Learn About Lace Closure Installation Before It’s Too Late!

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The wig is a vital thing for many people to overcome the current hair situation, or it can also become a type of hobby used as an accessory to change the style. It is so important, but it is not easy to wear a wig yourself, especially lace closure. Therefore, the post will introduce the simple and easy lace closure installation.

What to prepare for lace closure installation?

Before learning about front lace closure installation, you have to prepare following these steps bellow

Step 1: Choosing the right lace closure wig

Lace closure wig is the type of hair that is sewn into a layer of mesh hat. This hairstyle is usually made of human hair for a natural look and easy styling. Wearing hair in the original head is also more comfortable than other types because it is airier and does not sweat. There is a downside to this type of hair that is significantly higher in price than other types of wigs on the market.

Learn About Lace Closure Installation Before It's Too Late!
choose the right closure wig

Step 2: How to hide Lace on closure after installation

After choosing the best lace closure wig for your own, you will know the way to hide your natural hair. Before lace closure installation, you need to hide all your hair neatly in a sticky manner so that it doesn’t break out or makes the head look uneven when wearing a new haircut. No matter how long or short, the hair is, it should be neatly arranged, so that all real hairs do not show under the wig.

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– For long natural hair:

If you have long hair that can be split and curled side by side into two small buns behind your head. You can also use a pair of pins to hold your hair firmly.

– For thick and long hair:

If your hair is not only long but also thick, you can split it into small sections and twist and tuck it around your head. You can hold the lock of hair about 1 inch wide and gently twist around the fingers from the roots to the ends. Twist the 1-inch curls in a row around the head, then fix with two clips. You should know that cross into an X-shape to keep it steady. This will prevent your head from bulging with real hair and make it easier to put on new hair.

Learn About Lace Closure Installation Before It's Too Late!
prepare your hair before wearing the wig on

– For short hair:

If you own a short natural hair, it is more comfortable. You brush and pin the little hairs around your head neatly. Another way is to use elastic bands to keep hair from getting pulled out of the hairline.

Step 3: Wear a hood

You can use a mesh or plastic hat to cover all your hair. The mesh hair will help you feel more comfortable when wearing. But the plastic cap will have the same color as the scalp so that it will bring a more realistic wig. Therefore, depending on your requirements, you can choose the best one for your own.

To wear a hat, gently stretch until a sufficient stretch is over your head, then release. Place the hat snugly under the hairline. At this time, make sure that all the baby hairs are neatly under the hood and use a pair of pins to attach to the prone edges.


Lace closure installation tutorial

After the preparation completed, you continue the lace closure installation instructional bellow to have an attractive hairstyle.

Step 1: Prepare your wig

Before you wear your human hair wig, you have to make sure that you pull all the locks back like a ponytail. And if the wig is short, you can clip the side strands to the back.

If you are going to wear a lace closure hairstyle, you should cut it so that the lace layer fits your hairstyle. However, you do not cut too much to lose the natural look of the wig. Don’t worry about your hairstyle now, it will be messed up during the last session, but you will be able to style your favorite after your hair has been finished.

Learn About Lace Closure Installation Before It's Too Late!
wear the closure wig on your head

Step 2: Put your wig on your head

The next step of lace closure installation is that putting your lace closure on your head. Place the lace closure on your head. You should keep your fingers between the center of the wig and the top of your head. Put the wig over your head and place it on your scalp, fixing your fingers on your forehead. Then gently pull the remaining hair on top.

You should remember that do not bend over or else your hair loses its center of gravity and the hair is out of alignment. Furthermore, if this is your first time trying to lace frontal closure installation, you can take time to adjust your hair before you leave home because it takes a lot of practice time to wear your hair correctly.

Step 3: Edit and style your hair

Learn About Lace Closure Installation Before It's Too Late!
style the wig to make it look natural

You have to adjust the wig by 360 lace closure installation so that it fits the hairline and fix it one more time before going out. Then, you can freely style your hair as you like. You can have fun and try new hairstyles like braids, curls, or other favorite hairstyles. Moreover, you can also cut the wig into a style that fits your face before applying. This will make the hair more like your real hair and look much more natural.

To sum up

Laylahair hopes that after the post, you will know more about lace closure installation with simple and easy induction. However, if you do not much experience wearing a lace closure, you can spend time to do it much time in your free time. You should know that you will have a great hairstyle with your wig if you have experienced it. 

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