7 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair Ideas To Try This Year

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Braids are a common and easy way for a fancy look. Hairstylists create various ways to achieve braids for natural hair as well as protect them from damaging factors. Besides, with the awesome braids for natural hair styles listed below, we are sure that you will attract every attention and admiring glances. Ready to make your head unique? Try these natural hair braids «in fashion.»

Big Cornrow Braids

The first name on the list of braid hairstyles for natural hair is bold and eye-catching. Why should you embrace this trend? Big cornrow braids will lay flat against your head with all strands into big plaits. 

Plus, it is among the most popular braiding hairstyles for natural hair for black women. You can see that Hollywood celebs, especially hip-hop artists, rock this hair for their performances. 

As it sounds, big cornrow plaits are a great way to save your time. So you may spend less time in a hair salon. What’s more, this style is easy to care for and maintain. Add accessories, such as ribbons, for a little more edgy and unique look. 

7 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair Ideas To Try This Year

2 Cornrow Braids Natural Hair

Curly hair is the perfect match for most cornrows with natural hairstyles. Two cornrow braids first developed for those with the uncontrollable afro and kinky curly hair textures. Gradually, it has become an icon for braids for naturally curly hair. If girls are living in a hot and humid country, this is a great braid idea. It makes you feel young and playful. 

Many celebrities and influencers like Kim Kardashian, Hannah Bronfman, etc. have been seen wearing this cornrow style. And they make it even more popular. 

It is also ideal for taking part in outdoor activities, exercising, or wherever you desire, really. For a more stylish look, you part your locks along a curve and braid around your head. It’s challenging to do by yourself but not for your hairstylist. 

Three-Strand Braid

You want to try basic braids on natural hair, don’t you? A three-strand braid is the most straightforward and common plaiting technique on the planet. In this version, you split your natural locks into 3 equal sections. Pass across the left and right sections over the middle one until you reach the hair ends. Secure the plait with an elastic band or a hair clip as it tends to separate quickly. Once finished, you may view three-strand braids from both the front and back of the hair. 

This technique creates an elegant look that suits most situations. Rock this hair when you go to the office or make a date with your boyfriend. It’s simple but still attracts others’ attention and compliments.

7 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair Ideas To Try This Year

Messy Braided Bun Updo Hairstyle

Braided updo styles for natural hair have quite a long history, and now they are reformed with a bunch of creative ideas. The technique is the combination of braids and updo hairstyles. Is it sophisticated? Is it difficult to style?  

You braid your locks into small plaited pieces, not braiding all of your strands. Then you secure these braids and hair strands in an updo style. Look closely, you may view small braids woven throughout your hair. Now, enjoy a charming and stunning braiding hairstyle.

This is good hair for almost occasions, for a nighttime gathering or hanging at the beach. Just dress up your casual day look, you can earn lots of admiring glances. You should spice up your boring hair with romantic braids hairstyles for natural hair, and we are sure that they will not let you down.


Micro Braids for Natural Short Hair

You can’t beat these braids with natural hair. Micro braids are trendy, and they look so breath-taking. Playful, sophisticated but feminine. Divide your short hair into small sections and start braiding. You can add some beads to the ends of each plait for a more stylish look. If you plan to go to the beach or music festival, dress yourself up with these hairstyles with braids for natural hair. 

For an asymmetrical edge, you are able to style this version of micro braids in a deep side part. This look will be the talk of the town.  Be aware, this style needs time and some practice. It’s quite hard to do yourself; hence, ask for your hairstylist’s help. Good luck!

7 Awe-Inspiring Braids For Natural Hair Ideas To Try This Year

Lush Crochet Twist Braids

People call crochet braids for natural hair as latch hook braids. The version has appeared for many years, but it truly becomes popular in recent years. To create this look, you have to use different techniques, like twisting and crocheting. Hair extensions are applied through your natural locks, and then you twist them instead of braiding. The combination of these techniques makes crochet braids look so unique and modern. 

Look out! This style of braids and twists for natural hair takes time and patience to create. After twisting, you can wear the hair in different ways, in a ponytail or just lose them naturally. It’s all up to you! 

Plus, the crochet braids style offers beauties the desired length and volume. With human hair extensions, you can easily find the best match for your natural hair color and texture. 

French Braids

You want to switch up your signature hair look. You want to get hairstyles with braids for natural hair that is timeless and feminine. Is there any style? French braids may be the perfect choice for this reason. 

We think that the version is among the classic and simple braids for natural hair transition. Also, the celeb-inspired braided style is easy-to-manage protective. Wear it for almost occasions, the office, school, wedding, or exercising. Some individuals also team it with a half-up or half-down style for a smooth and romantic look. 

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french braids

Are you eager to see your next look? Try these braids for natural hairstyles and enjoy your beautiful days. Besides, try other styles, like Dutch braids, box braids for natural hair, etc. 

In general, there are various techniques to create braids for natural hair to try. Find the most stunning one and style your hair. Some versions just need your practice and skill, if you are confident, going to hair salons is necessary. 

In case your hair is too short, try wearing hair extensions and style them. Then you can rock extension braids for natural hair at any time. You would like to own human hair systems, come to Layla NOW.

We are always willing to support you.  

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