The Ultimate Guide To Baking Soda Hair Wash, According To Hair Experts

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Have you ever tried washing curls with baking soda? Can I do baking soda hair wash? Why baking soda? 

Baking soda is widely used for many useful purposes, from laundering to cleaning everything in your house. Also, you can use baking soda as a cost-efficient shampoo as it helps remove product buildup in the hair. Are you ready to get clean hair and scalp with this natural beauty hack? Let’s dig into it!

Benefits of baking soda

Can you wash your hair with baking soda

What are the advantages baking soda can have on your hair and scalp?

Here’re wash hair with baking soda benefits:

For one, baking soda contains no harsh chemicals and artificial fragrance. It is free of parabens, sulfate, or dyes like most shampoos out there. Instead, it is made of an all-natural ingredient: sodium bicarbonate.

The second benefit, it leaves no strong odors on your mane after shampooing. The smell will disappear when your strands dry completely. Next, washing hair with baking oil helps you get rid of all excess oils and dirt on your hair. It also works as a gentle abrasive because it works to exfoliant the scalp. It leaves you a clean hair feel and look. 

The Ultimate Guide To Baking Soda Hair Wash, According To Hair Experts
baking soda

What the research says about using baking soda on hair

For years, many beauties have been craved in the «no-poo» method. It means that they use baking soda to wash their curls, replacing commercial shampoos out there. 

In fact, baking soda is easily dissolved in water. It will get rid of all dirt and residue buildup on the hair. But there is no exact evidence that this treatment can soften your hair strands and add shine. Many researchers agree that washing hair with baking soda gives clean hair look and feel, but don’t overuse it. If you use too much powder, it will strip natural oils out of your mane and irritate the scalp. Over time, it causes dry hair and scalp.

Hence, you should wash hair with baking soda in moderately to get the benefits. Using baking soda to wash hair properly, it helps to exfoliate your scalp and eliminate odors. Unlike other commercial shampoos, baking soda is paraben & sulfate-free. It works to keep your curl clean and free of dandruff. 

Can you use baking soda for all hair types? 

The Ultimate Guide To Baking Soda Hair Wash, According To Hair Experts
washing hair with baking soda

Can I wash my hair with baking soda if my strands skew dry? We recommend steering clear of this powder. It may dry both your curls and scalp, even dull and fade your colored hair. For those with dry hair, you should use shampoos containing coconut oil, avocado oil, fatty acids, etc. that can cleanse and moisturize your mane without damage.

And if your hair is oily, baking soda provides more benefits than risks. It helps get rid of excessive natural oils, offering fine and limp hair. If your natural locks are curly or kinky curly, opt for clarifying products instead of baking soda. For example, if your hair is coarse African American hair, you should not wash your hair with baking soda. Because it may weaker your strands, leading to excessive hair breaking and dryness. 

How to wash your hair with baking soda

Using too much baking soda can damage your strands, but it helps reduce oil on your hair if you know how to wash hair with baking soda properly. 

Here’s what you need to prepare:

What you need to prepare:

— 4 tablespoons baking soda

— 3/4 cup of water

— Tea tree oil or lavender oil as needed. Opt for any smell you love. 

The Ultimate Guide To Baking Soda Hair Wash, According To Hair Experts
mix baking soda and tea tree oil

Step 1: Create a paste

You take baking soda in a small mason jar and dissolve it with water. Add some drops of essential oil for a pleasant scent. Then you shake the mix well. 

Pro tip: You should mix baking soda and water with 1:3 proportion. We mean that you dissolve one part of baking soda in three parts water. You can make much or little depending on your hair thickness.  

Step 2: Apply the mix to your curls

Wet your hair and apply the paste to your natural locks. Start from the hair roots and work downwards to the ends. 


Step 3: Rinse and air-dry 

Leave the paste to sit for 1-3 minutes, then rinse it out. You should use warm water to get rid of baking soda and let it air-dry. 

After applying baking soda hair wash, you must maintain a hair care routine to avoid hair dryness and breakage. Deep condition your mane for a smooth and soften hair look. 

Besides, use baking soda and vinegar hair wash is good for curls. While baking soda removes buildup, vinegar can restore and balance the pH level of your natural locks and scalp. Also, it adds shine to your strands. Follow the same process if you wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar.

The Ultimate Guide To Baking Soda Hair Wash, According To Hair Experts
rinse the hair carefully after washing


Experts say that users should not use baking soda vinegar hair wash daily. Baking soda has a pH of 9, and our scalp has 5.5. The difference in pH levels between the powder and the scalp is large; thus, it may cause some hair damage if you use it too frequently. 

How often to wash hair with baking soda? About 1-2 times per month. Bear in mind that this method should not be apart of your everyday hair care routine. 

In particular, you are experiencing hair problems, such as damaged hair or sensitive scalp, we recommend not to use this solution. It may turn your problem worse. 

In the last words

Baking soda can be utilized as a shampoo if you know how to use it properly. It has more benefits than risks for moderate use. Many people report loving this natural beauty hack as it offers them a dreamed hair look. 

Hopefully, this post helps you have one more method to cleanse your mane. You don’t need baking soda hair wash every day; hence, it does not take too much time to prepare. 

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