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Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

Whatever they are advertised, most shampoos and conditioners would leave behind some residue on your hair, which would make it become dull and greasy. Hence, a bottle of residue free shampoo is essential if you are about to wear dreadlocks or want to have the best hairstyling effect.

No one wants to have residue on their hair, especially those with dreads or hair braids. Research reveals that due to its special texture, locks tend to hold onto residue more tightly. And it’s no good. The residue left on the hair would cause the locks to become unraveled and might make you feel itchy and irritating also.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

That’s why dreadlocks wearers, especially African American males and females, are seeking the best anti residue shampoo to support their hairdos.

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In this post, Layla Hair would provide unbiased reviews on the list of best residue-free shampoos so that you could pick the best one.

Note: The following list is not based on any ranking or consequence. 

1. Neutrogena Residue Free Shampoo For Dreads.

The Anti-Residue Shampoo from Neutrogena is the 1st pick of dermatologists. This product claims to be able to remove up to 90% of the residue that shampoos, conditioners, and styling products bring along.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

Neutrogena is a leading brand on dreadlock products so you can rest assured with their shampoo. It will help cleanse your hair and rinse away any residues existing. Normally, it is advisable to use this shampoo once a week only, but for dreads, you should use it for every time you wash your locs.

However, this one contains sodium sulfate, so be aware when using it.

2. Dollylocks 12oz Tea Tree Spearmint Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo.

Reviews on the internet vote this product as one of the best products for dreadlocks that any dread-wearers should never miss. The 12oz Tea Tree Spearmint is an organic shampoo. Its ingredients include coconut, olive, almond, tea tree, spearmint, and grapefruit.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

This shampoo is weightless and residue free. Not only does it help to cleanse the locks, but Dollylocks also leave your scalp refreshed without any irritating feelings. Furthermore, it is hypoallergenic and pH-balanced, hence offering a gentle yet effective washing result.

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3. Design Essentials Oat Protein & Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

Containing diverse natural ingredients, this residue free shampoo from Design Essentials helps remove all the impurities on your hair. It consists of two key natural botanicals: Hydrolyzed Oat Protein and Henna. While the first humectant is to condition and boost hydration, the latter adds volume and thickness to hair, resulting in healthy looking locs.

It also contributes largely to strengthening the hair and increasing its resilience to damage and hair breakage.

4. Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo Bar.

This is the first ever organic shampoo in the world that is tailor-made for dreadlocks. It does not contain any conditioners that would hinder your locking process. Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo’s ingredients include tea tree, rosemary, and peppermint essential oils, helping cool and soothe your itchy, flaky scalps.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

When residue is a big worry to people wearing dreads, this shampoo bar is the ideal resolution for your problem. It will help boost your locking up.

Fun fact: it can be used as a body soap. It is exceptionally useful when traveling as you won’t need to bring along too many products.

5. Dollylocks Nag Champa Liquid Shampoo & Conditioner.

Nag Champa is another product line of Dollylocks that offers organic products for locs. It includes both the residue free shampoo and conditioner for dreads. There is also a tightening spray to help to firm the locks.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

This invigorating is made from pure botanicals and coconut oil. Nag Champa is ideal for dandruff, dry and flaky scalp. It gives off an exceptionally pleasant floral scent, too.

However, be aware that you may experience a slightly oily feel after using this Sulfate-free product.

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6. Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Invigorating Shampoo.

Even though this shampoo from Giovanni is not a specialized dreadhead shampoo, it is indeed anti residue, and could wash your hair out extraordinarily clean. This lauryl and laureth sulfate-free shampoo won’t dull, strip color, or damage your hair.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

Thanks to organic Tea Tree botanicals, this Giovanni item alleviates dry and flaky scalp. Additionally, it increases scalp circulation for renewal and refresh feeling. There is no overrating to say that its effect can be compared to hair salon quality.

7. Zhengpin Shampoo & Conditioner – A reliable residue free shampoo.

Recently, this homemade residue free shampoo has been attaching huge attention from dreadlock wearers. It is of small size, easy to carry along on any journeys.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

While all other items are liquid-based, Zhengpin Shampoo is a seaweed soap bar. Small as it might be (55g only), you can use it up to 100 times. This shampoo consists of no artificial colors, fragrance, nor flavor. Thus, it won’t pose any negative effect on your hair.

What’s more, Zhengpin Shampoo has butter and essentials oils so it would leave your hair shiny and silky. It also helps to remove dandruff and itchy feel when twisting dreads.

8. Knotty Boy All Purpose Shampoo Bar.

This small bar can play the roles of all the soap you need. It is biodegradable and does not consist of any toxics.

This non residue shampoo does not simply serve as a thing to cleanse dreads. The beautiful and exotic smell is what makes people fall in love. There are 8 variants: Tahitian Vanilla, Citrus Ginger, Sandalwood Spice, Spearmint Tingle, Patchouli Love, Fresh-Cut Grass, Unscented 100% Olive Oil Castile, and Black Velvet Charcoal.

Top 08 Residue Free Shampoo Dread Heads Should Never Ignore

It is an all-purpose product so you can apply it to any hair types and textures. It is useful for hair extensions, also.

Above is our list of the best dreadlock shampoo that would give great effect when washing. These products are all from reputable brands that have been around for years. The reviews from users are incredible, also.

Whether you are starting to make dreads for the first time or have been wearing this style for years, finding reliable residue free shampoo is of necessity. Consider Layla Hair’s recommendations carefully and pick the best one for your own!

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