Keratin Glue Hair Extensions: 6 Things You’ve Forgotten to Do!

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Keratin glue hair extensions are a great way to add length and highlights to your hair. It also achieves natural-looking on any hair type. The extension is also called keratin bond, hot-fusion, pre-bonded extensions or keratin fusion extensions. As one of the most versatile extensions, fusion extensions are long-lasting and non-damaging.

Having a thinning hair or bad hair condition affect your mood and confidence, but with the help of hair extensions, the problem will be solved. 

What Are Keratin Glue Hair Extensions?

Keratin glue hair extensions consist of strands of untreated human hair. Like its name, the extension contains a keratin bond. In the hair market, there are some common types of keratin extensions like I-tip, U-tip, V-tip, etc. They add the length and volume to your hair naturally, hence, they offer a realistic appearance. As a result, no one can tell you are wearing an extension or not until they directly touch your hair. 

Keratin Glue Hair Extensions: 6 Things You've Forgotten to Do!
keratin glue extensions

Keratin glue hair extensions can last up to 6 months with proper maintenance, they are individually bonded with keratin and last a really long time. However, you may want to get a new extension every 3-4 months because the bonds will mat and tangle as your hair grows. At least this was my experience when I used to wear Keratin extensions. 

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Keratin Glue Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

When you search on the Internet, there are thousands of keratin glue hair extensions review. And of course, they also show the pros and cons of the hair extension.


– Available in a wide range of hair lengths, sizes, colors, and volume.

– Completely safe for your own scalp and natural hair.

– Offer more natural-looking than other hair extensions. 

– The placement of bonds allows your hair to move freely and naturally.

Keratin Glue Hair Extensions: 6 Things You've Forgotten to Do!
keratin glue extensions blend well with your real hair

– With the human hair extension, it can be styled: curl, straighten, dye, and bleach just as you would do with your natural locks.

– One of the most comfortable and durable human hair replacement systems.

– It can blend perfectly in any hair type and hairstyles even very short hair.

– Perfect in all hairdos: updo hairstyles, braids or wearing your hair down.


Because of its highlight features, the cost of keratin extensions is higher than others. 

– After application, you can feel a headache, discomfort and itchy scalp within a week.

Blow-dry, apply iron or heating tools to the bonds directly is impossible.

– It takes 4 hours to apply. 

Keratin glue grains for hair extensions

Keratin glue for hair extensions is a necessary item that is used to attach the hair. In other words, it is the ideal bonding for all types of glue-in hair replacement systems. Keratin is known as one of the hardest and the most durable adhesive available on the market. You can easily find these beads in different colors, clear, yellow, black, and more. Also, it is available in Chinese, Italian keratin glue, and more. 

Nowadays, many wig wearers choose keratin beads or grains to attach the fusion hair system onto the bio hair. They say that it is really quite easy with this bonding glue, just make sure that you keep the heat constant. Along with grains, you can use keratin glue sticks to apply the hair. It is resistant to high temperatures and will not soften when wet. Hence, you are able to wear your keratin hair extensions when going swimming. There are no gummy sticky balls down the hair. 

Keratin Glue: What Is It And How To Use It For Your Hairpieces?
keratin glue at Laylahair


– Hard bonding: Keratin beads for hair extension is top-notch quality. But you should choose Italian keratin glue instead of the Chinese one because of its superior quality. It offers long-lasting bonding.

– Transparency: When the keratin is melted, it is transparent. Thus, you can use it to attach hair extensions in any colors. Others cannot see the bonding in your tresses.  

– No damage to your bio hair: This item is completely safe for your natural locks and hair extensions. It works amazingly to sticks your hair. Also, it does not cause any irritations to the scalp as you don’t apply the glue directly on your skin. 

– Long-lasting adhesive: Due to its waterproof resistance, feel free to wear your hair system when doing sporty acts or swim. You can wash the keratin hair extensions as you would normally with your natural locks, it will not disintegrate. 

– Ease to remove: With the right hair glue remover, the bonds will fall apart. It reduces the stickiness and you can remove the glue out of your hair much easier.

However, please be careful when you apply keratin to your hair because you have to use heat pliers to melt keratin. Otherwise, it will burn your skin. 

