The Honest To Goodness Truth About PU Skin Weft Hair Extensions

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PU skin weft hair extensions are among the latest version of hair extensions now. The hair is designed for all who are thinning hair. It has many great benefits and that’s why many believe and use it. The weft hair extensions are easy to wear and cause no hair damages. 

In the following post, we share with you some outstanding benefits of PU skin weft hair extensions and the list of FAQs. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Skin weft hair extensions pros and cons

This hair extension is the lastest popular method to add more hair volume to your natural hair. At Layla, hair strands are hooked or injected into a thin and transparent PU coating. Plus, the hair is real human hair, not synthetic hair. The hair may be tied into the layer by hand or machine. PU skin weft hair extensions are lightweight and invisible, thus, it appears to be your real hair from your actual scalp. Here’re skin weft tape in hair extensions pros and cons you should consider before buying the hair.


Transparent material

An Honest To Goodness PU Skin Weft Hair Extensions Reviews
skin wefts have apparent and thin PU skin material

The ultra-thin poly skin material is nearly transparent so it appears naturally on your head. It is considered as a natural material, so it looks like your real skin. The hair extension is totally undetectable to the naked eyes.

Offer comfort

As I stated, the hair wefts look natural and lightweight. You may feel totally comfortable because the hair is attached with tape adhesives. If you install the hair properly, it will lay flat on your head and appears like your own hair. Also, the bonding is less heavy, so your hair moves more flexibly and easily.


As you can see, the hair extension is knotless. The material is also very thin and much slimmer compared to other weft hair extensions. Whether your hair is thin or fine, this hair weft is your best option. Plus, the installation process is easy and can be done by yourself. 

An Honest To Goodness PU Skin Weft Hair Extensions Reviews
the weft looks invisible on your scalp

Ease of use

You should use tape that is 100% waterproof to apply the hair item as it is very strong. It can stay longer on your hair. Thus, careful installation is required to have beautiful hair. Because if you do the process incorrectly, it may cause some hair damage. 

The hair weft can be worn in the fastest possible time, around 20-3 minutes. If you apply long hair extensions, the process may take longer for 50-60 minutes. Moreover, you no need to use any tools to attach the hair.

Cause minimal damage

The hair weft is designed to add more hair volume and length to your tresses, and it minimizes damages to your natural locks. The hair weight will be spread out all over your tresses to give fuller-length hair. Plus, you can comfortably sleep with the PU skin weft hair.


It needs time to stick to your real hair

An Honest To Goodness PU Skin Weft Hair Extensions Reviews
installation takes time

You use tapes to attach the PU skin weft hair extensions. Therefore, the bonding needs time to adhere and bond properly. If you are sweaty, you should wash your hair two days after the installation. 

High maintenance

The material is super thin, so you should use and attach the hair properly and carefully. Because the installation is close to your scalp, it may cause itching feeling. You need specified maintenance after several weeks. Gently brush the hair to remove tangles and knots. This helps you enjoy all good hair days.


FAQs about PU skin weft hair extensions

How long do skin weft hair extensions last?

On average, PU skin weft hair extensions last about 1-3 months. Meanwhile, artificial hair systems have a short lifespan. When you have proper care and attention, your hair extension can last long. They don’t last long if you shampoo your hair constantly. In addition, let your hair air dry instead of blow-drying the hair weft. 

An Honest To Goodness PU Skin Weft Hair Extensions Reviews
PU skin weft extensions last for around 3 months

How do you improve the lifespan of your hair weft extension?

The hair extension works amazingly in its way. It is created to add more volume to your tresses, increase the fullness. Also, the hair is available in different colors, lengths, and sizes. Instead of purchasing a new one after every couple of months, wearers prefer extending the hair’s lifetime. Brush the hair gently and routinely is useful to the hair’s durability. Doing so avoids hair matting and frizz. Maintain and store your hair is necessary. However, it needs your patience and attention.

Does this hair cause any damage?

The truth is that hair extension will not damage your hair underneath. If yes, it is due to the technique you wear this hair. Some users say that PU skin weft hair extensions affect negatively to their natural locks. It’s because they applied the wrong ways. It means that if you attach the hair professionally, it will entail no harm. Also, there is no difficulty in removing the hair. 

At Layla Hair company, we commit to giving customers the best hair item and entirely safe to your hair. From straight to kinky curly hair weft, we supply an array of hair for you to choose from. 

An Honest To Goodness PU Skin Weft Hair Extensions Reviews
it rarely causes damage to your tresses

Can I apply heating tools often to style the hair?

It would better if you buy a human hair extension because you can style the hair with thermal tools. But we don’t recommend using these tools daily. Remember to use a heat protectant prior to dealing with the hair. Combine moisturize the hair by applying a hair conditioner or hair mask to lengthen the hair weft. 

In a nutshell

PU skin weft hair extensions are a hot topic nowadays that many people concern about. Hopefully, after scanning through our post,  you may figure out skin weft hair extensions how long do they last, and more. 

Want to get more hair care tips to expand your hair lifespan, browse to our blog. For further information about hair weft or any hair systems, don’t hesitate to follow our well-built site. Or you can reach us via WhatsApp link in the corner of the screen. We have everything you want for beautiful hair extensions.

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