Micro Bead Hair Extensions – The Key To A Voluminous Hairdo

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Besides clip in hair extension, tape-in hair extension, micro bead hair extensions are also known as the excellent choice for people with a lot of advantages. Read out the post to know more about this amazing item. 

What is micro bead hair extensions?

Before deciding to use the micro bead hair extensions, you should know more detail about the hair extension. The micro bead hair extension is known as i-tips with micro links and individuals. Furthermore, this is not a new method of hair extension and has been used for a long time. But because of the difficulty in hair extension and is quite expensive, many people do not know about this method of hair extensions.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions - The Key To A Voluminous Hairdo
what are micro bead hair extensions

Different from the clip-in hair extension that you can attach to your hair, you need the help from professional hairdressers to connect micro bead hair extension. But once, you own this type of hair. You will feel delighted because it makes your hair more sticky and natural.

 This hair extension is often used as a ponytail so that you can show the beauty of your face and neck. Furthermore, the micro bread hair extensions connect very tightly to your real hair. So, you do not have to worry that it will fall or break during use.

How long would the micro bead hair extension last?

As mentioned above, although this hairstyle is quite technical, i.e. you need a professional hairdresser if you want to have beautiful hair. But when the connecting process is done, you can comfortably participate in activities with this micro bead hair extension. Typically, with an adequately connected hair, you can use it within six months without technical intervention. This is a desirable time because, with other hair extension techniques, the time can only last about three months.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions - The Key To A Voluminous Hairdo
micro bead extensions can last up to 6 months

 Besides, with this type of hair extensions, you can comfortably participate in outdoor activities, even swimming without worrying about splitting hair extensions. This can be explained by the fact that when connecting this type of hair. Each strand can rotate 180 degrees on your head rather than just linking to look longer and thicker hair.

Are Micro Beads safe for your hair?

This is a common question for everyone, especially those who are first practising this technique. You can confidently own this micro bead hair extension because this method is entirely safe for everyone. Naturally, it will be safe in case you buy hair extensions at reputable, high-quality addresses. And, your hair extensions are connected by a real hairdresser expert.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions - The Key To A Voluminous Hairdo
microbeads are absolutely safe to your real hair

 The micro bead hair extensions do not harm your real hair like any other connected hair methods. However, it also requires you to spend more time to care for it daily with unique and specialized hair care products. You should remember that the more you care for it, the more beautiful and natural your hair will be.


How to take care of the micro bead weft hair extensions?

After having a better understanding of this micro bead hair extension, learning how to take care of this type of hair best to keep them smooth is what you need to do.

 Similar to any other extensions, you need to use specialized hair care products for your extensions every day. Especially after bathing or swimming, you must apply a layer of hair conditioner immediately so that your hair absorbs enough nutrients and does not become dry or tangled.

Furthermore, you also pay attention when combing the hair extension. You should use your fingers or use a massive tooth, wide-tooth combs. This will keep your hair frizzy and look more natural. Note, spreading or stroking hair must be gentle and slow.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions - The Key To A Voluminous Hairdo
how to care for micro bead extensions

A small note for you is that before shampooing, you need to spread your hair well first to avoid hair loss when meeting water. Also, you have to use shampoos and conditioners specifically for the micro bead hair extensions. You should know that regular shampoos will quickly make your extensions dry and sticky.

Finally, do not forget to visit the salon so that professionals can take care of hair extensions in the most intensive way. Especially during the first 3-4 weeks after doing connecting, you need professional attention from experts instead of just hair care at home.

Microbead hair extensions cost

When compared to other types of hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions are quite expensive. However, the durability of the product is something we cannot argue with them. With right hair extensions only meet about three months, the micro bead hair extensions will last for six months, so when calculating carefully. You will find this price is not high.

Micro Bead Hair Extensions - The Key To A Voluminous Hairdo
you can get cheap microbead extensions at Laylahair

 However, it is not because of the high price that you have to choose reputable shops or salons to make this hairstyle. As mentioned above, if the hair is not up to standard and the skill is low, your hair after the extension will be terrible or weak durability. Therefore, please consider carefully to choose for themselves a fake rate and suitable hairstyle.

To sum up

The micro bead hair extensions are one of the types of hair extensions that require great hair extension technology. This means that the beauty of your hair extension depends on the technic of your hairdresser. This is the weakness of the product because you will not be proactive. However, the strength of this product lies in the durability and aesthetics are very high when you have successfully connected hair. The opposite person will find it hard to tell if you have a hair extension. Moreover, you can also create a comfortable bun with this hair extension as well as join outdoor activities.

 Hopefully, with the above sharing, you have gained the necessary knowledge about these micro bead hair extensions. If you need more useful and essential information about the way to take care of the hair extension or tips for buying the best one, you can visit our website to read our delicately-built posts.

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