Toupee Or Hair Transplant: Which One Is Better?

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You are experiencing baldness and hair loss for years. You really want to get fuller hair with a natural look. Some say that you should wear hair toupee, while others advise you to take a hair transplant surgery. Which method is better? Is it difficult to wear a hairpiece? Or is hair transplantation expensive? Toupee or hair transplant, Layla will help you understand more about two methods and give the last decision. 

Hair Transplant vs Toupee

This article deals with two common options for those who are suffering from hair loss and male pattern baldness. They are both artificial solutions. First, the word «toupee» is used to describe a small piece of hair. It covers an exactly thinning hair area on your head. Toupee hair extension is also a non-surgical hair replacement. Often, men choose this hairpiece to get a nice and thick hair look. Toupees now are available in multiple types, sizes, and styles. They are designed sophisticatedly and meet the higher demands of clients. 

Another terminology is «hair transplantation.» With this method, you have to experience surgery. Because of the developed techniques, this method now gives better results and less pain than before. 

About Hair Transplant Surgery

Toupee Or Hair Transplant: Which One Is Better?
hair transplant surgery

Hair transplantation offers you a permanent and natural result. In the hair transplanting process, the doctors will use your natural locks growing more strongly in other areas to fill the bald area. Still, guys wonder that does hair transplant surgery hurt? It may cause pain, itchy or bleeding. However, with new and advanced technology today, it is less painful than before. You should be careful in the first week after taking surgery. Reading hair transplant surgery reviews to learn more about the process and find out the best place to take a surgical hair replacement. You know the scalp is sensitive, so you have to wear bandages after taking a hair transplant. Then patients can back to work within a week or 10 days. The recovery time for hair transplant surgery depends on the technique of surgery used. Remember that hair in the transplanted areas will fall out within 6 weeks of the surgery, and new hair will replace 

What about the hair transplant surgery cost? It is not a cheap cost as the surgery requires skillful medical technicians and experts to carry out. Also, this method needs high-quality machines and equipment to do. Depending on the surgical techniques, you can pay between $4,000 and $16,000 per session. It is too expensive. 

Hair transplant surgery side effects

This method also has some risks. The most common unwanted effect is that it leaves scars. But just like other surgeries, it is unavoidable. Other side effects of hair transplantation:

— Infections or itching

— Scalp pain and swelling

— It may cause inflammation of hair follicles.

— Headache

Toupee Or Hair Transplant: Which One Is Better?
human hair toupee for men

When Toupee Is The Best Option

This non-surgical hair replacement system is widely used because of its low financial ability. It is suitable for those who can’t wait for the bio hair to grow. You are experiencing baldness, opt for this hairpiece now. Undoubtedly, hair toupee for men comes with a lot of benefits. 

Pros of hair toupee

The modern toupee suits all, from the young to the elder. It results in a full head of hair that looks realistic and helps wearers feel comfortable. Plus, a toupee can reach better hair coverage and volume than the surgical method can do. 


You are temporary baldness due to undergoing chemotherapy or some other stress. You have some balding spots on your head. A good wiglet is an ideal solution for you. What’s more, toupee is cheap, you can but several hairpieces in different styles and colors to change. 

With fake hair, you don’t have to experience any hurts or unwanted effects when having surgery. Just put the hairpiece on your head properly, you can hide your baldness perfectly. What’s more, after taking hair transplantation, your new hair is weak. You can not style and color it as your desired look. But toupee can do it. You want straight or curly hair, black or light colors, you can choose a wiglet and style it. In this way, it does not damage your bio hair.

Many wig wearers say that they live in fear of a strong gust of wind or go swimming. No need to worry anymore as you use medical adhesive to apply this non-surgical hair replacement. Use tape or glue adhesive, it can hold the hair for all day long or even weeks. No one can realize that you get support from fake hair. 

Toupee Or Hair Transplant: Which One Is Better?
toupee is safer and more cost-saving

Cons of the hairpiece

Bear in mind that, toupee is not a treatment for once in a lifetime. You have to replace a new hairpiece when the old wears out. Please take care of the hair appropriately to keep it last as long as possible. Invest in a human hairpiece as it is flexible and durable. 

Hair replacement system requires more maintenance. If you take a hair transplant, you will only go to the hair salon to get a trim. But with a toupee, you have to care for it, learn how-to guides to maintain the hair. Wearers have to learn how to wear, how to wash and store the hairpiece properly. 

Our Conclusion

Surgical vs non-surgical hair replacement, which is better? The development of standard surgical hair replacement brings a good solution for most cases of male pattern baldness. But the high cost is its cons. Not everyone is capable to pay for it. Hence, hair toupee is still the most useful method for hair loss and baldness. Plus, its price is affordable. Whether you have temporary or extensive baldness, hair toupee can help you conceal it. The quality of hairpieces available today and attachment procedures allow the wearers to feel more confident. 

If you still don’t know which to choose, toupee or hair transplant. You want to discuss possible treatment options, please reach us via our hotline to take consultations. To get a good hair toupee, we can create it for you. Specific the style you want, the color you like, and your head size, Layla can customize your hair. We are always willing to serve you. 

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