Learning The Fundamentals Of Bulk Hair Extensions – What You Need To Know

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Coming in a hair shop, we can quickly pay attention to long trendy hair extensions, full lace wigs or bang closures. They are all popular products for everyone. These hair products are instant and comfortable to wear.

Learning The Fundamentals Of Bulk Hair Extensions - What You Need To Know

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However, behind those lines of completed and instant wigs, the hairwear industry also provides hair in bulks.

In the discussion today, we will show you a more in-depth look about this extraordinary genre.

Let’s see how much you know about bulk hair extensions.

What is the bulk hair wig?


Bulk hair extensions appear as natural bundles of haircut with totally natural cuticles. Clip-in hair extensions, you see the clip sewed under the base, or tape wigs exposed the flat taped tip. However, about this type, they look 100% natural with no rings or weft yet.


Because bulk hair extensions are the unprocessed form with no accessories attached with, they are usually quite cheap.

You can see it’s like the original form to start producing any types of hair that we generally know.

Bulk hair, even though it has not been through any physical treatment, can be found in many colors and shape. Its diversity is as much as common hair extensions.

Learning The Fundamentals Of Bulk Hair Extensions - What You Need To Know

Because the tip is not done yet, you can change the length or volume without touching the tail. We know that many girls cannot find a suitable length to wear or even some closures are too thick or too thin. Bulk hair extensions are much more flexible.

The hair will not include accessories such as ring, tape or clips. Thus, these bulks are more affordable.


We would see many advantages of buying bundles of hair like that. However, they also contain some minus points.

For example, you cannot wear this hair as soon as you buy it. You have to spend a long time with hairdressers who can apply the bundles into rings around your hair.

Wearing bulk hair wigs mean no frequent taking-off. You have to spend enough care to keep the application. However, it’s not much harder than caring for lace frontal. So it’s worth your investment.

Popular productions of bulk hair extensions

Hair bulks are from human hair because they collect the hair around and gather in bundles. With synthetic hair, they will make it into a complete product for instant use as the material does not allow for such treatment.

Clip-in and tape human hair extensions

Suppliers of hair wigs will purchase a considerable amount of bulk hair to produce clip-in and tape human hair extensions.

Regular wearers cannot make another product from bulk hair because it takes time and skill to complete.

Lace closures

Lace closures are also from bulk hair and collected human hair. Embroidering each strand of hair into lace base or silk base takes a lot of time with support from other tools. Thus, only wig manufacturers have the demand for it.

Micro-bead human hair extensions

This style of hair extension is the only one which can be done by wearers. You buy hair bulk from the stores and bring it to the hair salon where they have the application done for you.

Using microbeads is the most popular way because you spend no time waiting for dry adhesive or sewing clips. Hair bulk is easy to separate, so people like to divide the bundles into small locks and link to real hair by rings.

The process of application needs no chemicals or heat treatment. Therefore, do not worry about harming your hair.

It might take a long time, but you’ll see how it’s worth your waiting.

Materials to use in bulk hair extensions

Like many other forms of human hair extensions, bulk hair comes in three main types of materials.


The bulk of non-Remy hair usually short and uneven. Because the source for hair collection seems not stable, the hair comes in many shapes and colors. Therefore, collecting hair at the same length is almost impossible.

However, to make the bundles look nice, they will cut it or dye the hair. Therefore, you must observe the texture.

Non-Remy hair is not uniform in the texture, especially the thickness.

Remy hair

Remy hair is hair collected from the single donor. Therefore, all hair strands appear in the same thickness, color, and strength. Remy hair is quality enough to be durable and robust hair extensions that last up to a year.

After application, wearers can do styling as much as with natural hair. The hair can stand heat treatment, chemicals colors. This material is also less possible to tangle.

Learning The Fundamentals Of Bulk Hair Extensions - What You Need To Know

All you should now after wearing it is how to take care of it.

Virgin Remy hair

Virgin Remy hair is the highest quality material in the hair industry. All of the products in Layla Hair are made from 100% human virgin Remy hair.

Why is hair bulk the best?

Containing all useful features of Remy hair, virgin hairs are all intact and healthy.

Virgin Remy hair is collected from human hair in the best condition. Most of the virgin Remy hair come from Asian women who rarely have the hair done in salons but taken care by natural recipes. Hence, the hair appears in perfect thickness, intact texture. The hair can last for more than a year after application.

Learning The Fundamentals Of Bulk Hair Extensions - What You Need To Know

Because of those features, it’s also the most expensive choice among all. However, the price is much more economical than virgin Remy closures or wigs.

Bottom line

Bulk hair extensions maybe not the most popular type of extensions. However, it’s the most economical solution but guarantee the natural look.

This types of hair can be found in most hair stores. Even though you must invest time in the application in a hair salon but at least, you will have new hair with perfect length and volume as you wished.


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