Keratin Glue Hair Extensions: 6 Things You've Forgotten to Do!
how to use keratin grains

How to use keratin glue grains?

You use glue pliers or heat fusion iron to melt grains you prepare, then apply it directly to your hair strands. Keratin glue is used to re-bond or applied for your new hair extensions. However, each fusion hair extension needs a different amount of keratin granules, please find out carefully before attaching the hair. Hair extensions such as V-tip or U-tip require 10-12 beads for each strand. 

Where to buy keratin glue beads near me? 

Are you looking for keratin glue for hair extensions? Wondering where can I buy keratin beads or glue hair extensions near me? Come to Layla Hair NOW. To meet the customers’ demands, we sell both keratin and hair extensions. We commit to providing hair products and accessories at wholesale prices. Kindly reach us via WhatsApp and tell us your order. Just invest small amounts of money and you will get this glue application and the best offerings. We are sure that it does not make you bankrupt. 

How To Take Care of Keratin Glue in Hair Extensions?

Maintenance carefully is so important because it helps to prolong the hair extension’s lifespan. Here are some guidelines to keep it an on-top condition for months. 

Wash hair extensions

Once you installed keratin glue sticks for hair extensions into your hair, remember to not wash your hair for 2-3 days. Water can wash away and break down the bonds of the hair extension.

After that, wash your hair every two days to keep it clean. With shampoo, use a gentle product, no sulfates, and alcohol. Remember that cool water helps minimize tangling. To keep the extensin longer, you should wash in the shower, tipping your head backward and gently clean. The downward stream of water helps rinse your hair clean from root to tip. 

Keratin Glue Hair Extensions: 6 Things You've Forgotten to Do!
wash your extensions gently with a specialized shampoo

– Brush your hair with a comb that is specially designed to detangle the bonds. 

Don’t scrub your hair too hard as it could cause matting or breaking.

Do not go swimming with keratin glue hair extensions.

After washing the fusion, dry it as soon as possible to prevent the glue from damaging. 

Try dry shampoo

Use a dry shampoo if you have no experience in washing keratin bonds. But be careful, please. Some dry shampoos in the market may still lessen your keratin bonds, so choose a keratin-infused dry shampoo.

Keratin Glue Hair Extensions: 6 Things You've Forgotten to Do!
try dry shampoo

Apply light conditioners

It is possible if you use a light conditioner to moisture your hair and keep it shiny. But you must not apply directly the hair care product to the bonds of keratin extensions.

Avoid excessive heat

When you installed keratin glue for hair extensions to your hair, don’t use heating tools in the bond placements because it can destroy the bonds. Make sure that the heating tools are always on the low or medium temperature setting if you do not want to damage the extensions.

In addition, you can use a thermal heat protectant solution before styling your extension. 

Keratin Glue Hair Extensions: 6 Things You've Forgotten to Do!
sleep on a soft silk pillow

Sleep on a silk towel or pillow

Why you should sleep with these items? My answer is that they can prevent both your natural hair and extension from tangling or shedding. A cotton pillowcases can create friction in the hair, leading frizzy and short-lived hair extensions. Or you can braid your hair when sleeping to protect hair from tangling. 

Remember not to go to bed with a wet fusion hair extension because your natural hair and the extension will be horrible matting when you wake up in the morning.

How To Remove Keratin Glue Hair Extensions?

The removal process is vital if you don’t want to damage your real hair. You have to use a keratin remover gel and tool to take off the extension. 

Keratin Glue Hair Extensions: 6 Things You've Forgotten to Do!
apply keratin glue remover

Section your hair first to reveal the bonds of hair extensions. Apply the keratin glue remover downright those bonds. You are going to allow that to set for between 30-60 seconds. And then you use the pliers to remove them out. As you remove them, you press the tool down into the full length of the bond. Press it again until you see the bond start loosing from your hair. Hold on the hair and gently pull on the extension. 

Final thoughts

If you have invested in keratin glue hair extensions, don’t let it look fade. Follow our sharings and tips to protect your pre-bonded extension and keep it in the best condition. 

Visit Layla Hair’s website if you want to get further information about the keratin or other types of hair extensions. We are ready to support you at any time. Don’t hesitate to contact us via hotline (+84) 989 633 424 (WhatsApp/ Viber/ Mobile), you will satisfy with our services.

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