Lace Frontal Baby Hair: The Ultimate Solution For Exposed Edge

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Lace closures are amazing solutions to the instant hairstyle. We have a large choice to choose from available designs.

However, there is still a problem with post-application — many people struggling with hiding the edges of lace base. It’s almost invisible from a distance. However, you can barely protect the joint if someone sticks their eyes on it.

Lace Frontal Baby Hair: The Ultimate Solution For Exposed Edge

What’s the solution? People have come up with baby hair. But how to do lace frontal baby hair?

What is lace frontal baby hair?

Before we guide you how to make that thing, it’s necessary to know facts about the baby hair.

What’s it?

Lace frontal baby hair is tiny short hair strands or lace frontal behind the hairline. Referring to real human hair, they are newly growing around the forehead. Usually, people want to shave or sweep it neatly with longer hair.

Nevertheless, baby hair becomes the secret weapon to cope with seen lace edges.

Baby hair contains several specific features. They are all delicate and much shorter than the rest. They grow unorganised.

It’s also how you are supposed to shape lace frontal baby hair.

The effect of lace frontal baby hair?

Lace Frontal Baby Hair: The Ultimate Solution For Exposed Edge

It’s helping with covering up lace joint after.

As said above, it’s helping with covering up lace joint after.

Besides, it brings more natural look than plain hairline. People always have baby hair because new hair grows every day.

Making the baby hair after installation of closures is a crucial part to finish the perfect look. It works the same even when you apply the lace frontal braid wig.

Are you ready to grab all items and practice?



How to do lace frontal baby hair?

Before we tell you what to prepare for the best baby hair look, you must know when to do it.

The best time for you to get baby hair from installed lace frontal is hours after wearing it. Let’s wait until the extra edge of lace base is removed nicely. Only when the adhesive layer goes wholly sealed and the new hair look kind of natural.

Now, we make it more awesome.


What to prepare in advance?

There are some tools you should grab first which are essential such as beeswax, toothbrush, hairspray and dyers.

You should have a dense tooth comb with you. It helps pretty much not only with baby hair creation but frontal lace settings.

When you have made sure everything is supporting your job. Let’s get started.

It only takes you 10 minutes maximum so do not worry.


There are five steps to carry out in this job. We have to divide into small stages because it’s a work in detail.

Lace Frontal Baby Hair: The Ultimate Solution For Exposed Edge

Do not rush or hesitate at all about combing.

Here we go the first step.

Step 1: Get everything set.

To ensure that no hair comes in your way while you are struggling with little hair, let’s make a bun. The bun or back ponytail has two effects

Firstly, it keeps the rest in an elegant setting. You will not be disturbed by other strands.

Secondly, it keeps all the hair at the back and leaves you with shorter hair. Some will rise from the line, so it’s easier to take shorter stands out of the bundle.

Make sure that the toothbrush is new. It’s how you can pull out baby hair the fastest without not messing up the bunch.

Now, let’s brush some hair off the line. You can part a line near the border to get a certain amount of hair or just take them out naturally.

Step 2: Create baby hair in front

Now, you should wash the brush with cold water. It must be cold water because you will use some beeswax and believe us, you do not want your hair to look oily.

It’s time to shape the baby hair. Take a little of beeswax on brush tip then make a move again.

You must be gentle and patient at this point unless you want a terrible look.

Brush some hair out of the hairline, hold the lock one centimetre away from the line and pull the hair back. You are supposed to create curves starting in the border and also disappearing in the hair.

Repeat the circle several times around the hairline. We suggest one or two on the top and the sides. It all depends on you.

Step 3: create baby hair in front of the ear.

Brush some hair in front of the hair. However, it’s optional to make the curves. If you are afraid, it’s too long, so some trimming.

Some lace frontal leaves the ear area free of lace. Therefore, baby hair there can be your own hair. It’s the place where you can create baby hair the easiest.

Step 4: Use the comb

It’s optional because the toothbrush has worked as a comb already.

However, brush tip is too dense that can cause hair to stick up. A comb can separate hair strand away.

However, you have to be careful. Don’t rush it.

Comb’s teeth are always more full then brush tips. Therefore, combing can widen the baby hair which none of us wishes for.

Step 5: Finish

After you feel satisfied with baby hair that you have ever made, we can come to the final stage.

Spray some hairspray on the baby hair. It’s optional. The spray can keep the look for a couple of days. It’s also helping with shaping the baby hair in proper formation.

Dry the hair from the oily look. You must put the comb on the baby hair before blowing hairdryer, or all those little hairs tangle up.

Bottom line

If you know how to make baby hair after frontal lace installation, you are keeping the key of the natural look.

All steps are not trying to perform, but you have to stay focused and patient on every action. Baby hair is also a practical solution to lace frontal braid wig.

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