The Ins And Outs Of PRP For Hair Loss And What You Should Do Today

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Many years working in the hair field, we understand that hair loss is undoubtedly an irritation for beauties. There may be multiple solutions and treatments for hair loss when you search for them. It is, however, challenging to find an effective one to deal with this problem. Today, we will recommend a popular and useful solution. It is platelet-rich plasma – PRP for hair loss. You will get to know what PRP treatment for hair loss is, how it works, and why you should use it. Is PRP effective for hair loss? Let’s see!

What is PRP for hair loss?

There are various forms of hair loss and each of them is caused by different reasons. But when your hair loses, it means that hair follicles begin to shrink and natural locks become weaker.  Recently, people tend to use PRP treatments for hair loss. So what is it?

PRP therapy stands for platelet-rich plasma that works to encourage natural hair growth. PRP is a substance extracted from your blood and injected into the scalp to repair damaged tissues in this part. This treatment will increase the blood flow to hair follicles, resulting in fuller and thicker hair. In some cases, doctors combine this treatment with other procedures and medications to get the best outcome. 

The Ins And Outs Of PRP For Hair Loss And What You Should Do Today
what is PRP for hair loss

Not only dealing with hair problems, research also suggests that PRP injection is usable on some injuries, such as osteoarthritis, injured muscles. PRP therapy for hair loss was first used in the 1980s and then used widely. The treatment has platelets that contain proteins and growth factors that speed up natural hair growth. Researchers also showed that it helps reverse the hair shedding process, restoring hair strands.   

Steps involved in PRP treatment

The PRP injection is a beneficial solution to solve hair problems, but the result cannot be done overnight. Be patient!

The process includes three steps and it takes time to achieve your desired hair look. Most PRP injections for hair loss need three treatments, and each of them is 4-6 weeks apart. 

Down below are three main steps of a PRP injection: 

Step 1

A medical professional will draw blood from your arm, and then he/she put your blood sample into a centrifuge. A centrifuge is a modern machine that can spin and separate components in the blood. 

Step 2

Let the machine work for about ten minutes, and you will receive your blood that has been separated into three layers. They are platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells. 

Step 3

The pro continues to extract the platelet-rich plasma into a syringe and then inject it into the scalp that needs improved hair condition. The entire process may take one or two hours, and maintenance treatments are very essential. After the procedure, you can return your activities as usual. 

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Does PRP work for hair loss?

Although there is no exact scientific answer to this question, many people still believe and evaluate PRP as a useful solution for hair problems. If you’ve ever searched this therapy on the Internet, there are many results and reviews. 

A 2014 study was done on 11 individuals who were experiencing androgenic alopecia. This is a common form of hair loss. Medical professionals injected PRP into participants’ scalps every 2 weeks for 3 months. And the results showed that the procedure could increase the number of hair follicles from 71 to 93 units on average. Also, participants’ hair grew healthier and stronger. 

What’s more, a 2015 study revealed that ten individuals had improvement on their heads after taking PRP therapy for 3 months. They saw an increase in the number of hair strands and the thickness when injecting PRP before and after. Plus, their hair roots are stronger than before treating with PRP. 

The Ins And Outs Of PRP For Hair Loss And What You Should Do Today
PRP for hair loss before and after

In 2019, researchers also carried out an experiment comparing the hair of two groups of people. There are 20 participants who consumed minoxidil and the other group of 20 people injecting PRP for 6 months. And the result showed that PRP injection worked more effectively than minoxidil. The treatment reduced hair loss while strengthening hair follicles, improving the density of hair growth. 

Nevertheless, the team of researchers noted that the result of PRP may be different, depending on the injection techniques, clinics, and so on. For instance, the effects of PRP for hair loss can vary because the medical professional or clinic use different techniques and preparations.

Instead of PRP treatment, why don’t you try a replacement system?

Potential side effects of PRP method

Everything has two sides, and this solution is not out of exception. Here are several PRP for hair loss side effects you should take note of:

– Pain or temporary bleeding at the injection areas

– Scalp tenderness or swelling

– Itching scalp

– Nerve injury

– Infection at the injected areas if you don’t protect them. 

How much does PRP injection for hair loss cost?

Its price may range from $1,500 to $4,000 depending on different factors. Because the entire process takes a long time and is divided into small treatments to achieve the best effect. 

The Ins And Outs Of PRP For Hair Loss And What You Should Do Today
PRP is costly

I’m looking for a clinic that uses PRP for hair loss near me, what should I do? a man asked. We advise you to find out carefully about this method before going for it. You should ask experienced people for this treatment, compare the price and images of PRP treatment before and after. We commit that you will find the best unit to improve your hair condition. 

To summarize

You are concerned about your hair health and hair loss, you have various options to choose including taking medication or taking procedures. And don’t forget you have a consideration, that is PRP for hair loss. We also hope that you can answer the question does PRP therapy work for hair loss after reading this post. We believe that it can reserve your hair loss and encouraging natural hair growth effectively. 

And don’t forget to talk to your doctor and get a blood test for platelets before you take this treatment. A professional will help you make the best choice for your health and hair.

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