Is Neografting Hair Transplant Worth It? 4 Great Things It Brings

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There are a number of methods to address hair loss, including wearing hairpieces, taking a hair transplant, etc. Recently, people with baldness or experiencing hair loss use Neografting hair transplant to achieve a fuller hair look. Neograft hair transplant is an advanced and effective procedure. It is much different, safer, and heals more quickly as compared to other techniques of decades ago. 

Keep reading to learn more about this hair transplant method. 

What is Neograft?

The majority of worldwide men and women suffer from hair loss when they age. Some also experience early hair loss due to scalp issues. 

Neograft is a semi-automated version of follicular unit excision (FUE) – a common technique of hair transplantation. Neograft hair transplantation is among the most popular methods in the hair restoration field these days. Experts say that it has the potential to offer aesthetic and natural results.

Is Neografting Hair Transplant Worth It? 4 Great Things It Brings
what is neografting hair transplant

We see many Neograft reviews showing that this medical hair transplant is much safer than others. It works to restore natural hair by taking hair follicles from one part of the scalp and implanting them into balding spots. It heals quickly and leaves small and pin-point size scars on the scalp. Often, the surgeon takes the hair from the back and sides to implant it into affected areas. 

The surgery may take from 4-10 hours and patients can sit or lie comfortably during the process. If you decide to take this procedure,  it is a smart choice. Neograft procedure is painless as you will be applied to local anesthesia before starting the surgery. 

How does it work?

In this procedure, qualified and experienced surgeons extract individual hair follicles from the back or sides of the head with a wand. 

Next, they use a special machine to create very small holes in the balding areas where hair follicles will be transplanted. At the same time, surgeons graft extracted hair follicles into these small holes. 

You can see a clear result Neograft before and after, it brings your hair strands back to balding areas after about 3-6 months. However, you have to take medication or follow a balanced diet after the surgery to achieve the maximum results. 

Bear in mind that Neograft technologies don’t boost or stimulate hair to regrow. It is a hair restoration that removes hair follicles from a part and replaces it in another part of the head. And it does not affect the number of hair follicles on the scalp. 

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About Neograft hair transplant cost

The Neograft hair restoration cost may alter depending on the number of transplanted hair follicles. The more hair follicles transplanted, the higher it costs. 

So how much does Neograft cost? A typical surgery may fall between $5,000 to $15,000, it’s not a small number. Sometimes, you can pay more due to the cost of living in your area and the skill of surgeons. 

Stand-out NeoGraft benefits

Being the latest and most advanced hair transplant technique, here’re the benefits of Neografting hair transplant:

Offer a fuller hair look

This procedure gives both men and women results. After taking the surgery for 3-6 months, you should take a photo to collate Neograft hair transplant before and after. You will have fuller and natural-looking hair. New hair will regrow and develop as usual. 

Is Neografting Hair Transplant Worth It? 4 Great Things It Brings
hair before and after neograft

Minimize hair follicle damage

Compared to traditional FUE techniques, Neograft may lessen trauma and damage to your hair follicles. It means that this benefit can increase the restoration rate of transplanted hair strands. 

Fewer unexpected complications

Because this technique uses a special tool to transplant hair, no cut a strip of skin from your scalp, it has fewer complications. It does not cause damage to nerves and blood vessels in your scalp, as well. 

Quickly restore

The Neograft process may take 4-10 hours and your scalp will form scabs within the first few hours. It is a common phenomenon and is a sign that the scalp is healing. You must not pick at these scabs or scratch your scalp as this may result in infection. Patients can shampoo 48 hours after the process and scabs will fall off. And follow the surgeon’s instructions in the days of hair recovery. 

Plus, Neograft results can be seen clearly in the third month after taking the procedure. It leaves small and pin-point size scars, as well.  

Other benefits of this technique:

– Give aesthetic and realistic results

– No require stitches or staples

– Appropriate for both men and women experiencing hair loss by different factors.

Why don’t you try using a toupee instead?

Neograft side effects

We think that the largest drawback is Neograft cost. It is much more expensive than other traditional FUE methods. Nowadays, its price is getting more friendly, but it is not for everyone’s budget. 

Is Neografting Hair Transplant Worth It? 4 Great Things It Brings
it’s super costly

After taking the hair transplant process, you may feel numbness in your scalp but it will not last long. It is temporary, don’t worry!

Also, finding a reliable unit and qualified physicians is not easy. You should read the Neograft hair transplant review carefully and ask experienced patients where is the best place to carry out the operation. 


Neografting hair transplant is a magical procedure for people with hair loss and baldness. It recovers your hair follicles and brings you a full head of hair. 

If you don’t have enough money to take the surgery, you can choose non-surgery methods like wearing hair replacement systems to conceal your hair problems. Human hair wigs, toppers, and toupees are great solutions for you. They are made of real hair strands, providing a natural look without causing any pain, bleeding, or infections. Just apply the hairpiece on your head and secure it properly with clips, adhesive, etc. What’s more, the price is affordable, and everyone can get it.

If you would like to make an order, please browse our product line first. We have an array of human hair systems that are available in different colors, lengths, and styles. Layla only gathers hair from strong donors in Vietnam and Cambodia to create top-notch items.

Have any questions or interests in this field, don’t forget to leave comments below. We are willing to assort you.   

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