Male Pattern Baldness: Definition, Causes, And Solutions

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Male pattern baldness is the common type of hair loss happening in men around the world. It makes your hair strands look thinner and weaker, and the baldness is more visible. Additionally, it loses the individual’s confidence and self-image. So what is male pattern baldness and how does it influence? Are there any ultimate cures to treat the condition? In this blog, Layla will be together with you discuss this topic. Let’s check it out!

Male Pattern Baldness Definition

The medical name of this condition is androgenetic alopecia. It occurs when your natural locks fall out too much, more than the normal amount (50-100 strands). It exposes your scalp. This issue often happens in men at the age of 40. Still, there are young people who experience hair loss, even in their teenage. 

We receive many questions referred to «when does male pattern baldness start» or «can I identify the bald spots?» Here’re common signs of male pattern baldness:

Male Pattern Baldness: Definition, Causes, And Solutions
what is male pattern baldness

— The hair suddenly falls out too much and continue lasting for a long period of time.

— Your strands grow slowly or have no hair growth. 

— The baldness is visible and your scalp is exposed. Your hair is on the top of the head or on the temples, so it is easy to be seen.

— Scalp itches: This sign is difficult to distinguish as it does not happen when hair loss occurs. Still, bear in mind that itching scalp can cause hair to shed. For instance, you always scratch the scalp when you feel itchy. It may damage hair follicles and lead hair falling out. Get help from the dermatologist to find the cure before too late. 

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What Causes Male Pattern Baldness

You wonder where androgenetic alopecia comes from. Here you are:  

— Hereditary: Many research shows that genetics is related to «androgen» called the male sex hormone. It has different functions, one of them is improving hair loss problem and stimulating hair to grow. Pattern baldness genetics is inherited, mainly in men. 

— Age: The elder suffers from hair problems more than the young. The older man is, the weaker and finer the hair is. In the aging process, hair loss is an ineluctable part. 

Male Pattern Baldness: Definition, Causes, And Solutions

— Nutrient deficiency: Eating an unhealthy diet leads to baldness. You should add more necessary vitamin groups like biotin, vitamin E, and other minerals (iron, zinc, protein, etc.) 

— Stress: Among the male pattern baldness causes, this reason influences on both men and women. Prolonged stress inhibits the hair follicles, negatively affect on hair growth. Stress even causes hormonal imbalance, leading to hair loss. Please spend time to relax and get enough sleep. 

— Medication: You are treating illness, such as cancer, diabetes, lupus, you may experience male pattern baldness. Some drugs for illnesses have side effects, including hair loss. Don’t be afraid! See your doctors in order to find the best treatment.  


How To Cure For Male Pattern Baldness

There is no permanent treatment to stop hair loss. But you can follow some tips to improve the hair condition:

Wearing hair toupee

Numerous men choose this hairpiece as the optimal choice to hide their balding spots and thinning areas. It causes no harm and does not damage your real strands and scalp. Are you looking for a method to fix hair loss? Purchase a human hair toupee at Layla Hair now. We offer different types of toupees at cheap prices. Our human hairpiece is safe to use and gives you the most natural hair look. The base materials of the hair are breathable, durable as well as easy to apply. Besides, this male pattern baldness cure can protect your real scalp from sunlight and ultraviolet light. Visit our website and select a suitable hairpiece. 

Male Pattern Baldness: Definition, Causes, And Solutions
wearing a hair toupee

Eating a healthy diet

To reverse male pattern baldness, following a balanced diet is the most effective method. As we indicated above, the lack of nutrients is among the primary causes of hair loss, both male and female. Eating foods containing vitamins, iron, proteins, and more. Cereals, salmon, chickens, eggs are good for your hair and health as it is rich in Omega-3. 

Spending time to relax

The next treatment is easy to follow. Limit stress by taking part in sports activities, yoga, etc. Remember, let your mind relax. In addition, getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night is beneficial for all. 

Taking medical treatments

Look for a good medication to slow down your hair falling out. Dutasteride, finasteride, for example, are treatments applied to improve your hair condition. They work to slow the hair falling process and promote hair to grow. However, you have to use medical treatments. If you stop using, baldness will come back. 

Male Pattern Baldness: Definition, Causes, And Solutions
take medical treatments like dutasteride, finasteride, or minoxidil

Opting for male pattern baldness hairstyles

Don’t need to panic if you have baldness. There are tons of haircuts for you to choose, from long to short style. Ask your barber to style high and tight haircut or Buzzcut to conceal baldness. These haircuts are good for men with thinning hair. Cut the hair short and close to your scalp, this helps you hide the hair defects on the head and hairline. No one can detect your secret. 

If your male pattern baldness is severe, the shaved haircut is the ideal choice. Accepting being bald and shave your hair. Well! You look so attractive and fashionable, like a cool guy. 

Final Thoughts

What do you receive after reading this blog post? You have learned all about male pattern baldness, male pattern baldness symptoms and how to stop and improve the condition. Do you find it useful for yourself? Don’t forget to share it with others. You have your monopoly ways to combat the hair loss, share with us to update it into this post. 

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