The 3 Easiest & Quick Braiding Styles For Natural Hair To Try Out

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There are so various ways to braid your existing hair these days. You might think that most braiding hairstyles can be hard and complex to come by, but you would be wrong. You can find and follow quick braiding styles for natural hair to rock beautiful braids.

Ladies can get a sassy hairstyle with a cornrow hairstyle, or it gives you a little attitude and class with a braided ponytail. Scroll through these easy quick braiding styles for natural hair below, and we believe that you will have new hairstyles to try the next time.  

Remember that braids last longer on the second hair day as a little bit of natural oil helps keep your strands more grip when styling braids. We don’t mean that you cannot create a braid with clean hair, but it is more likely to slip and fall out. We recommend using hair spray or gel to keep the hair in place and add a bit more texture. 

Now, let’s jump into tutorials for easy quick braiding styles for natural hair:

Classic three-strand braid 

This is definitely an easy style for beginners. With the classic three-strand braid, you should create two side braids along the back of your head instead of wearing a single braid. To make this type of braid much easier, you should follow:

Step 1

You gently take down all knots and tangle with a wide-toothed comb or detangler. If your natural hair is afro, apply a small amount of your favorite oil to detangle easier. 

Step 2

Split your hair into two even sections at the nape of your neck. Tie a section and leave out the rest hair section you will work on first. 

The 3 Easiest & Quick Braiding Styles For Natural Hair To Try Out
Classic three-strand braid

Step 3

Hold a hair section and divide it into three equal mini hair strands, the left, the right, and the middle one. Now start braiding. You cross the right strand over the center strand and the formerly right strand now is in the middle. Continue taking the left strand and cross it over to the middle, now the left strand becomes the center one. 

Step 4

Keep braiding until you have one-two inches of the hair left. Finally, use a hair elastic to secure your braid. You do the same on the rest hair section, and finish your hair look with two side braids.

You wonder about quick braiding styles for natural hair how long to keep? It depends on you. You can create this style in the morning and unravel the braids at the end of the day if you like. 

Other suggestions:

Get a fishtail braid

You want a braiding style that is delicate and intricate-looking, the fishtail braid is the best option to go for. It’s actually easy to do. 

The first but most important you have to do is detangling your mane. Consider adding some waves or curls before braiding to achieve more hair volume. You hold the hair at the nape of your neck and secure it into a low ponytail with a hair elastic. 

The 3 Easiest & Quick Braiding Styles For Natural Hair To Try Out
fishtail braid

Next, separate your mane into two equal sections, the left and the right one. You take a small hair strand from the outside of the right section and pass it over to the left one. Continue taking a small piece of hair from the left side and across it over the right side. 

Repeat this process over and over until you reach hair ends and secure your braid with a hair tie. Now, you carefully snip the elastic you used to create a ponytail before.  

If you are familiar with this technique, you can skip the hair tie step at the top of your braid. Don’t braid too tight as a slightly mess fishtail braid offers a romantic look. Utilize a hairspray to seal your style in place all day. 

French braid

This is considered a fun and updated version of the classic braid. The French braid will not cause headaches as it distributes tensions and weight evenly on your strands. Also, girls who want French braid short hair find it as a protective hairstyle. 

Here’s the low-down on how to create a French braid, one of the quick braiding styles for natural hair for short hair: 

— The first step is taking a small hair section on the top of your head, then split it into three strands. You hold two strands in your right hand, and one strand in your left hand. 

— Then, you take the right strand and cross it over and into the middle. Again, cross the right strand over and into the middle, and hold all strands in your left hand. 

The 3 Easiest & Quick Braiding Styles For Natural Hair To Try Out
French braid

— Next, you use your free hand to pick up a small hair section on the same side. You add it to the middle strand and braid. Continue the process, braid, and grab some hairs to perform another braid. Keep doing until there are one or two inches of hair left. Once you’ve braided, tie it at the end. 

— Finally, adjust the hair and pull in the sides of the hair to loosen the braid up a bit. Finished! 

If you have natural long hair, you transition to the classic braid when you reach the nape of your neck.

Other braided styles

In addition, you can copy other braided styles such as Dutch, cornrow, classic box braids, and so on. Depending on the hair length, texture, as well as your preference, you can choose the best-suited one. If you like making up your curls with complex braided styles, make an appointment with your professional hairstylist. Let your strands stay safe and keep them protected with this simple style. 

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To sum up

Braids are by far a traditional way to style your natural locks. Women across the world wear braids as a protective style to minimize hair damage. It protects curls from harmful environmental factors. Get inspiration and follow these listed above quick braiding styles for natural hair to achieve gentle yet classy styles. 

We really hope that you like this post and found it helpful, especially for beginners. Please keep in mind that nothing is impossible. Try a new hairstyle today, and shine your beauty after all!

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