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In the old days, wigs, hair extensions, hair toppers and toupee were made from animal hair and synthetic fibers. However, in this day and age, The wigs can be made from human hair to meet the wide requirements from customers. And wholesale hair extensions of human hair has been an potential area that a lot of businessman concentrating on.


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Human hair extensions in Layla Hair

Human hair extensions are becoming a precious type of products that both men and women are addicted to. Learning how to start a career with wholesale human hair extensions can be a profitable business. Layla Hair wholesale hair extensions commit to collecting high-quality raw Remy Vietnamese and Cambodian hair. Moreover, we just collect virgin hair from an only healthy donor that has not been chemically dyed, bleached or colored; not been straightened, curled, ironed, blow dried, permed and so forth. With our curly hair toppers, wavy hair extensions. Besiders, we diminish the harsh chemical and high-temperature process to maintain cuticles alive and intact. Therefore, human hair extensions, hair bulk, and toppers from Layla Hair Company are really high-quality.

Now, the largest markets which supply human hair in the world is Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, … Human hair in different countries has different characteristics, which make human hair market more diverse. For instance, while Vietnamese hair is super long, silky and smooth, Cambodian hair is strong and coarse. And because setting up your own business is not a child play, if you long to become a successful human hair supplier, remember to follow the must-do things below:

  • Research your products
  • Pick a venue
  • Wholesale account
  • Provide incentives
  • Accessory supplies
  • Repeat customers
  • Promote your business


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Some useful tips for you

Generally, keep in mind that there are four vital steps: Research; Find a good supplier; Decide Where and How to Sell; Love your job. Do you know how to find suppliers of wholesale human hair extensions? Firstly, the source of hair you receive from suppliers is high quality and reliable, completely real hair from a real human, not mixed hair. Besides, the suppliers of wholesale human hair will be your partner for a long time. Hence, let ask for a suitable discount if you order human hair bulk in a large quantity. Finally, keep a secret and do not leak the information of your wholesale hair supplier.

Wholesale human hair suppliers are mostly women directly, or small traders who collect and buy women’s hair. Some illegal traders often buy human hair with cheap price and unknown origin. You should avoid such case in order to find better wholesale human hair suppliers.

Choose from our range of highest quality wholesale virgin hair extensions for human hair.

With some such tips I shared, I hope that you can get useful information about wholesale human hair extensions if you want to become a successful wholesale human hair supplier in this competitive market.

Good luck!


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