearance. Visit a hair salon near you and become a beautiful girl with nice hair look.

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