Don’t Let Your Ignorance Kill Your Chance Of Having The Best Hair Color

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Sometimes, finding out the best hair color suitable for our facial features is a pain in the ass. You can’t arbitrarily apply your favorite hair color without factoring in your facial shape because it could diminish the color of your skin or your eyes.

You will find everything you need here in this article. Follow our detailed yet simple guideline to figure out your best hair color.

Why do I need to know about my natural hair color?

When we were born, we are granted with perfectly matched hair color and skin tone. However, as we grow up, keeping the same hair color doesn’t seem to be an exciting thing to do. We try to change our hair color in the hope of looking more attractive and beautiful.

But ladies, even when you want to change your hair, you still need to understand the basics first before moving on. The basic here is your natural color. Understanding your natural hair stage will allow you to have a better glimpse of which color suits you better.

Don't Let Your Ignorance Kill Your Chance Of Having The Best Hair Color
When we were born, we are granted with perfectly matched hair color and skin tone.

You should only choose the color with one or two shades either lighter or darker than your natural color. Also, it is wise to color your hair every six weeks so that it can recover from the color treating.

By looking at the color of your hair, you also know if it is difficult to color it. For example, it is difficult to lighten up red hair, so sometimes you have to color your hair twice for the red color to show. Medium brown when you bleach will be likely to show orange shade.

Once you know the color of your hair, to get the best hair color, you need to consider other factors as well. Let’s find out below.



Skintone – the second essential factor

We can’t deny the importance of skin tone.  It plays a huge role in your decision of color. That’s why, you need to determine your skin tone, taking a closer look at the feature of your skin.

The trick to finding out your skin tone is your veins. If you can see your blue veins on the wrist, you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, if it looks green, you have a warm skin tone. In case, the color is somewhere in between; then your skin tone is neutral.

Below is our recommendation of color for each skin tone.

Let’s check it out!

Warm skin tones

If you embody a warm skin tone, it is wise to choose warm colors. Light skin tones should stick with golden blonde because it lightens up their skin. As for chocolate skin tone, you should pick a warm, flattering brown.

If your skin is neither light nor dark, then probably a shade of copper would be the absolute choice. Different shades of red aren’t a bad idea. We would suggest you stay away from ash blonde or purple.

Don't Let Your Ignorance Kill Your Chance Of Having The Best Hair Color

Cool skin tones

The same principle applied to this skin tone too. You should choose cool hair colors if you have cool skin tones. For example, fair skin women often choose ash blonde because it looks flattering. Dark skin tones should pick red or undertones for a perfect result.

If your skin is somewhere in between, we would suggest you stay closest to your natural skin tone. Don’t ever come near orange, yellow or reddish.

Neutral skin color

To choose the best hair color for neutral skin tone, you can go either with a warm golden shade or deep burgundy. When it is too hard to determine, then you should consider your eye color as an indicator.



Eye color – what you need to know

There are four main eye colors: blue, green, hazel and brown.

As for blue color, it is divided into warm or cool eye color, because you would need to choose a different color for your hair based on that factor. For warm tone, the most suitable hair color would be golden browns or chestnut browns. The calm tone is compatible with platinum blonde auburn.

As for green, if you have a warm tone with green eyes, you should consider auburn or black. The opposite would be copper tone and darker shades like brown or black.

Don't Let Your Ignorance Kill Your Chance Of Having The Best Hair Color

With brown eyes, things seem to be more comfortable. Warm skin tone with brown eyes goes perfectly with red color. If you are the opposite, consider light brown.

Hazel eyes are the last in the list. For women with warm skin tone, think about the color you want to bring forth. If it is the golden color you want, then consider deep browns. For those who love green, then your hair should have a shade of red. The great thing about hazel eyes is you can play with color without worrying too much.

Choosing color based on Face shape and highlights

While facial shape plays a vital role in identifying suitable hairstyle, it is also essential when you want to figure out which color suits you.

Let’s take a look

Round face

Women with round faces should stick with low lights. The top half of your hair stays gorgeous if you apply less light on it.

Don't Let Your Ignorance Kill Your Chance Of Having The Best Hair Color

Square Faces

Using highlights as a mean to draw attention to your face. You should spread the highlights evenly through your head. Better to add some depth texture and flare for extra benefits.

Heart shaped faces

You should put the highlights near your chin to hide its narrow point. Low lights are ideal however don’t let it come near the chin.

Long faces

Using highlight at the ends will shorten your face and make it less narrow.

The bottom line

Ladies, we hope that after reading this long and detailed guideline to choose the best hair color, you can now have more confidence in choosing your color without much consulting with friends. Follow Layla Hair for more information on hair tips!

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