Signs Of Balding — Pay Attention To These Signals!

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Hair baldness is a nightmare for everyone. It can start at any age, maybe in the early 20s. But it often appears in your 40s and 60s. We do mean that the older you get, the more likely you see signs of balding

However, hair baldness does not happen overnight, it is a long and low process. Let’s get into several noticeable early signs of balding male and what you can do to treat this hair problem. 

Signs of balding for men

There are some signs of male balding approved by hair experts. Below, we’ve listed some classic signs that you should be aware of to diagnose balding. 

Receding hairline

It is believed that this is the most noticeable sign because it occurs in your hairline. You notice that your hair starts getting thinner and hairline mildly recedes in the front. If you see the M-shaped hairline, you are experiencing hair balding. 

For most people, this problem starts around the crown and temples. Gradually, your hair is getting thinner and more likely total hair loss. To diagnose whether you are balding or not, you should take photos of months or years apart and focus on your hairline. Ensure that you photograph your hair in the same lighting conditions as your locks look thinner in low quality of lighting. If you notice you lose hair around the hairline, prepare yourself to treat it. Bear in mind that you take action as soon as possible to prevent your balding from getting worse. 

Signs Of Balding - Pay Attention To These Signals!
Receding hairline

Crown and temple hair loss

Not all people suffer from thinning hairline. Some share that they experience hair diffuse thinning at the crown and temples. Over time, it results in baldness. Crown hair loss, known as a common sign of male pattern baldness, usually happens at the top of your head. It creates a bald spot on the vertex. Then it gets thinning around the temples and other areas of your head. Among the most noticeable signs of early balding, it is easy to detect as it occurs in your vertex. 

Just like a receding hairline, it’s worth taking action to solve this problem before it gets worse.

Excessive hair loss after a shower and brush

When do men show signs of balding? As we stated above, baldness can happen at any age, ranges from the early 20s to 50s, even later. Hence, signs of balding at 18 and 20 are rare, but it still occurs. 

It’s normal if you lose about 50-100 hair strands per day. You can see a few hair strands around your bathroom, pillow, or comb. It’s anything to be concerned about. 

But if you notice an excessive amount of hair left behind on the comb or towel, that could be the first signs of balding. Don’t panic! You should find out the main cause of this issue. Visit your doctor or a professional to check your hair condition. Sometimes, your hair loses due to stress, deficiency, or medication use. 

This condition is temporary, so you can improve it. Please seek for help before too late. If it is not appropriately treated, it will result in a receding hairline or a visible balding crown. 

Signs Of Balding - Pay Attention To These Signals!
Excessive hair loss after a shower and brush men

Other first signs of balding you may experience:

— Less healthy locks: You may see that hair strands at thinning areas are weaker and more brittle. Once the hair lose, it reveals your scalp. 

— Widening part on the head: Balding can begin at any age, both the young and elder. It starts at the top and widens across the entire head. 


How to tackle these signs of premature balding

It is difficult to regrow the lost hair in affected areas. You have tried different treatments to address hair balding, but they cannot give your desired results. Don’t be faze! The most effective way is blocking DHT — a hormone causing hair baldness. There are a few solutions to prevent further baldness and slow down your curls getting thinner, including:


Bear in mind that the earlier you start taking action, the more likely you can improve your hair.  Taking finasteride is the most common option for treating signs of balding in young men. The medicine will work to prevent testosterone from converting to DHT. According to a study, finasteride can reduce two thirds the amount of DHT hormone, slowing down the hair loss process. You should consume the medicine once daily as directed. After taking it up to 3 months, you may notice that your receding hairline is addressed and hair strands regrow. 

Note: The drug is not recommended for women, especially pregnant and breastfeeding.

Signs Of Balding - Pay Attention To These Signals!
Finasteride vs minoxidil



To treat the first signs of balding age, you can consume minoxidil. It is available in different forms, such as tablets, foam, or spray. If you use a topical solution, apply it directly on hair at balding hair areas. The treatment works to revitalize your hair follicles, promoting hair growth. 

Combine applying minoxidil with massaging your scalp that helps increase blood flow, providing the nutrients for your hair. 

Hair transplant

This procedure costs money and time. During the process, surgeons will harvest your hair from a non-affected area and transplant to the balding area. Although it gives natural hair look, it takes months for hair growth, even up to half of a year. Also, it may cause some pain and headache during and after transplanting. 

Signs Of Balding - Pay Attention To These Signals!
Hair transplant vs wearing human hair systems

Human hair systems

You are taking hair treatments, and you want to conceal bald spots on your head during this time. Human hair systems are for you. Made of real hair strands, the product is safe for your scalp and offers a realistic look. Purchase a wig or any hairpiece that can cover your entire heads. 

At Layla, we provide all types of hair replacement systems in different lengths, textures, and colors. Let us know your requirement, and we can cater to all of them. Plus, we only sell human hair products that are versatile enough to restyle.

The bottom line

Baldness is totally natural when you get older. But be aware of if it happens in your 20s. Hope this post helps you know what are the signs of balding and how to treat it. 

But if you notice excessive hair loss or severe baldness, see your doctor find the best solution. 

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