The Untold Stories About Navy Blue Hair Color We’ve Just Learned

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If you find yourself passionate about a mysterious and cheeky look, then you will not want to miss one of the hottest hair color in recent times – navy blue.

You’re probably thinking:

“Navy blue seems to be a face-picky color.”

Your view is reasonable but comes at it from the wrong perspective. Navy blue hair color not only brightens your skin, but it also makes you look more stylish. Of course, just like any other hair color, your navy blue hair will still need to be well cared for and styled to stay beautiful and healthy.

Therefore, in this article, we will give you a better look at navy blue hair. Thereby, you can decide whether to own it or not.

Anything else?

Please be assured. You’ll also get additional instructions on how to own stylish dark to navy blue hair without spending a remarkable amount of money in the hair salon. Interesting, right?

Let’s get started now!

What is the color of navy blue?

Navy blue is a combination of two dark colors, including black and blue. Compared to popular colors like brown or red, which are very prominent among the crowd, navy blue black hair color gives you a rebellious, novel, but very mysterious outlook.

And also, because it is a dark hair color, it will suit any skin color. For example, if you have fair skin or Asian skin, the black to navy blue hair will whiten your skin, while for people of stan or black skin color, it will give you a more seductive and healthier look.

The Untold Stories About Navy Blue Hair Color We've Just Learned
what is navy blue color

See how nice that looks?

As you might have guessed, dark navy blue hair color is not a natural hair color. Therefore, you will need to spend an expense to own navy blue hair, and the most common way is dyeing your hair at a hair salon.

However, there are several other ways. Read on to the next section to know.

How to get a navy blue hair?

Besides dying your hair at a hair salon, you can also do it by yourself at home. Do not worry too much if you do not have the knowledge or skills about hairdressing, because this task will be much simpler and easier to perform at home rather than at a hair salon.

You can find many navy blue hair dyes available at online stores or specialized hair supermarkets for very low prices compared to hair dying by skilled hairdressers.

Of course, to achieve the most beautiful and long-lasting hair color, you will need some useful tips that you can find easily on the internet. But don’t look further, because we will give you navy blue and black tips hair color in the next section.

The Untold Stories About Navy Blue Hair Color We've Just Learned
navy blue wig

Back to the case:

There is another simple way that you don’t need to dye your hair and still stand out with navy blue hair.

Yes, buy a wig.

This option is suitable for those who have damaged hair or do not dare to renew themselves with dyed hair color. And in particular, it can last longer than dyed hair.


How to dye your hair navy blue at home

First, you need to choose a reputable and safe product. Manic Panic, N Range, Pravana, Punky, Joico, and Adore are the good choices for you.

Depending on the brand, the formula to color hair navy blue will be different. However, the general process for dying your hair at home starts by mixing the dye in a plastic bowl and apply it to your hair after shampooing and drying. To dye the hair with navy blue hair color mix evenly, you should prepare a dye brush and dye from the root to the ends, from the bottom to the top. And don’t forget to wear nylon gloves to be cleaner.

The Untold Stories About Navy Blue Hair Color We've Just Learned
how to dye hair navy blue at home

After waiting for 15-30 minutes, wash the dye off your hair with shampoo for dyed hair. You can also use hair care products like conditioners or moisturizers for navy blue hair.


Navy blue is a prominent and stylish hair color that you should not ignore if you are looking to change your appearance. And owning a navy blue hair color is not as difficult as you think. Hopefully, our tutorials will be useful for you. But if you need further guides, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Don’t forget to like and share the article, also. Thank you.

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