5 Best Ideas On How To Remove Tape In Extensions Without Remover

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Human hair extensions are a hunted-item for women today who want to reach gorgeous and full tresses. They wear tape-ins, clip-ins, toppers, wigs, etc. for different purposes. But if you are the first time wearing a tape-in hair extension, you may experience some troubles. You don’t know how to remove the tape correctly and make it a mess. You want to remove the hair but don’t use on-shelf remover products as they may damage your hair. So, how to remove tape in extensions without remover? Never pull or strong brush your tape-ins. Keep calm! It requires your patience and proper methods. Here’s some help.

Rubbing alcohol

You don’t want to use a hair extension remover as it is not completely safe for the hair. You only use it in emergencies and very tricky cases. Alcohol can be applied as a remover and works effectively. What can you do when removing tape in extensions with rubbing alcohol? You rub the remover or spray it directly above the tape in hair pieces. Allow time for alcohol working and seeping down in between the tapes and you can gently peel apart. Remember to lift the hair system up when you rub or spray alcohol on the tape. 

Or you can create a mixture by blending rubbing alcohol with water and a few drops of essential oils. The gentle remover also works for getting the hair extension out of your natural locks. Plus, it offers a heavenly smell during the removal process.

5 Best Ideas On How To Remove Tape In Extensions Without Remover
rubbing alcohol and olive oil

Olive oil

If you don’t have any tape in hair extension remover, olive oil and other natural oils can work well. Instead of using chemically based on items, you can use natural oil as an alternative method. It is good for your natural locks and scalp, as well. 

How to remove tape hair extensions with olive oil? Heat the oil and apply it directly to the bonds. Allow it to sit for a little while, at least 15 minutes, so that olive oil can seep through the tape pieces and loosen the bonds. Then you can easily detach the hair extension from your natural locks. Compared to a regular remover, this homemade version needs more time to remove the adhesive and residue from the hair. Sometimes, it may take an hour to complete the process. If you don’t have olive oil, use coconut, argan, or baby oil instead. Both of them are safe to apply on the hair.

Apply hair conditioner

5 Best Ideas On How To Remove Tape In Extensions Without Remover
remove tape in extensions with hair conditioner

You can use a conditioner as a way to remove tape in hair extension residue without using hair remover. Follow the same manner as natural oil to help get the tape hair extension out of your locks. Apply conditioner and massage it into the tape pieces to loosen the stickiness. It also helps condition and hydrate your natural hair strands. You should prepare yourself before applying this tip as this process needs more time and patience than olive oil. 

First, wash your hair as you would normally do as the hair conditioner will work best on your wet hair. Take a generous amount of conditioner and apply it to the adhesive bonds. Let it settle in 20-30 minutes then rinse the hair and comb the extension off. Repeat the process if this does not work immediately.

With acetone

5 Best Ideas On How To Remove Tape In Extensions Without Remover

How to remove bonded hair extensions with acetone? Because of its benefits, people use acetone as a common adhesive remover at home. Acetone may dry your skin, so you should wear gloves before using it. 

Just apply acetone directly on the tape bonds, and wait for a while. The remover will soak into the adhesive areas on your hair and break down the bond. Then you are able to pull the tape-in hair extension out of your bio hair. Shampoo your hair again to remove all acetone and remaining adhesive residue. Because acetone contains chemicals, you only apply it to the affected hair areas to avoid hair breakage and dryness. 


Use heat pliers 

There are some removers to loosen adhesive, but they don’t work that well. To remove tape in hair extensions without remover but pliers is the fastest and easiest way. How to remove your hair extensions, let’s follow this guide: 

– Locate your hair extension position. You have to determine the position between your bio hair and the tape-ins. 

– Take heat pliers and place them on the hard bonds. The heat will help break down the adhesive gradually. 

– Repeat this for as long as possible until you are able to pull the tape out of your hair. Be careful when using pliers as it may burn your scalp. It is necessary to ask someone’s help.

5 Best Ideas On How To Remove Tape In Extensions Without Remover
use heat pliers to remove tape in extension

In addition to the above methods, you can use a combination approach. We commit that it works amazingly on how to remove and replace tape in hair extensions. You start by applying a natural oil to the tape in hair extensions and gently massage it. Make sure that the oil seeps into the tape to break down the bonds. Then apply a generous amount of the hair conditioner on the hair while you are showering. Don’t forget to massage the hair gently and evenly. Finally, you are able to peel the tape apart or add some oil as needed to aid in the removal process. 

To wrap things up

What is your favorite way on how to remove tape in extensions without remover? How to remove the hair extension safely? Try these methods and do not forget to tell us what works most fantastically for you! We are looking forward to hearing good news from you!

Do you have other tips for removing hair extension without using removers? Share it in the comments section below and we love to hear your suggestion. If you are not sure about removing the extension, the safest and most effective way is seeking professional assistance. They will help you get the hair out of and limit hair damage as much as possible.

You are interested in other hair products or anything else, please contact us via hotline. It’s our pleasure to provide services to you!

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