Hair Extensions Cause Bald Spots: Is That A Nightmare Or Just A Mere Myth?

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You can find easily on the internet all kind of scary pictures of the results of wearing hair extensions which terrifying you so much about trying those things.

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The question about whether hair extensions cause bald spots or not keep coming back once in a while, so we decided to write this article to break down this matter, clear out some typical myths and give you the most reliable answer.

The clips will not pull your hair out

Most people believe that the reason why hair extensions for hair loss are because the clips will pull the hair out. We must deny since this is an incorrect accusation. The rubber strip attached to the hair extensions’ clips prevent hair extensions from moving.

Hair Extensions Cause Bald Spots: Is That A Nightmare Or Just A Mere Myth?

Clip -ins

Therefore, they will stay firmly on your hair and not fall out. With this feature, you can be sure that your hair wouldn’t be pulled or snagged led to any damage by hair extensions.

Don’t sleep with your clip-in hair extensions on

We want to highlight on this one since this is the most typical reason of hair extensions cause bald spots. When sleeping, you are most likely rolling around, and by doing this, your hair could be pulled and got a strain on the hair extension clips.

Hair Extensions Cause Bald Spots: Is That A Nightmare Or Just A Mere Myth?

If you have this bad habit, in long-term it will create snapping and cause bald spots on you. This clip-in hair extensions for thin hair is useful as you can take it off quickly and give the hair a rest after using it for a while. Remember to take the hair extensions out, store them in the box and let your hair rest nicely to maintain healthy hair conditions.

They will not stop hair growth

You may think that since the hair extensions cause bald spots, then it must stop the hair from growing. But the fact is no; it will not prevent your hair growth. In the first place, hair extensions are used by people who don’t satisfy with their current hair length or thickness so the need hair extensions as a useful supporter.

If you use hair extensions with cautious, your hair will develop normally without damage.



What are the real reasons cause bald spots?

What we might think

Getting bald spots even with the smallest size will make the bravest person panic, especially to a woman. It’s hard to measure how strong is your hair so what you can do is test the hair’s limits. If you’re using the hair extensions for thin hair for the first time, set the timer in 2 weeks.

During these two weeks, you need to keep an eye on the state of your hair if the hair falls out and become thinner than before or nothing happens. After the 2-week trial period, you can check one more time after using hair extensions for three weeks more.

Hair Extensions Cause Bald Spots: Is That A Nightmare Or Just A Mere Myth?

When hair extensions fail

By doing this, you will be able to keep track and know whether the hair extensions are suitable for your hair or if you need to change to another technique. It is one of the tests that you can do to know your hair’ limitation but keep it in mind that for fragile hair, it would be more unpredictable than healthy looking hair.

We suggest before you use hair extensions, it’s better to consult with your hairdresser first, he/she would know what the best thing is to do for your hair type.

The real culprit

The real factor for hair extensions causes bald spots is tension! Having too much pressure on your hair for a long time.

The most common place suffering from hair loss in the hairline where are the hair strands are weakest. This particular place can be often seen to have a bald spot especially if you have a habit of styling your hair.

Apart from this, there is numerous way can lead to bald spots as well. For instance, if not enough hair is selected from the combination of the amount of your hair about to be used. You may think to consider about your hair length too. The longer your hair is the more it weighs.

Hair Extensions Cause Bald Spots: Is That A Nightmare Or Just A Mere Myth?

The clip-on hair extensions may be harmful as well if the hairdresser doesn’t know how to apply it correctly. It could happen that the hairdresser doesn’t pick up the right amount of hair between the clip, this can lead to a bald.

However, if too much hair is selected, the clip won’t close properly, and the extensions may not last for a long time. Another thing is if hairdresser decides the hair far away from the base, this unnecessary cause pressure on the hair, and you can guess it, yes, cause a bald spot without saying.

But we cannot push the responsibility about hair extensions to cause bald spots all to the hairdresser as the clients also can do various of unintentional harmful things to their hair as well. Putting to much force on the hair when detangling both real hair and hair extensions is the most typical wrong way that people do cause damage. One rule you need to keep in mind to prevent your scalp from getting bald spots is treating it with care and be gentle with your hair.

Is this a permanent thing?

Of course, this is the most critical question that you constantly concerned about. Don’t worry as this kind of bald spots likely always develop back. Why we say “almost” because it also depends on the serious the spot is as well as how well you treat the bald spot.

The hardest place for hair to grow back again is the hair around the hairline. So, if you style your hair by braiding it, remember not to do it too tightly. And you need to take account of any thinning symptom happened around this area as well. If you notice any, we recommend put off the hair extensions as soon as possible.

Either not using it again or shifting to another alternative method.

We will recommend you try using mixed essential oil to cure the bald spots. The most popular type is a combination of rosemary essential oil, castor oil with some drops of mint essential oil. Apply this mixture on the bald area, leave it on overnight and then wash your hair the following morning. This method with aid your hair to grow back quickly.

The bottom line

Hair extension may be an excellent way to glam up your hair. However, if you don’t know how to maintain it, this could harm your beautiful hair. We hope our article help you to realize the reason why hair extensions cause bald spots.  Then you will know how you can keep your healthy hair why using extensions.

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