Lace Closure Bleach: The Ultimate Guide For Dummies

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Lace closures are no longer the stranger for ladies who want to change their hairstyles periodically. The closures are either sewn in or glued in weaves or our scalp. When talking about these items, it is essential to mention lace closure bleach as well.

Why is it a must to bleach our closures? How should it be carried out? In this post, you will find all the answers to those concerns.

Let’s dwell on!

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Are lace closures good?

It is apparent that lace closures are not all-purpose items that suit for everyone. Women who use closures often search for specific features that other products fail to offer.

Closures are available in both lace or silk base. Lace closures are more popular than its counterparts for numerous reasons. They are more breathable, comfortable to fit in, and similar to human scalp.

Lace Closure Bleach: The Ultimate Guide For Dummies

Lace closures are generally more popular than silk counterparts.

Ladies favours Vietnamese hair lace closures, especially when it comes to the hair quality. Vietnamese hair has robust features. Hair strands are less prone to shed and tangle.

Those who love natural wavy hair with a bit of coarse texture go for Cambodian hair lace closure instead.

Lace closures are versatile. They can be applied in different ways, either glue in your scalp or sew in a weave. They help to enhance your hair thickness and change your hairstyle in the way you love.

So yes, lace closures are great. They are indeed a good catch for weave fans.

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Should I bleach my lace closure?

There is one problem with lace closures then. Many women confess that they need to customise their closures for one reason. Now, here comes the term lace closure bleach. But what does it really mean?

Typically hair strands are attached to the lace base either by hand or machine. Both methods leave dark knots where the strands are tied to the lace.

Lace Closure Bleach: The Ultimate Guide For Dummies

You should bleach your closure if you want to hide dark knots.

The dark knots will make your closures look entirely out of place if they are too vivid. Therefore, it is essential to hide them. That’s why we need to figure out how to do lace closure bleach.

Bleaching lace closure brings a lot of benefits. First of all, it reduces the visibility of dark knots. Secondly, it helps to make the products look natural.

When you buy lace closures, make sure to ask if your hair vendors offer lace closure bleach as a service. If it is not, don’t worry.

You only need to follow our instruction as following.

What do I need for lace closure bleach

Bleaching isn’t difficult at all with our simple guide. However, you have to prepare all the required tools.

You will need:

  • Bleach power
  • Aluminium foil
  • Professional developer
  • A proper mixing boil
  • A mixing brush
  • Your lace closure
  • A bit of time to get the work done
  • A foam head (if you don’t have a foam head, use a pillow)

The ultimate guide for lace closure bleach

How to bleach your closures? There are five steps to follow:

Step 1

What you have to do is to turn your Vietnamese hair lace closure upside down. Let the lace reveal. To make it more secure, pin it down to a foam head (or a pillow).

Lace Closure Bleach: The Ultimate Guide For Dummies

You should lay the closure upside down like this.

If your closure comes with baby hair, make sure that the hair is secured so that it won’t get in the way.

Step 2

Take an equal portion of bleach powder and developer and put them into a mixing bowl. Use the brush to stir the mixture thoroughly until you see it has a great consistency.

Check if there are any lumps left in the bowl.

Step 3

Use the brush gently (we do mean it, gently) and apply the bleach mixture on the lace base. In this step, you need to be careful not to use too much pressure. The bleach can leak through the lace and reach the hair.

After going through the lace one time, you should double check to make sure that you have bleached every single knot.

Once you finish, wrap your closure in the aluminium foil.

Step 4

You should wait until all the knots have turned into honey blonde colour. After that, you should quickly wash the bleach away. You should keep an eye on the lace in this step.

Don’t let it turn into total blonde because your closure will look ridiculous afterwards.

Step 5

When you rinse the lace closure, make sure that you don’t let the bleach get onto the hair. After that. You should wash your item with a gentle neutralising shampoo to get rid of the residue from the mixture.

Don’t wash the closure right after applying the shampoo. You should wait at least 5 to 10 minutes for the shampoo to work its magic. Use hair conditioner and let your closure air dry.

Tips for lace closure bleach

There are a few things to keep in mind when you bleach lace closures.

  • Be careful with the amount of bleach mixture you apply on the lace. Over-modifying will lead to hair bleaching as well.
  • The volume of developer is essential too. Layla Hair would recommend use from 20 to 30 size for one closure.
  • Don’t let baby hair get in the way. You can coincidentally bleach the hair as well.
  • The bleach mixture needs to have a nice consistency.
  • Make sure that all the knots are covered with bleach. The closure would look funny with dotted black.
  • You should not use harsh shampoo when washing lace closure bleach.

The bottom line

Lace closure bleach is indeed an essential process for every purchased hairpiece. Without proper bleaching, your closures don’t match with your scalp.

It is also important to know how to bleach the closure properly. We hope that you will find sufficient guideline and information on how to lighten lace closure in this article.

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