Red Highlights in Brown Hair

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Red Highlights in Brown Hair
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Red highlights in brown hair is a trendy and beautiful alternative. And as it requires less lightening it’s often much kinder on the hair for naturally darker brunettes. Here you can find our favorite sources of inspiration for brown hair with red highlights, ranging from natural and sunkissed to high contrast bright. Bring them with you on your next visit to your hairdresser for inspiration, or try Layla Hair extension.

When you hear “red highlights”, you might think of a bright fire engine red! But just wait until you see the variations of red highlights below. They can be bold and bright, fiery copper, or soft shades of strawberry blonde. In addition, you can vary the saturation and tones of your highlights, changing from very subtle and tender or, contrary, vivid and expressive like red and blonde highlights in brown hair, dark red highlights in light brown hair. Red color works great on any hair color especially a dark one, as it brings your hair to life with its vibrancy. A head-turning hue that suits anyone with the confidence to rock it!

Red highlights in brown hair - Love this colors

Red highlights in brown hair – Love this colors

The highlights for brown hair hairstyle

As you know, single-tone locks don’t surprise anyone today. Besides, highlights, ombre and color blocks are another story. They refresh and update your hair color, add depth and texture to your hairstyle, endowing your overall look with a sexy. These days, there are endless natural-looking and fashion color highlight options for brown hair.

First of all, you should decide which effect you’d like to achieve. A lot of women opt for subtle ombre or highlights which add radiant glints to the basic hair color, looking very natural. Others prefer more distinct transitions of color or separate color sections, making any haircut edgier and more prominent. Moreover, brown hair is able to benefit from color accents of contrasting hues, such as platinum blond, deep red, copper, purple or lighter nuances, like caramel, walnut, bronze, toffee, etc. It’s also very important to choose the hues that will be in harmony with your skin tone. The red highlights in brown hair will make darker skin tones bloom and glow.

To give your hairstyle an easy update, try a color that’s relatively close to your own, so you create a shimmery, natural glow effect. Place the highlights around the crown of your head and extend them fully to make them appear as natural as possible.

The highlights for brown hair hairstyle - Layla Hair

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Red highlights in brown hairstyle

Red highlights in brown hair can be a high contrast affair with a lot of texture and gloss. If you are looking for a low maintenance, high impact hair color. This is the amazing inspiration for brown hair with red highlights picture to bring to your hairdresser. Maybe the colors will fade but the roots will grow gracefully, so if you are not into monthly retouches this hair color will suit you perfectly.

Layla Hair loves this brown hair with red highlights because that limited the use of lightning and bleach to create a subtle cherry red on natural brown hair. It’s the perfect choice if you just want to dip your toes in the red trend, but don’t want to damage your hair or go too light. The result is an awesome red highlights in brown hair. It is rich and low maintenance.

In addition, a red balayage on dark brown hair requires bleaching your hair, but the results are so beautiful! It’s a traditional technique with an unconventional twist that will suit hair that is naturally dark, or anybody wanted to give a previous blonde balayage a new look. Face-framing red highlights draw attention to your best features and add volume to the hair visually.

Red highlights in brown hair extension in Layla Hair

Red highlights in brown hair extension in Layla Hair

Red highlights in brown hair extension in Layla Hair

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Especially, like all of the hair extension in Layla, red highlights in brown hair extension made by a natural human hair. There are way more different styles and textures in various color, with additional enhancements or highlights. However, I will only focus on popular textures that I am sure that you are looking for!

In Layla Hair, We choose the best human hair only to sewn to create the bundle of extensions. It is called machine weft hair. Our weft is double weft so it is very strong, not fall out and you can easily use it without worrying about any problem. Our weave straight hair extensions were only washed with shampoo and clean water. And you do not need to use special condition, just use coconut oil to apply in hair because our hair is 100% natural human Remy hair.

Furthermore, red highlights in brown hair extension is really amazing. It can be the best hair extension you have. It is healthy and neat with no tangle or no shedding. As it is virginly collected from either one donor or more than one human beings. Its quality is without doubt hi-end. These hair integrations stay gorgeous without any fears of washing or handling.

Red highlights in brown hair extension hairstyle

Red highlights in brown hair extension hairstyle

To sum up

Are you curious about the making process of these beautiful any hair extensions? We only take 4 rigorous steps:

  • Cut down the Raw Vietnamese hair from healthy donors.
  • Wash them carefully several times, then comb to get rid of any short or bad hairs.
  • Check quality, weights, lengths.
  • Finally, we make and design it with high skill workers. The finished product will meet all the standards of customers.

After reading all of the above information, Layla believes that you deep understand about red highlights in brown hair. If you have any questions or comments, please comment below, we will answer you and give you pieces of advice! See ya! Layla Hair

Get ready for using the highest quality of Vietnamese and Cambodian human remy hair now. You won't never regret to choose Layla hair as companion to shine your beauty. We will serve you more with chatting apps. Please contact us to get the best offer via WhatsApp: 84989633424 and/or hotline: (+84) 989 633 424

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