The Hollistic Aproach To Navy Blue Hair Extensions

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You know that human hair extension is a useful item for most people. It is said that it is a must-have item of every girl. Why does it become popular? It is used to cover imperfections on your head. Also, wearers use it to make up their hair, it adds the hair volume and density instantly without causing any damages. These days, with the continuous development in the hair field like hair extension, women have more colored extension options to choose from. It is not only pure black, but you can wear other items with light colors, such as pink, purple, etc. Recently, navy blue hair extensions are becoming popular and they are looking to buy these trendy hair. Let’s learn more information about this hair.

Should you choose human navy blue hair extensions or synthetic ones?

There are tons of hair extensions out there, coming out as hair bundles, wigs, clip-in extensions, and so on. Also, hair extensions are designed and dyed with different hues, from a dark color to pastel colors. Often, human hair extensions can be bleached and dyed to color to reach many shades of trending colors.

Navy blue human hair extensions will be more expensive and durable than the synthetic one. However, the navy blue hair bundles made with artificial fibers are cheaper and more colorful. We recommend using hair extensions made with real hair as it can blend well with your existing hair. When attaching on your tresses, it looks natural. Compared to synthetic hair extensions, human navy blue hair extensions are worth to use. 

The Hollistic Aproach To Navy Blue Hair Extensions
navy blue human hair extensions

Believe us! Navy blue human hair wig and extension are always the best solution for you if you want to switch up your hair color. Lots of plus points are waiting for you! The navy blue color is often called midnight, it is a dark shade. If you do not look closely, you will not know it is blue. It is noticeable when the light hits directly into the colored hair extension. Additionally, the navy blue human hair extensions are smooth and beautiful. 

Can you color your hair extension with a navy blue hue?

Of course! If you are bored with the original color of your extension, let’s think about dyeing it. Let’s see how we get this shade of blue color.

Step 1

Secure the wig or extension on the mannequin head by using bobby pins. Brush up the hair to eliminate all tangles and knots. 

Step 2

You use the bleach or lightening powder, mix with the developer to create the paste. Then use a brush and paint the mixture on the entire wig. Start from the roots to the ends, apply the mix evenly on your hair. Let the mixture sit on your head for 45 minutes so that the bleach removes the older color or your extension. 

The Hollistic Aproach To Navy Blue Hair Extensions
how to dye hair extensions navy blue

Step 3

Dye the wig. There are many high-quality hair dyes on the market, you can easily choose and purchase from hair stores or hair salons. For example, you use Adore royal navy blue for the hair. Starting to dye your hair extension. 

Section the wig into small parts, carefully paint the color on the strands. Remember to wear a pair of gloves before dyeing the extension. Color your hair evenly to avoid patching areas. This color is vibrant, rich and solid, so you don’t have to worry that it does not work on your hair. Once you have painted, use a shower cap to wrap the hair. 


Step 4

Let the hair dye sit on the wig for about 15-30 minutes. If you want to get light blue hair extensions, you should leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse the hair with water. Apply some products like conditioners to soften and style your hair. Use a hairdryer to blow dry it. Now, you have navy blue hair extensions as you expect. 

If you follow our guide on how to dye navy blue hair extension, whether you want light blue and navy blue hair extensions, you can get it easily. 

Navy blue hair extensions at Layla Hair

If you are seeking navy blue hair extensions with excellent quality, Layla would be the final answer to the question “where to buy a human navy blue hair extensions“. Our hair extensions and wigs are lightweight helping users stay comfortable while wearing it all day. No one can detect that you are wearing an extension. We supply all types of hair, from navy blue hair bundles to navy blue micro loop hair extensions for sale. They could suit customers’ demands and follow the trend. 

The Hollistic Aproach To Navy Blue Hair Extensions
navy blue hair extensions at Laylahair

We style and color the hair as you want. We collect real human hair to create extensions and wigs. Hence, if you love the navy blue color, we can dye and customize it for you. Our hair extensions come in a variety of types, designs, colors, lengths, and more. Each type and color of hair brings you a fresh appearance. Specify with us the color, hair density as well as the style you want, we will try our best to create it. 

Feel free when using navy blue extensions from Layla as all products are high-quality. We guarantee that our hair is durable and the color lasts longer. And you cannot find anywhere to have a cheaper price than our human hair extensions.

In A Nutshell

You might feel hesitant to take the very first steps into the world of navy blue hair extensions. But once you have walked inside, you will no longer be able to stand yourself from digging in this colored hair. 

Hopefully, our guide above would somehow get you covered with some of the essentials information about the vivid and chic colored hair extension. Also, you know where to buy a navy blue hair and how to find the right hair item. Browse our website if you are interested in human hair systems. Don’t forget to share this post of you find it useful. 

Have any questions or you want to place an order, don’t hesitate to reach us via WhatsApp link in the corner. We are always more than happy to be of services!

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