At Last, The Secret To Keto Hair Loss Is Revealed

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You see more hair strands falling after transitioning a keto diet. However, hair loss is short-lived as your body has to adjust to suit dietary changes. 

The good news is, hair loss will disappear after a few months, and your new hair will regrow. Even hair strands are more healthy. 

Take a look at Keto hair loss reddit or other low carb forums to prepare yourself before changing your diet. 

In this article, we are going to talk about keto hair loss and how to stop it. 

About a Keto Diet

Keto or ketogenic is a low-carb and moderate-protein diet that has been garnering a lot of limelight recently. Many people follow it as it gives numerous health benefits. Transition to the diet if you want to stay fit, lose weight, or balance your body’s blood sugar levels.

When you follow this diet, it works effectively at burning fat for energy.  In addition, the diet supply energy for your brain and body. 

While on a diet, some individuals also take 7-keto-DHEA, or 7 keto hair loss, to speed up the metabolism process and promote weight loss. It is available in both oral and topical.

At Last, The Secret To Keto Hair Loss Is Revealed
keto diet

Keto for a wide variety of health benefits:

– Lose weight

– Neurological diseases, such as epilepsy, Alzheimer

– Heart disease

– Cancer: keto is used to treat several types of diseases and slow down the tumor growth.

– Parkinson’s disease

– Brain injuries

And more. 

However, most keto dieters experience hair loss during 3-6 months. Why does this weird side effect happen?

Keto Diet and Hair Loss

Why does keto cause hair shedding? Participants following keto share that they noticed more hair strands falling after changing the diet. It will trigger hair loss as your body takes time to adjust and adapt to the dietary changes. Also, hair loss appears when you follow the diet improperly. 

At Last, The Secret To Keto Hair Loss Is Revealed
keto diet causes hair to shed

What causes hair loss when transitioning to keto?

Research has found a link between keto and hair loss. It is a temporary side effect of the low-carb. Nevertheless, keep in mind keto is not the main culprit for your hair problems. There are two main reasons which can cause hair loss on keto – stress and malnourishment.

Lack of nutrition

A study showed that vitamin and mineral deficiency affects hair health. During the first months, your body has to change to adapt to the keto. Hence, it may result in a lack of micronutrients and amino acids. For instance, zinc deficiency is responsible for hair shedding in the participants. 

Therefore, you forget to replenish water and electrolytes, like zinc, sodium, as well as magnesium, to avoid hair loss keto and get healthy hair strands. 


You may have heard that stress plays the main role in leading to hair loss on keto diet. Why you experience stress on the low-carb diet:

– Caloric deficits 

– Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

– Psychological stress

Typically, you suffer from baldness about 3-6 months after transitioning to keto. In most cases, participants often suffer from telogen effluvium at the start of the diet. 

Because the transition to a new diet can trigger stress, you try to minimize psychological stress in other areas of your life. You should try making some lifestyle changes, such as limit consuming caffeine intake and sleep for 7-8 hours daily.  

At Last, The Secret To Keto Hair Loss Is Revealed
biotin and protein deficiency

Biotin deficiency

Biotin plays a large role in hair health. It keeps the hair healthy, smooth, and shiny. Also, your body needs biotin to convert food into energy. 

Keto is a low carb and high-fat diet, but do you know a high level if fat leads to a lack of biotin. When the body does not supply enough vitamin to hair follicles, it slows down the hair growth and weakens strands. Over time, it causes hair falling out. We suggested participants who follow the diet should take keto hair loss supplements with biotin. 

Low level of protein

It’s common for individuals following the keto to undereat protein. What is a standard keto diet? It has to ensure three conditions, consisting of low carbohydrates, moderate protein, and high fat intake. Can keto cause hair loss? Most beginners think that they have to consume little protein as it’s good for losing weight. But it is not true. Not enough protein is responsible for hair problems.

During the ketogenic, please consume enough protein to avoid hair loss. In addition, if you have inadequate protein levels, it will directly affect your health. 


How to stop keto hair loss

Even though keto diet hair loss does not affect all participants, there are some actions you can follow to minimize this problem. While on keto, you should: 

Get enough nutrients

Supply enough calorie intake while you are following the low-carb diet.  You should consume foods that contain keto-friendly nutrients, such as eggs, salmon, mushrooms, avocados, peanuts, and so on. Make sure you get enough protein, not too much or too little. 

At Last, The Secret To Keto Hair Loss Is Revealed
take in enough nutrients

Take supplements

This is a common way to boost your hair health. You should take supplements and multivitamins when first starting out on the diet. It helps provide enough nutrients and micronutrients that are necessary for hair growth. For example, you can consume iron supplements to avoid hair loss keto diet. What’s more, it gives you healthy hair and a shiny look. 

Visit your healthcare provider

There might be another reason causing hair problems. For instance, losing weight too rapidly also results in losing hair. 

If individuals still suffer hair loss after transitioning in keto for a while, consult your doctor. They help you find the main reason and how to minimize the side effects. It’s worth to take action before it gets worse. 

Additionally, you should minimize the stress level and get enough sleep to promote hair growth. Whether you are following a low-carb diet or not, these solutions are good for all. Or take part in yoga courses and walks to avoid stressful situations. Remember that hair loss with keto diet is short-lived. Your body will adjust gradually, and your hair will get back. 

The final words

Does keto diet cause hair loss? Yes, if you follow it improperly. Following a state of keto requires participants to make some changes to the diet. Hence, keto hair loss is a common side effect. But it will stop after several weeks. 

Instead of a rapid weight loss, you should focus on slow weight loss. More importantly, consume key nutrients to supply enough energy to your body and maintain healthy hair. 

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