What About Side Effects Of Minoxidil? Read This First!

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We know that hair loss makes you feel self-confident, and you find different ways to resolve the problem. One of the magical drugs treating hair loss is minoxidil. The solution is also called by its brand name: Rogaine, widely used to help people regrow their hair on the scalp. However, this medicine is not perfect for all. In this post, we focus on several side effects of minoxidil you should know before taking it. 

About minoxidil

You have likely heard of minoxidil that is available over-the-counter to treat hair loss and male baldness. The drug is often used for both men and women.

Minoxidil is available in different forms, such as tablets, cream, or foam. For most people, they found that their hair regrows after taking Rogaine for 2-4 months or more. Keep taking it if you want to get a denser and fuller hair look. If stopping, your hair will fall again. 

In addition, people use it to normalizes high blood pressure. It works to expand blood vessels, helping the blood flow throughout the human body. But don’t overuse it as it may come with possible risks. 

What About Side Effects Of Minoxidil? Read This First!
minoxidil for hair loss

Side effects of minoxidil

What are the side effects of minoxidil? Are there any minoxidil side effects after stopping? Are they serious? Tons of questions come up with when referring to this medicine. Common unwanted effects of minoxidil include: 

Often, you may notice red skin or itchiness at the application site areas. The most common unwanted effects of the drug are dryness, scaling, and red skin. Hence, doctors and pharmacists recommend not to use minoxidil if your skin is irritated and sensitive. Additionally, it may cause nausea and headache if you consume minoxidil orally.  

Also, your hair hue or texture can be changed when you take this drug. This symptom is very little, but it still occurs. However, these effects are temporary and they can be solved. Once your body adjusts to the treatment, your hair will regrow. Or if you stop consuming, they will disappear. 

Other serious side effects of the medicine

– Hair in your face and other parts is growing uncontrollably

– Gain weight unusually

What About Side Effects Of Minoxidil? Read This First!
side effects of minoxidil

– Inflamed hair root on the scalp

– Fast heartbeat

– Chest pain

Minoxidil long term side effects are rare; hence, you should consult your doctor if these symptoms worsen. If you are treating or suffering from heart problems, be more careful if you plan to use Rogaine. 

What are minoxidil side effects sexually?

To date, there is no evidence showing the link between minoxidil and sexual ability. A 2014 study claimed that the drug affected hair follicles only. It did not indicate that the solution negatively affected male libido or erection. 

Those consuming the drug and experience sexual side effects will find another contributing factor that explains their reactions.  

How should I use minoxidil to avoid side effects?

What About Side Effects Of Minoxidil? Read This First!
consult the doctor before using this drug

Here are tips and tricks to avoid minoxidil for hair loss side effects:

– Follow the instruction on the label of the drug or use as directed by the healthy care provider. Never think that if you take more drugs, it will give better results. 

– To consume this medicine effectively and safely, consult your doctor or pharmacist first. Don’t hesitate to ask them if you have any queries. 

– Before applying the minoxidil topical, remember to dry your scalp and hair. And focus on the affected areas on the scalp. To avoid topical minoxidil side effects, you should take the recommended amount, not larger or smaller. Apply once or twice daily, it depends on your hair condition. 

– To get maximum results, it needs your patience. Consume the drug up to 4 months or longer until you notice the hair strands regrow. Continue further treatment to make your hair grows stronger. 

– Because minoxidil foam side effects are possible, you should not apply the topical on redness or itchy skin. Wash these areas carefully and check with your doctor again. 


A perfect dose of minoxidil

To avoid minoxidil for women side effects, the oral drug’s recommended dosage is 5 mg daily. But individuals can take 10-40 mg as a single daily dose when the body adjusts to it. It may take up 8 weeks or up to 4 months to get visible results in hair growth. If your hair loss still happens during the use of minoxidil, stop it and visit your doctor.

FDA advises that patients with heart disease or other medical conditions should not take minoxidil. Besides, people under 18 years old don’t consume the drug without medical advice. 

In some cases, you use topical products, follow specific instructions on the medicine label or as directed by your doctor. Most people apply the drug twice per day, and they let it sit overnight. Never double the dose if you forget it. 

What’s more, tell your health care provider all your prescriptions to stay away from minoxidil side effects cancer. If you forget it, minoxidil may interact with other medications, vitamins, or products, leading to other side effects. If you are pregnant or continuing to breastfeed, only take the treatment when prescribed.

What About Side Effects Of Minoxidil? Read This First!
5mg minoxidil /day is the proper dose

Can you use minoxidil while drinking alcohol?

We don’t recommend using the medicine if you drink alcohol as it will not give any results for your health and hair. Taking oral minoxidil with alcohol will decrease blood pressure. Also, it will dry out your skin rapidly, and your scalp is more sensitive to sunlight. 

Avoid using products containing alcohol, as well. Don’t apply the drug in the same area you apply alcohol. Or wash the scalp before applying the product. 

In the last words,

It is not enough for all, we know. There would be a bunch of things about minoxidil you need to discover. But we hope that the topic of «side effects of minoxidil» today is helpful to you. Plan to take the drug for hair growth and boost your confidence. However, it would be better when you consult your healthcare provider or doctor before making any decision. 

To store minoxidil, you should keep it in dry places and room temperature. Keep the drug away from moisture and heat. 

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